Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?-Chapter 116 Excitement at Nancheng Bank? Another Terrifying Chapter!

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Chapter 116 Excitement at Nancheng Bank? Another Terrifying Chapter!

Captain Mita walked down the road, head hung low, his expression shifting constantly.

At this moment, his mental state was on the verge of collapse. He resembled a walking corpse.

Suddenly, a stream of taunting remarks hit him, one after another. Upon hearing them, Captain Mitas whole body tensed up. He shook violently. Lifting his head, his eyes, ablaze with fury, fixed on the scene ahead, staring directly at Kolyev.

Yet, Kolyev remained utterly unmoved by his furious gaze, meeting his eyes with unmasked mockery and derision.


Captain Mita was teetering on the edge of an outburst.

But, recalling that his live broadcast was being watched globally, he forcefully contained his anger. Suppressed it. Suppressed it until his body shuddered uncontrollably. His fingernails dug deeply into his palms, drawing blood.

What do you mean you? Me what? Im here to seek guidance from Captain Mita. How do you toy with Wang Yun? How about taking his head? Could you offer some advice to this useless one? Kolyev looked at him, a wide grin on his face, making no effort to conceal his scorn.

Captain Mita, teeth clenched, offered no reply, his gaze still red with rage.

Hmph, kid, you mocked us when you arrived? Not so smug now? Kolyevs tone grew colder as he dropped the mockery, pressing on with his questions.

Its wiser to be cautious and modest, Wu Mingyu and the others added as they approached from behind, speaking dispassionately to Captain Mita, Dont be too boastful. Feels embarrassing now, doesnt it?

Wu Mingyus arrival and their comments made Captain Mita clench his fists even tighter. He gritted his teeth, hung his head low, and resolutely walked forward, a picture of humiliation. Surrounding him, members of the Tennin Squad closely followed behind.


Hahaha, not so boastful now, are you? Lost that swagger?

Such a relief! I have to say, Captain Kolyev really knows how to hit where it hurts. So sharp-witted!

Hahaha, I checked the international forums. In Japan, everyone is criticizing Captain Mita. Hes disgraced the whole nation!

Hes become a global laughingstock. On the international platforms, hes the number one trending topic. Hes famous worldwide now!

So satisfying, so exhilarating! Even the Japanese audience is suggesting Captain Mita should just commit seppuku. Hahaha!

Meanwhile, in the livestream, countless viewers reveled in this scene and felt immensely gratified.

Not so arrogant now? Lost that wild streak?

Dared to confront Big Brother? Well, heres the consequence!

Captain Mita of the Japanese program inspection team had gained notoriety now, and not just nationally. He was a global sensation.

Initially, his arrogance, if backed by the ability to take out Wang Yun, would have had some merit.

But now?

This wasnt confidence, it was sheer stupidity. The whole worlds netizens were having a field day mocking him.

Yet, amid the global ridicule, everyones perception of Wang Yun had undergone a dramatic shift. Particularly after his daring feat of walking twenty meters on a tightrope fifty meters high, without any safety measures.

That stunt alone had become the stuff of legends.

Audiences worldwide now understood that the Tennin Squad from Japans program inspection team was no pushover. Equipped with top-of-the-line gear, they were formidable indeed. Likewise, Chinas program inspection team was known for its strong, highly intelligent captains.

However, today, both of these esteemed program inspection teams were outplayed.

The Japanese team, in particular, was thoroughly outmaneuvered. Wang Yuns extraordinary abilities left everyone in awe. His prowess sent shockwaves around the globe.

Wang Yun is incredibly strong. Neither of the teams stood a chance against him. It might take a combined force of five or six countries teams to have any hope of defeating him!

With program inspection teams from a dozen countries due to arrive soon, I hope our nations elite can finally take down Wang Yun!

Cant wait for our countrys team to arrive. Then we can watch the live broadcast from our own perspective!

Netizens from various countries buzzed with lively discussions. The Skynet Operation show was becoming ever more popular.


While the world buzzed with these discussions, near the main Nancheng Bank, Wu Mingyu and his colleagues took away the bank employee who had impersonated Wang Yun, along with his immediate supervisor, to ask about certain details.

Subsequently, the program officers dispersed.

As for the Japanese team, they had already departed.

Hahaha, what an incredible show, truly magnificent!

Wang Yun is indeed formidable!

The chairman and general manager of Nancheng Bank exclaimed, approaching the banks entrance with faces aglow with excitement.

They had seen every bit of the action and were also fully aware of the sensation it caused on the internet. This thrilled both of them, their faces brimming with excitement and anticipation.

As they entered the hall, the Chairman of Nancheng Bank gestured to a young man, beaming with a good-humored smile.

Little Wang, come here. Did our Nancheng Bank suffer any losses this time?

Chairman, I havent noticed any losses to our Nancheng Bank, Little Wang replied, shaking his head promptly.

Hehe, seems like the arrival of Japans program officers today might have thwarted some of Wang Yuns plans. Lets go check out the vault, the Chairman mused with a squint and a wave of his hand.

