Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao-Chapter 3392 - : The Strength of the Demon Race

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Chapter 3392: The Strength of the Demon Race

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Grand Tutor Hong did not faint from anger, but he was not any better.

You’ve already f*cking attacked in the meeting hall, yet you’re still talking about it so casually?

Just as he was about to speak, the Seventh Prince stretched out his hand and said, “Indeed, the threat of the Demon Race is imminent. Let’s talk about serious matters first.”

General Hengtian nodded and said, “Seventh Prince is right.”

In his eyes, people like Gu Xiangming were naturally no different from ants. So what if Ling Han had kicked and beaten him? In the face of the Demon Race’s invasion, he was not worth mentioning.

The other generals also nodded. They were so busy and time was tight. Did they need to care about the Imperial Guards?

Seeing that the Four Great Generals and the Seventh Prince were like this, Grand Tutor Hong immediately felt like vomiting blood.

How could this be?

“Ling Han, you have seen the threat of the Demon Race,” the Third Prince said. He was also not in the mood to pay attention to the matter of a mere Imperial Guard being beaten up. “What do you think we should do?”

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, “Of course there’s only one word for it. Fight!”

“Fight?” Grand Tutor Hong sneered. “Do you know how powerful the Demon Race is? Do you know how many casualties will be caused once a war breaks out? Do you know how many innocent people will be sacrificed if our nation is conquered?”

Ling Han looked at Grand Tutor Hong with disdain, and said, “Then according to Lord Hong’s wishes, if I’m stronger than you, then if I want to beat up your son, you’ll obediently hand over your son for me to beat up?”

Why are you dragging me into this for no reason?

Grand Tutor Hong was stunned, but he had to admit that the meaning he wanted to express was the same as what Ling Han had asked him.

Should he accept his fate just because he was weak?

“Come, Lord Hong, let’s exchange blows. After I beat you to the ground, you must remember that you can’t go west when I tell you to go east.” Ling Han crooked his finger at Grand Tutor Hong.

Grand Tutor Hong was so angry that his chest heaved violently. He suddenly waved his sleeve and sat down. “I can’t be bothered to lower myself to your level!”

“You don’t dare?” Ling Han said with a faint smile. “Even I, a Blood Transformation Tier, am not afraid of a battle. Lord Hong, aren’t you a little too cowardly? No wonder you said those words before. 1 know you’re timid and afraid of trouble, alright?”

“You!” Grand Tutor Hong stood up again. What was he saying?

His eyes were spitting fire. “Do you want to die?”

Although Ling Han was extremely freakish, he was a Five Inscriptions existence, and was not someone Ling Han could contend against.

“Alright, alright.” Yang Bai came out to smooth things over. “We are all ministers of the court, and we are facing a great enemy, don’t cause trouble!”

“Lord Yang is still the most sensible,” Ling Han immediately said.

F*ck, so you’re saying I’m being unreasonable?

Grand Tutor Hong started to go crazy again. This young man always had a way to easily provoke his anger.

“Ling Han, the Demon Race only wants you, but you’re afraid of death. For your own selfish gains, are you going to let the soldiers of the Majestic Empire bleed and sacrifice themselves for you?” Chen Jingye couldn’t help but interrupt.

In reality, he did not have much of a say in such an occasion, but how could he be willing to see Ling Han speak with assurance and confidence, taking the lead?

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, “Humans are naturally afraid of death. That’s why we cultivate, and make ourselves stronger, so that we can control our own fates. However, in the face of some things, even if we’re afraid of death, we still have to fight!”

“Your Highness, if the Demon Race succeeds this time, they will definitely think that our race is easy to bully. Then, if they ask for you next time, are you willing to step forward?”

“I—” Chen Jingye had just opened his mouth when he was immediately interrupted by Ling Han.

“Even if you have this kind of awareness, what about the others that the Demon Race wants?” Ling Han continued, “Then should we let the Demon Race have whatever they want?”

