All My Disciples Suck!-Chapter 613: This is Yan Huang Sect?

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Chapter 613: This is Yan Huang Sect?

Extremely Desolate Region, Yan Huang Sect, in the newly built teleportation hall…𝓯𝓻𝒆𝒆𝙬𝒆𝓫𝓷𝓸𝒗𝒆𝙡.𝓬𝓸𝓶

“!” Zhou Yu’s eyes lit up, and he found himself in a magnificent hall.

“Oh, yes, it’s a success!” Boss Penglai nodded in satisfaction, and then stretched out his hand.

“Actually… I really teleported?” Zhou Yu was dumbfounded, and handed ten full storage bracelets to Boss Penglai in a daze.

Zhou Yu was still in shock at this time!

Was it really a pseudo-divine power in the scroll?

Who is the heaven-defying power, who can seal the pseudo-divine power into the scroll?

No great power can do it! I never heard of even the Deity Transformation Realm having such an ability!

“Zhou Yu, you did a very beautiful job this time! Come on, follow this one to meet Brother Ming. He should ask you a lot of information later, you can answer truthfully! “When Brother Ming succeeds in refining the Heaven Mending Pill, there must be one for you!” Boss Penglai left after making arrangements.

“I am Master of Theory, and I like to collect information the most. Come on, Brother Zhou Yu. After meeting Brother Ming, follow me to the VIP box of the Spirit Food Restaurant. We will chat slowly while eating hot pot…” Master of Theory jumped out, took Zhou Yu’s hand and left.

“Is this the Yan Huang Sect?” Zhou Yu was the third human cultivator to step into the Yan Huang Sect after Wang Ping, the old woman of Haotian Academy, and Nangong Li. Seeing the Yan Huang Sect in front of him, he couldn’t help being shocked.

Then, Zhou Yu was dumbfounded.

“We strongly protest and strongly condemn! Garbage games, ruin my youth!”

“That is, we worked so hard. It took us three days to break through from the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm to the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm! In the end, they played the Demon Race, stepped into the fifth order in one day. What a fart! It’s so unfair!”

“That’s right, dog developer, are you targeting our human race? Are you deliberately weakening us? Ah, come out quickly, I promise not to kill you!”

Dozens of local tyrants of the third-tests were holding huge banners and squatting in front of the Sect Hall to protest loudly.

“Three days? Breakthrough from the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm to the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm?” Zhou Yu was stunned.

Isn’t this speed too ridiculous?

I’ve never heard of such a heaven-defying speed of cultivation!

Still complaining about unfairness?novelbuddy.c(o)m



“Brother Ming is toxic!”

“Brother Lose Half, wake up, hurry up and tell me loudly, what happened just now? Make everyone happy!”

“Brother Lose Half, you were brutally beaten by War Hunchback Beasts again! What a tragedy! So happy!”

At this time, a group of demon players were passing by in a hurry carrying a stretcher.

It was a sad scene at first, but then, Zhou Yu saw the smiling faces of these demon disciples.

How could they be more happy than during the New Year?

Zhou Yu saw at a glance that there was a demon disciple lying on a stretcher who had been beaten terribly.

Twenty-seven demon marks!

The powerful and overbearing demon energy, Zhou Yu felt terrified when he took a look at it.


“Brother Lose Half, he, he was beaten by a War Hunchback Beast?” Zhou Yu wondered if he heard it wrong.

Oh my god!

Are these guys speaking human language?

Why can I understand the words they speak individually, and when they are connected together, what the hell aret they talking about?

“Yeah, it’s the three War Hunchback Beasts who did again. Brother is too shameless!” Master of Theory replied with a nod.

Master of Theory was also very speechless.

The War Hunchback Beasts at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm had been known to Brother Ming since they lost to Brother Lose Half, and Brother Ming raised his hand to raise the cultivation bases of the three War Hunchback Beasts to the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm!

The result was no need to ask.

Brother Lose Half wanted to torture the War Hunchback Beast again, so he recorded a video and uploaded it to the forum!

In the end… he was beaten by three War Hunchback Beasts at the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm!

What a tragedy!

“You mean, this fifth-order demon disciple with twenty-seven demon marks was beaten half to death by three War Hunchback Beasts?” Zhou Yu asked in a low voice.

“Well, that’s right!” The Master of Theory nodded, and couldn’t help admiring in his heart.

Damn, this NPC design is really good, it can react in real time according to what happened!

This game is really amazing!

“???” Zhou Yu’s mind was filled with question marks.

War Hunchbacks?

Is it the War Hunchbacks I know that are used to pull goods in the upper realm?

What happened next shocked Zhou Yu again.

Wang Lufei, one of the heaven-defying disciples of the Yan Huang Sect… was bathed in a big wooden barrel by a pig-human girl. After being bathed, Wang Lufei was changed into a new dress with lace, and then she hung him with clips on the clothesline?

The whole time, this Wang Lufei was sleeping?

My God! What do you Yan Huang Sect think of such a genius?

