All My Disciples Are Kings-Chapter 831: Supernatural powers manifest, evil spirits emerge!

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Chapter 831 Supernatural powers manifest, evil spirits emerge!

Under the synergistic addition of Fu Zhuan and Mu Wan'er's elixir.

Mu Fusheng's strength has directly reached the peak of the Heavenly Wonderland!

On the outskirts of Dragon Blood Demon Abyss.

Mo Qixun, Qingchuan Yeyao, and Gu Xiao had a panoramic view of the scene at the center of the battle.

Mu Fusheng's realm breakthrough is naturally known.

All three of them have miniature pupils.

This method is amazing.

It was originally considered a one-sided situation by them.

I'm afraid Mu Fusheng will launch a counterattack from here!

"If this son is on our side, maybe the plan can be completed more easily."

Gu Xiao nodded slightly: "It's a pity that people with such monstrous talents will not give in so easily."

Qingchuan Yeyao also nodded and said: "Then we can only find a way to get rid of them, should we do it now?"

Mo Qixun shook his head and said: "It's not the time yet, our identities and purposes cannot be exposed yet, once they are exposed, I'm afraid we will be the first to become the target of public criticism, but..."

Qingchuan Yeyao and Gu Xiao both looked sideways.


Mo Qixun looked indifferent, and said in a flat tone: "This method of breaking through the realm will not last for too long. When they both lose, it is the time for us to take action."

Hearing this, Qingchuan Yeyao and Gu Xiao both nodded.

Their target is not just one or two people...

Qi Shadao looked at this scene, his eyes filled with disbelief.

At the same time, he also became very interested in the talismans and pills used by Mu Fusheng.

No, it should be said to be greed.

If you have this kind of talisman and elixir.

Strength goes a step further.

Cooperate with your own many secret methods.

I'm afraid I don't need the help of others.

and restricted by other forces.

will be able to kill those so-called top forces.

Dominate the entire mid-latitude frontier?

Think here.

Qi Shadao stood between the brows of the blood-colored giant, looked down at Mu Fusheng who was surrounded by white aura, and said lightly, "Although you won't accept that."

"However, if you give me this talisman and elixir, and are willing to provide it to me forever and ever."

"Not only will I not kill you, but I will also provide you with talisman materials, but you must plant the imprint of my ancestor's soul."

Plant a soul imprint.

Then, Mu Fusheng's life will be controlled by Qi Shadao.

Once against Qi Shadao's will.

Only one thought is needed, and the soul imprint will explode on Mu Fusheng's soul!

At that time.

Mu Fusheng's soul will also be completely destroyed!


The spirit can also be removed when it reaches a certain strength.

But how could Qi Shadao make Mu Fusheng's strength beyond his control?

Mu Fusheng said lightly: "I won't accept everything you said, so why bother to say it?"

Qi Shadao shook his head slightly, and said with a sneer: "My ancestor, I just cherish my talents. Since you don't want to accept it, then I have no choice but to make this latitude less of an evildoer in terms of talismans."

"It's too early to say this now."

Speaking of which.

Mu Fusheng looked at Elder Baibeard at the side, and said: "Please also ask the elder to stand up for me."

Elder Baibeard nodded with a serious face.


Throwing talisman seals one by one, towards the Scarlet Giant!

Incomparably thick branches are wrapped around the blood-colored giant!

at the same time.

The boulders from the bottom of the endless sea are constantly besieged around the scarlet giant!

These talismans of Elder Baibeard are all control type, they are only for helping Mu Fusheng win the opportunity to attack!

And Mu Fusheng who saw this scene.

also shot decisively.

There was a momentary white aura on his body.

directly skims the space.

At a speed that is hard to see with the naked eye, it appeared above the scarlet giant in the blink of an eye.

Immediately punched out!

In this punch.

The two thunders of Xuanyin Purple Thunder and Heavenly Punishment God Thunder, one purple and one gold, keep shining!

Like a thunderstorm descending into the world.

As if God’s punishment had come, with devastating attack power, it shone in this space and fell on the scarlet giant’s head!

The compass formation of the Biluo Huangquan Palace can't limit the power of thunder at the level of Xuanyin Zilei and Tian Punishment Thunder...

Even Qiu Genyin looked incredulous.

The compass formation, one of the treasures of Biluo Huangquan Temple, actually lost its effect on Mu Fusheng!

And when the Xuanyin Zilei and the Heavenly Punishment Thunder descended at the same time.

The moment it landed on the scarlet giant's head.

In an instant!


The roar suddenly started!

Two types of thunder force directly envelop the huge, towering body of the blood-colored giant!

Qi Shadao, as well as the three Heavenly Immortal-level powerhouses inside, all turned slightly pale.

And the other twenty-three people from the fairyland spurted a mouthful of blood!

A dozen of them were killed inside the Scarlet Giant on the spot.

See it.

Qi Shadao immediately shouted: "Feed the sacrificial banner with the power of the soul!"

The voice fell.

Everyone in the Infernal Purgatory released their soul power at the same time and poured it into the sacrificial banner.

The sacrificial banner is like a bottomless pit, crazily devouring these huge soul powers.

All comers are welcome!

At the same time, the evil soul that was released seemed to have gone berserk, and its arms kept dancing.

The extent of the mouth opening has also become larger.

On the surface of the blood-colored giant's body, it continuously devoured the power of these thunders, in order to resist the devastating attacks brought by the Xuanyin Purple Thunder and the Heavenly Punishment Thunder.


Qi Shadao will not sit still, only defend but not attack.

Pinch and print with both hands.

Blood energy and murderous intent continue to soar and condense!

One punch hit Mu Fusheng in mid-air!

at the same time.

Countless blood-colored giant claws cut through the space, tearing towards Mu Fusheng in all directions!

Seeing this, Mu Fusheng didn't pay attention, but rushed directly towards the scarlet giant's brow.

When those **** giant claws were about to fall on Mu Fusheng.

Elder Baibeard appeared beside Mu Fusheng in an instant.

The talisman in his hand was thrown out.

The power of Heavenly Wonderland surged wildly at this moment!

It resisted these **** giant claws for it!

at the same time.

The three elders stopped before the giant fist of the scarlet giant.

Block it with all your strength!

Let Mu Fusheng rush to the center of the scarlet giant's eyebrows without hindrance.

It is also the place where Qi Shadao is located!

To capture the thief, first capture the king.

As long as Qi Shadao, who is the core of the Scarlet Giant, is defeated or killed.


Difficulties will be solved!

Nothing more.

Qi Shadao is such a cunning person, how could it be so easy for Mu Fusheng to succeed?

I saw Qi Shadao with a sneer on his face.

While opening its mouth, the blood-colored giant also opened its **** mouth!


Countless evil souls rushed towards Mu Fusheng with screams and screams!

Overwhelming and overwhelming!

Mu Fusheng looked slightly startled.

Make fists with both hands at the same time, holding two thunderbolts in your hands!

turned into a thunder spear and threw it forward.

(end of this chapter)