As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills-Chapter 392 - Foundation Establishment Realm Pill

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392 Foundation Establishment Realm Pill

Jiang Ming slowly opened his eyes.


He let out a long breath, and his eyes lit up.

In front of him, countless mysterious words flashed continuously. It was the incomplete scripture that he had obtained on the Saint Cultivation Platform.

He opened the Foundation Establishment Realm chapter!

Jiang Ming had always felt that his cultivation in the Foundation Establishment Realm was not perfect. He wanted to build his Foundation Establishment Realm to the point where it was flawless before seeking the opportunity to advance to the Golden Core Realm.

Although the Black Rock Ruins was a blessed land of immortal cultivation from ten thousand years ago, the Foundation Establishment Realm cultivation technique in this incomplete scripture was the most perfect and powerful Foundation Establishment Realm technique in the world.

“If I could have obtained it earlier, I would be even stronger. However, it’s difficult to be sure. After all, this kind of opportunity can only be encountered by luck. Now that I’ve obtained it, it might be a good idea to continuously practice.”

Jiang Ming was deep in thought.

After a few days, he could feel that the spirit base in his body was constantly shattering and reforming.

It was still not perfect.

He had not even broken through to the Void Core Realm.

After thinking about it, Jiang Ming decided to put aside his cultivation and turn to refining pills.

Wu Hen walked over.

“Master, there is a huge search for you outside. The Divine Eye Sect, the Green Feather Cultivation Academy, the Spirit Silkworm Mountain, and the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven have all put a bounty on your head. Many assassination forces and individual cultivators have taken action. In addition, there are quite a few Golden Core Realm cultivators among the individual cultivators. They want to kill you and seek an opportunity to join these big forces, especially the Ancient Kingdom Blessed Land!”

A cold glint flashed across Wu Hen’s eyes.

If he had known this would happen, he would have killed Holy Son Gu Chi back then.

Jiang Ming smiled indifferently.

“It doesn’t matter. I got a lot of good things from him. Take a look.”

He took out a storage ring and wiped away all the restrictions on it with a wave of his hand. Wu Hen’s heart trembled when he saw this.

Holy Son Gu Chi was not a weak person either. The seal he had set up was extremely powerful. His master was indeed very capable to have broken the seal.

Then, Jiang Ming took out everything. There were countless high-grade spirit stones alone, and there were even many top-grade spirit stones.

As for magical tools and other treasures, there were also quite a few.

Wu Hen’s eyes lit up when he saw one of the magical tools.

“You know about this?” Jiang Ming raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile.

“Yes, when I entered the Saint Cultivation Peak, I met a pair of young prodigies. They told me about a lot of things, including the Sky-Piercing Shuttle. Of course, this is just its name. It doesn’t mean that it really has the ability to penetrate the sky. It’s more like a ship. This kind of flying magical tool is extremely rare. Even among supreme-grade magical tools, it’s considered top-notch.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Ming’s lips curled up slightly and he said, “That’s right. This Sky-Piercing Shuttle can travel up to a distance of ten thousand miles in a day. It’s much more convenient than flying by myself. Most importantly, it can accommodate more people. Other than that, there are also some offensive magical tools, techniques, and formations!”

Jiang Ming was surprised.

Now that he had the Sky-Piercing Shuttle, it would be much more convenient for him to go anywhere in the future.

He could even bring Wu Hen along to roam the world of immortal cultivation!

The most important thing was that Jiang Ming planned to go outside the Feather Kingdom in the future to explore the world. Thus, the Sky-Piercing Shuttle would be of great use.

However, he was very clear that he still had to work hard to refine pills.

Although he had so many spirit stones in his hands, these spirit stones were too precious, especially the high-grade and top-grade spirit stones. They were extremely rare in the Feather Kingdom and only large cultivation forces had them.

Once he took it out, his identity would definitely be exposed. He had to go outside the Feather Kingdom in the future to make plans.

Another year passed.

Wu Hen’s aura became more and more stable and refined, constantly advancing to a higher level.

In time, he would definitely step into the Golden Core Realm and become a great asset to Jiang Ming.

As for Jiang Ming, he did not choose to break through to the Void Core Realm in the past year and was immersed in alchemy. However, his aura did not decline at all. Instead, it became more powerful and terrifying. Wu Hen was afraid when he saw it.

Little did they know that although Jiang Ming did not cultivate, the process of refining pills was also a form of cultivation. Google search 𝘧𝘳𝑒ℯ𝔀𝘦𝒃𝘯𝒐𝐯e𝗹. co𝐦

Refining pills, again and again, especially some higher-level pills, also made Jiang Ming’s spirit base undergo many rounds of tempering.

“The medicinal pills I refined previously were all unorthodox. Now, it’s time to start refining this one.”

Jiang Ming’s eyes shone brightly.

He was going to refine a Foundation Establishment Realm pill!

This was not a high-grade pill. However, it originated from the incomplete scripture.

Its full name was the True Martial Foundation Establishment Divine Pill!

It had four grades to master. Moreover, the highest-grade pill would definitely cause a stir if he refined it!

Unfortunately, it was too difficult to refine.

In the past year, Jiang Ming had also tried to refine it. However, he failed each time. There was even one time when the furnace exploded, and he almost hurt himself.

In this case, Jiang Ming could not say much and could only give up for the time being.

However, now, he felt that the opportunity had arrived!

“Wu Hen, stand guard outside. Don’t let anyone get close!”

“Understood!” Wu Hen nodded.

Many people had come to visit this year. However, they were all stopped by Wu Hen.

Although the war in the outside world had ended, the situation was still unstable. The factions that originally controlled Xiaoqian Mountain still wanted to take control of the place.

Small-scale battles were still going on. Immortal cultivators were dying every day.

However, it had nothing to do with Wu Hen. He was only responsible for checking for Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming also did not care.

At the same time, in the Hall of Slaughter, Mo Ziqi’s figure appeared. His expression was especially gloomy.

“Can you tell me why you guys, the number one assassination force in the Feather Kingdom, who possess intelligence comparable to the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven, have not been able to find Zhang Shan after a year?”

The master of the Hall of Slaughter was also a little irritated and said, “Elder Mo, you should have heard that Zhang Shan’s appearance is fake. His background and origins are also unclear. It’s easier said than done to find him. All this time, we have been searching within the Feather Kingdom and even outside the borders. However, we have never been able to find him!”