“Ah!!! I failed this exam again, Mom, don’t hit me ah!” A disciple of the Sea Whell Realm cried all over his body and jumped off the cliff.


Then there was a huge self-explosion sound, and the surrounding ground trembled.

“Is this a self-explosion?” Zhou Yu was dumbfounded. He turned around and looked around. There was not even a surprised person around, as if everyone was used to it?

“The thigh meat that came down, put it in the pot quickly!” A group of disciples who were a mixture of human and devil races, carrying a huge black demonic beast’s thigh meat. They excitedly ran to the square and skillfully sliced it for the pot.

Zhou Yu felt something wrong.

How come this Yan Huang Sect was not quite the same as what he thought?

Something seems wrong?

But it seems reasonable?

“Master Heavenly Fire!!!” Suddenly, Zhou Yu’s complexion changed drastically, and he saw the sleeping Heavenly Fire.

At this time, the Heavenly Fire had turned into a ball and seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep.

Zhou Yu didn’t stay long and followed the Master of Theory to the main hall.

“Damn it, why did the price of Earth Sea Pill drop again?”

“Damn, it seems that they successfully robbed Tianlong Island and got

a lot of spiritual materials!”

“What should I do? I’m in a bad position!”

In the main hall, nearly a hundred figures were staring at many big screens, conducting various buying and selling transactions at the same time, which looked like a trading market.

“Brother Ming, I brought him!” Zhou Yu quickly followed Master of Theory through the main hall and arrived at the reception hall outside the sect master’s room.

“Original Temple of Ten Thousand Water’s Fourth Elder, Zhou Yu right?” He Yiming was already standing with his hands behind his back, and said softly.

“I greet Master He Yiming!” Zhou Yu hurriedly saluted and spoke respectfully.

After all, from now on, he defected from the Temple of Ten Thousand Waters and joined Yan Huang Sect.

“Well, I’ve already heard about it from Boss Penglai! From today onwards, I will give you the status of a Guest Minister!” He Yiming said lightly.

“Thank you, Master Yiming!” Zhou Yu hurriedly thanked.

“As a proof, this sect mainly leaves a mark!” He Yiming raised his hand, and then circulated the power of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body, turning it into a blue mark.

“Yes!” Zhou Yu didn’t dare to resist and allowed this seal to fall into his brow.

From now on, his life and death would be controlled by the other party.

“You go down to rest first, Master of Theory. Whatever information you need, just ask Guest Minister Zhou! Also, when this sect master finishes preparing, he will open the furnace to refine the Heaven Mending Pill!”

“One of the high-grade Heaven Mending Pills is yours, Guest Minister Zhou!” He Yiming said, earnestly promising each word.

“Thank you, Sect Master!!!” Zhou Yu was suddenly ecstatic.

Is this Yan Huang Sect’s Sect Master He Yiming?

His promise is more useful than anything!

But Zhou Yu still wanted to ask, when will the furnace be used for alchemy?

To be honest, Zhou Yu didn’t mind waiting a few years.

After all, no matter how fast it was, for a fifth-grade alchemist to open the furnace to refine the Heaven Mending Pill, it would take three months to prepare, and then meditate to adjust the state for half a month, and it would take at least one day to open the furnace to refine it!

Within half a year, it was already amazing to be able to refine a high-grade Heaven Mending Pill!

“Brother Ming, when will the Heaven Mending Pill be refined?” The Master of Theory couldn’t help but ask first.

Zhou Yu was surprised. Is this Master of Theory so high? How dare you ask such a question?

But Zhou Yu also pricked up his ears.

“I’ve already received the spirit herbs and spirit materials sent by Boss Penglai. After sorting them out, there are a total of twelve materials, and at least twelve high-grade Heaven Mending Pills can be refined!” He Yiming replied casually.

However, He Yiming planned to try in his heart, whether he could refine many Heaven Mending Pills in one furnace!

After all, there were indeed a lot of spiritual grass and spiritual herbs in the treasure house of Tianlong Island.

They collected a full twelve pieces of materials at one time, which was indeed a lot!

However, let alone the third test, there were more than 800 veteran players in the first and second tests, and they basically achieved their intents!

As long as there was one Heaven Mending Pill, they could break through the Heavenly Pill Realm in seconds!

What made them stuck was the deficiency of Heaven Mending Pill!

Heaven Mending Pill, the core material, was an extremely rare existence among fifth-order spiritual materials!

Among all the spiritual grasses and spiritual materials that the Pippi Shrimp got from the Nine Sea Race lairs, there was not even a single such core material!

In the Hundred Thousand Mountains of the Extremely Desolate Region, quite a few auxilliary spirit grasses and spirit materials for refining the Heaven Mending Pill were found, but the number of core materials found could be counted with two hands. And adding it all up, it’s still not enough to make up the weight of a Heaven Mending Pill. One could imagine how precious the core material of the Heaven Mending Pill was.

“Twelve ingredients, can you refine at least twelve high-grade Heaven Mending Pills?” Zhou Yu was dumbfounded after hearing this.

Even a genius sixth-grade alchemist doesn’t dare to brag about things like that!

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