Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao-Chapter 3556: Blocking a Hundred Single-Handedly

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Chapter 3556: Blocking a Hundred Single-Handedly


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Sikong Huan got back to his feet. Previously, he had been sent flying by Ling Han using the Demonic Monkey Fists. The force of the punch had landed on his chest, causing him extreme pain, as if even his bones had been broken.

He slowly retreated, definitely not daring to face Ling Han alone. Everyone was stunned and confused. An Inscription Tier… even if they had reached Six Inscriptions, they shouldn’t be so powerful.

They had to be seeing things.

Ling Han cracked a smile. He naturally wouldn’t explain to others. He wasn’t a

Six Inscriptions, but rather a Seven Inscriptions!

“Now, it’s my turn to hunt you down,” he said calmly.

If it was any other Inscription Tier that said this, everyone would definitely think it was a big joke. It was practically ridiculous. However, when it came from Ling Han’s mouth, everyone was stunned, and a boundless chill rose up in them.

This brat really could do it.

Ah, ah, ah! They really could not figure it out.

Ling Han stared at Sikong Huan, and said, “I seem to have said that I would kill you the next time we meet, right?”

Sikong Huan was speechless. Previously, when Ling Han had said these words, in his eyes, they were just words to fit the situation, but only a few days had passed, and this guy really had the ability to kill him?

He slowly retreated, definitely not daring to take on Ling Han’s firepower alone.

“If I wanted to kill you, how could you possibly escape?” Ling Han asked calmly. The Heavenly Pattern Jade in his hand had already been compressed. Xiu, he shot out this special Spirit Tool.

Thirteen times the speed of sound, how was he supposed to block it?

Peng, Sikong Huan clearly knew that this blow from Ling Han was earth-shattering, and had boundless might, but so what? Even if he knew, he still could not block it.

He merely raised his hand in a gesture of resistance, yet was immediately blasted apart.

The Heavenly Pattern Jade fell onto the ground, but no one dared to pick it up.

Ling Han strolled over, and no one dared to stop him.

Ling Han’s viciousness was already deeply ingrained in their hearts, so who wouldn’t be afraid?

“Don’t be afraid of him. No matter how strong he is, he is only one person,” Huang Zhiting said through gritted teeth. He was also one of the few people who had battled Ling Han alone, and knew that he had left a deep impression on Ling Han. He would definitely be targeted by Ling Han.

Powerful people stepped out. There were a total of seven people, and together with Huang Zhiting, they launched another attack at Ling Han.

-Lowly human, in front of the Sea Race, you are nothing but trash!” A member of the Sea Race shouted. His original form was a sea eel, and now he still had an eel’s head. After beginning the path of evolution, he had also gained a special ability.

Zi, his hands moved at the same time, and shot out a thick bolt of lightning at

Ling Han.

Ling Han was surprised. Are you a f****** electric eel?

He was naturally unafraid. He activated his Spiritual Power and communicated with high-level energy, forming a stone barrier in front of him.

Zi, lightning flashed madly, but rock did not conduct electricity. It merely exploded with dazzling sparks, but did not manage to break through the wall.

Of course, if this electricity could be ten times, or a hundred times stronger, even if rock did not conduct electricity, it would still be able to penetrate it with a single strike.

“Charge!” Huang Zhiting and the others all charged over, launching a mad barrage of attacks at Ling Han.

Without the Heavenly Pattern Jade, Ling Han wouldn’t be able to insta-kill

Mystery Realm Tiers, even if he was strong.

Ling Han used the Demonic Monkey Fists and clashed head-on with the eight elites.

It was only a few moves, and he had already mastered the pulsation of each person’s attacks. Using Frequency Attacks, he once again displayed his invincible bearing, sending each person flying with a single punch, either dead or injured.

Everyone was transfixed with shock. This was a freak that was invincible against Mystery Realm Tier!

Unless a one-star genius came out-and one that was at the level of Mystery Realm Tier—it would be impossible to resist.

However, just how many prodigies were there?

Some had also gone to the vegetable fields, and did not stay here.

In front of Ling Han, they were only sheep, and no matter how many sheep there were, how could they be a match for a lion?

Ling Han was merciless, and under the crushing pressure of battle prowess, Huang Zhiting and the others were soon sprawled all over the ground.

-Run!” The remaining people were all terrified, and hurriedly rushed towards the vegetable field.


To say nothing of the fact that Ling Han was guarding the path to return, even if they could break out of the siege, with Ling Han’s terrifying speed, a single crash would be enough to break their bones, so what was the point of fleeing.

The only way was to enter into the vegetable field, and make use of this dangerous place to get rid of Ling Han.

Do you dare to mess around here? It was possible that you would be hit at any time, and be killed by the fruits.

Ling Han followed up with a few punches, killing Huang Zhiting and the others one after another. Then, he picked up the Heavenly Pattern Jade, and only then did he turn to look at the others.

Some had already fled very far away, and most of them were safe and sound. However, there were also those who triggered the explosion of the fruits. Two of them directly exploded into smoke, while the last one was more fortunate, and only had his legs blown off. With the vitality of a Mystery Realm Tier, this was not enough to kill him.

Ling Han activated his ocular technique, and immediately saw even more. Some fruits were very dim, while others were very bright, but if one did not look at them through eye techniques, they were exactly the same.

Would it explode if it was bright, or explode if it was dark? Or was it completely unrelated?

Ling Han didn’t move, and he simply looked at the others.

However, those people had also become smarter. As long as Ling Han didn’t pursue them, they didn’t continue to venture deeper. After all, who knew which watermelon, which loofah, and which bunch of grapes would suddenly explode?

Ling Han took out a small rock to test it out, but no matter whether he threw it onto a dark or bright fruit, it did not cause any reaction.

Then, it was either that he had guessed wrongly, or this move of throwing a stone as a probe was ineffective against the fruits.

True, if it was effective, then would these people still remain stagnant?

That would be too easy.

Ling Han decided to test it out himself. Previously, he had seen the might of the explosion of a watermelon. Though it was very powerful, and even he did not dare to take it head-on, if he defended with his full strength, he should only suffer light injuries.

After all, the toughness of his bones and the vitality of his internal organs were something that even Mystery Realm Tier elites couldn’t compare to. He guessed that the bright fruits could possibly cause an explosion, so he walked closer to those dark fruits.

He chose to enter into the loofah field. Multiple loofahs hung there, as thick and long as an arm, growing very well.

When Ling Han approached a dark-coloured loofah, there was clearly still about three feet between them, and this loofah suddenly exploded. Boom, a golden ball of energy rose up, and forcibly sent Ling Han flying. Thankfully, Ling Han controlled the direction, and did not fall deeper into the melon fields. Otherwise, it would cause a chain reaction, and that would be great trouble.

“That guy has been hit!”


The people who had fled into the vegetable field earlier all charged out. They had entered into the vegetable field to save their lives, but part of the reason was for the present counterattack.

It should be known that they had paid a great price just now to discover those few safe routes. Ling Han had just arrived, so how could he possibly know.

Thus, if he barged in forcefully, he would definitely have to pay a price. It was time for them to counterattack.

Xiu, xiu, xiu! A great many people charged out.

Ling Han landed on the ground with a somersault, the corner of his mouth slightly twitching. This explosion was really terrifying, but he had long since been prepared. He activated all his Spiritual Power, and communicated with the energy of Stone to form a protective shield, and added with the protection of mystical power, he only suffered a superficial injury.

Of course, if he hadn’t advanced into the Seventh Extreme and Seven Inscriptions, he would have broken a few more bones and shattered a few organs..

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