Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao-Chapter 3558 - : Choosing a stone statue

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Chapter 3558: Choosing a stone statue

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One plus one should be equivalent to two.



“If its calculated correctly, it’s equal to two. If it’s miscalculated, it can be any


The majority answered with two, but there was also a minority that added hypothetical conditions.

Meanwhile, Ling Han said, “Whatever senior thinks should be.”

What surprised Ling Han was that Hong Tianbu’s answer was actually more or less the same as his. Though there was a discrepancy in the words, the meaning was the same.

The rock golem’s voice immediately rang out, “Congratulations to the two of

you. Your answers are correct. Pass.”

Ling Han and Hong Tianbu immediately set off, walking up the steps to the sacrificial altar.

When the others saw this, they too wanted to follow, but were forced backwards by a wave of the rock golem’s hand, which made them defiant. That was because only Ling Han and Hong Tianbu heard the rock golem’s last words. The others were only moving along with Hong Tianbu.

Were Ling Han and Hong Tianbu’s answers correct?

What was this?

This was completely boot-licking.

The rock golem was domineering, and its abilities were overwhelming. So what if it didn’t allow them to pass? No matter how defiant and displeased they were, so what?

Ling Han and Hong Tianbu were both walking on the steps. As their feet landed, a soft sound was heard.

“I really never thought that you would actually be able to walk here with me!” Hong Tianbu said calmly, but his tone was filled with utter disdain towards

Ling Han.

Ling Han smiled, “You’re still not convinced?

However, Hong Tianbu didn’t explode in anger. Instead, he said, “Previously, heaven and earth seemed to have been angered. If I’m not wrong, it was you who caused this, right?”

Regarding this, he was extremely curious, and also extremely concerned. What exactly had Ling Han done that could actually incite the fury of heaven and earth?

Ling Han naturally wouldn’t admit this, and he said calmly, “I’m not an unforgivable criminal, so how could I possibly incite the wrath of the heavens?”

Hong Tianbu chuckled. He naturally wouldn’t believe Ling Han’s words. In this place, if anyone could incite the fury of heaven and earth, it could only be Ling


He had fused with the eye of a Primordial Vicious Beast to become a three-star genius, but Ling Han was a genuine four-star genius!

It was not unacceptable that this kind of person would do something that

would enrage the heavens.

“Ling Han, we can actually cooperate,” Hong Tianbu suddenly said.

This was a huge turn of events.

Ling Han smiled and said, “Sure, tell me about it.” He wanted to hear how Hong

Tianbu would dupe him.

“You and I are both people with great fortune, and have a great many treasures and secret techniques that ordinary people would not even dare to imagine. If we share them, that would be a win-win situation,” Hong Tianbu said, his expression very sincere.

Ling Han chuckled internally. If he believed it, he would really be an idiot. “How many treasures does Brother Hong have, and what secret techniques have you grasped? Let me take a look,” he said with a smile.

Hong Tianbu’s eyes widened. ‘Are you trying to trick me?

In the first place, he was just trying to deceive Ling Han, so how could he possibly share with Ling Han? Naturally, he would not reveal his secrets, and merely chuckled.

The two of them were all smiles, but both of them knew that they wanted nothing more than to immediately kill the other.

As they walked, they arrived at the platform.

This was a circular platform, and there were twelve stone statues placed on this platform. They were all six meters tall.

Yi, where was the promised reward?

-Choose any one of these 12 stone statues, and you’ll be rewarded regardless of which one you choose,” a voice suddenly said. A tiny figure that was only an inch tall jumped onto Ling Han’s shoulder and said to the two of them.

Ling Han turned his head to look. This was a rock golem that was several sizes smaller.

“What are you staring at me for? Haven’t you seen handsome guys before?” the rock golem said in irritation.

Ling Han couldn’t help but laugh, “I’ve never seen anyone so handsome.” “Good taste!” the rock golem immediately said with a smile. This boot-licking made it very pleased.

Hong Tianbu humphed, expressing his disdain.

The rock golem was immediately displeased, and said, “Brat, what are you trying to say? Am I not handsome enough?”

Hong Tianbu’s expression instantly became awkward. He had just expressed his disdain, and if he changed his words now, how would he be able to keep his pride?

However, this rock golem clearly liked to be sucked up to. If he didn’t curry its favour, and did the exact opposite, would he be targeted?

For example, he could have originally obtained a top grade Foundation Building Divine Stone, but in the end, he was given an ordinary one. Reality finally took the upper hand in his internal conflict. He gritted his teeth, and said, “Handsome!”

“Pu!” Ling Han laughed out loud.

Hong Tianbu’s face was flushed red, and he could only clench his fists. If he refuted Ling Han’s words now, it would be equivalent to all his previous efforts going to waste.

“Choose, choose,” the rock golem said.

“Handsome guy, are there any hints?” Ling Han asked with a smile.

The rock golem enjoyed it very much, but still coughed, and said, “I can’t abuse my position, so brat, you can only depend on yourself.”

Ling Han smiled. Though he had not succeeded in cheating, he had already successfully established a good impression of himself on the rock golem. Though he did not know if it would be effective, it was not a bad thing.

He began to observe. Though the rock golem said that they would receive a reward no matter which stone statue they chose, if there was absolutely no difference, then there was no need to choose.

Hong Tianbu was also earnestly observing. His intelligence was also extremely high, so how could he make a decision so easily?

But to be honest, though there were differences among these twelve stone statues, he really could not see what was so special about any of them.

It seemed like it would be the same whichever one he chose.

Ling Han activated his ocular technique, yet still couldn’t see any difference. Hong Tianbu also manifested the eye of the Primordial Vicious Beast, appearing above his head. However, he had just taken a glance, when he released a terrible scream. A wound appeared on that illusory eye, with tears of blood gushing out.

This was truly astonishing. Those that could be called Primordial Vicious Beasts were definitely incredibly powerful, but they were injured just from a single glance?

Hiss, these stone statues were too terrifying, weren’t they?

Hong Tianbu himself also stumbled back, covering his eyes with both hands. When he lowered his hands, his face was also covered with blood.

“Truly an idiot,” the rock golem said in delight at his misfortune.

Hong Tianbu used a towel to wipe his face clean. Though he had suffered a great loss, he placed even more importance on it, and knew that the choice he made now was definitely very important.

Ling Han did the same. After being unable to see anything out of the ordinary with his eye technique, he simply closed his eyes and used his divine sense to sense the surroundings.

He still hadn’t discovered anything strange about these eleven stone statues.


Hold on, there seemed to be something off.

Ling Han racked his brains, but could not think of anything no matter how hard he tried. He clearly realized that something was off, but could not think of what was off. It was as if there was a mysterious power obstructing him.

With a thought, he stimulated the power of living beings of all the dimensions in his body. This could temporarily have the effect of blocking heaven and earth.

It could even block heaven and earth, what more other things?

He understood now!

Realization suddenly dawned on Ling Han. Shouldn’t there be twelve stone statues here? Why could he only sense eleven?

This was an incredibly simple matter, and he should have reacted at the first instant. He actually had to use the power of living beings of the inner world to form a complete inner world before he realized it?

This was the strange part!

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