“There are some things that you can’t back down from the start. Things like bottom line and principles can’t be shaken once you’ve established them!”

“Also, why was our army established?”

“So they won’t be sacrificed?”

“That would really make countless soldiers who died on the battlefield die in grievance!”

“A warrior’s duty is to protect his people. He will dye the battlefield with his blood and die without regrets!”

Clap, clap, clap! General Vajra suddenly clapped. “Well said! Well said! When I lead troops, I look down on cowards the most. Why should I be a soldier if I’m afraid of war, bloodshed, and death?”

“The Xuanyuan Army is not afraid of a fight,” General Xuanyuan said calmly.

“The Moon Eclipse Army is not afraid of a battle,” General Moon Eclipse said calmly.

“The Hengtian Army isn’t afraid of a battle!” General Hengtian was very arrogant.

The Four Great Generals had expressed that they were not afraid of a battle.

Grand Tutor Hong was anxious. He had been running around for so many days, and Ling Han had turned the tables with just a few words?

“Cough!” The Third Prince cleared his throat. “Let me tell you the information I’ve gathered about the Demon Race army.”

When everyone heard this, they were all shocked.

“The Demon Race has a total of three armies. They are the Mighty Tiger Army, the Blood Shark Army, and the Red Eagle Army.” The Third Prince said and analyzed them one by one. “The commander of the Mighty Tiger Army is the biological father of Hu Sihai, who came to the capital previously. His name is Hu Zhanping.”

“According to the news I received, Hu Zhanping’s cultivation level is at the Mystery Realm Tier.”

“The Mighty Tiger Army is composed of six clan camps, namely Tiger, Wolf, Lion, Leopard, Elephant, and Sheep. Each clan camp has 10,000 people, and the leader of the clan camp is called Deputy General, and their cultivation levels are all Enlightenment Tier.”

“As for the soldiers of the clan camp, most of them are in the Extreme Bone Tier, and the captains and the like can attain Inscription Tier, while the newly added soldiers are in the Blood Transformation Tier.”

After he finished introducing the Mighty Tiger Army’s information, the entire meeting hall fell silent.

Previously, the Four Generals were full of confidence and were not afraid of a battle. But now, they had suffered a serious blow.

With their cultivation, if they ran into the Demon Race, to say nothing of a general, they could not even become a deputy general. They could only be comparable to a small team leader.

And this was only the Mighty Tiger Army.

How could they fight?

Did they want to court death?

“The strength of the Blood Shark Army and the Red Eagle Army is about the same as the Mighty Tiger Army. However, the Blood Shark Army is completely formed by the Water-type Demon Race, while the Red Eagle Army is completely formed by bird species,” the Third Prince continued.

The entire venue was silent. It would have been fine if this Demon Race’s strength was not mentioned, but once it was mentioned, it simply made people tremble.

Just Mystery Realm Tier elites alone numbered as many as three? freeweb(n)ovel

Water, land and air – they were being crushed in all aspects. How could they fight?

The most terrifying thing was the air force. If they threw an attack from the sky, the people on the ground would not be able to hit them at all. They could only defend passively and had no chance of winning.

A warship?

The fact that Huju City had been wiped out by the beast tide had already explained the problem. If a warship that did not have much flexibility encountered a bird-type Demonic Beast, it would probably be doomed.

It could be said that as long as the Demon Race attacked, the Majestic Empire’s army would not be able to withstand a single blow. They would only be defeated in all aspects.

If the difference in strength wasn’t huge, they could still fight. But in this situation… how could they fight?

That would simply be courting death!

No wonder the Demon Race dared to send an envoy to make the Dark North Nation submit. The overall difference in strength between the two sides was really terrifying.

“We can’t fight!” The Fourth Prince shook his head.

Subsequently, the Fifth Prince, Sixth Prince, Seventh Prince, and the others shook their heads slowly. As long as one was not a fool, they would know that a war would result in the destruction of their country..

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