Yes, Chairman. Also, our banks network and power systems were shut down and need to be restarted, Little Wang added.

Alright, get them back up and running, the Chairman nodded nonchalantly.

He then headed towards the basement level, where the vaults were, continuing the conversation.

Upon reaching the vault, they found the electricity and network had been restored.

Hmm, some tools are lying around here. Looks like Wang Yun had his eyes on our vault, said the General Manager, scanning the surroundings and noting the tools near the vault.

Indeed, Wang Yun did target our vault. But our vaults security is world-class, the Chairman noted, his eyes scanning the area thoughtfully.

Chairman, should we open the vault to check if any money or valuables have been taken? the General Manager suggested.

No need to open it. The Skynet Operation program hasnt signaled the end yet, and we must remain vigilant. Wang Yun is extremely intelligent and might be anticipating our move to open the vault. Our vaults security level is top-notch, so no worries there. Hehe, lets just turn on the internal surveillance of the vault and check the situation through the cameras, the Chairman advised, shaking his head sagely.

Yes, Chairman, your foresight is always admirable, the General Manager said with a chuckle, offering a bit of flattery, and quickly accessed a network on his phone.

The Chairman gave a satisfied chuckle in response.

Shortly after, the General Managers phone displayed the inside of the vault.

Chairman, as you can see, everything inside the vault is in order, the General Manager said, handing the phone to the Chairman with a smile.

Exactly as I thought. Even if Wang Yun managed to break into our vault today, he wouldnt have been able to take the money away, the Chairman of Nancheng Bank said, examining the phone with a confident expression.

They had witnessed Wang Yuns escape, and all of his accomplices were now in custody. A single person could hardly carry away more than a couple of million at most, which weighs about a hundred kilograms.

Chairman, should we start the publicity campaign now? asked the General Manager, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

Begin immediately. Also, take pictures of these tools and upload them to the internet, the Chairman of Nancheng Bank nodded, indicating the tools nearby with a slight smile on his face.

Yes, Chairman, the General Manager agreed with a nod and a smile. Ive got it.

Haha, excellent, get on it then. Lets gather everyone tonight and celebrate.

The Chairman of Nancheng Bank laughed heartily as he patted the General Managers shoulder. He was in an exceptionally good mood. This incident was set to elevate Nancheng Banks fame once again, potentially boosting their market value significantly.


Sigh, while I gave the Japan team a lesson, Brother Hu and the others ended up getting caught, Wang Yun murmured, unaware of the current developments at Nancheng Bank.

At that moment, he was in a hotel room, using a mask to conceal his identity. He frowned in thought, considering his next course of action.

Todays events had strayed from his original plan. He had intended merely to retaliate against Nancheng Bank, but inadvertently, Brother Hu and his team had become entangled in the mess.

Extracting Brother Hu and the others would be challenging. Breaking them out of jail was not a simple task.

He booted up the hotel computer and searched for information on Nanchengs prison. According to the production team, Brother Hu and his team were likely to be held in the most secure prison in Nancheng.

After a quick online search, Wang Yun found the information he needed. Studying the details of the prison, his eyes sparkled with calculation.


A particular news item caught his attention as he browsed. It was about an announcement from Nancheng Bank that had swiftly risen to the top of the trending searches.

He clicked to read more, his eyes narrowing thoughtfully.

Once again, Nancheng Bank was using his fame for their publicity. They were boldly asserting their security, claiming that even Big Brother Wang Yun couldnt breach their defenses.

Theyre going to face repercussions, Wang Yun declared, his face expressionless as he read the message.

He sat in contemplative silence, strategizing his next moves. His plan involving Nancheng Bank was already in motion, half-completed. He intended to finalize the matter with the bank the next day. The issue concerning Brother Hu and his team also needed attention.

As the number of program inspection teams increases, so will the number of experts. Its time to gather more allies, he murmured, lost in thought.

Gradually, a sinister plan took shape in his mind, his eyes narrowing with a trace of crazed determination.

Hehe, he chuckled softly after several minutes, a series of plans crystallizing in his thoughts.


Master, I I have brought shame to you.

In an office belonging to the Japan program inspection team, Captain Mita kneeled before a screen, his head lowered in utterance.

At this moment, his face was a portrait of deep embarrassment. Rage smoldered in his heart, threatening to erupt in fury.

He had recently ventured to look up online comments about himself, which had nearly led him to vomit blood in frustration, almost pushing him to the brink of seppuku.

On the screen before him, a bald middle-aged man sat cross-legged, exuding an air of authority. The setting was distinctly reminiscent of traditional Japanese aesthetics.

If you can wipe clean this disgrace, I, along with your senior brothers, will assist you. Theres still a chance for redemption, the bald middle-aged man mused, addressing Captain Mita.

Thank you, Master. With your and the seniors help, Im confident I can restore my honor, Captain Mita, fists tightly clenched, responded earnestly.

His master was a renowned figure in Japans martial arts world. Believing in the support of such a mentor, he held onto the hope of a chance. A chance to reclaim his tarnished honor.

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