As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills-Chapter 740 - Someone Is Looking For You

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740 Someone Is Looking For You
“Why did you provoke us for no reason? Wouldn’t this cause us a lot of trouble? Don’t do this next time.”

Jiang Ming leaned closer to Xia Qingyi with a smile on his face.

Xia Qingyi covered his disfigured face and nodded, unwilling to continue speaking.

Whenever he spoke, his face would hurt.

He did not want this to happen.

On the other side, Zuqing Yiyi received news from her master and wanted to look for Jiang Ming, but she could not find him. However, she saw the letter that Xia Qingyi wrote to Jiang Ming.

She immediately set off for the place where Xia Qingyi was meeting Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming was still angry. He said to Xia Qingyi, “Alright, you can leave now. Don’t let me see you again. Otherwise, you won’t escape with just a beating. We’ll end your life!”

He swung the silver needle at Xia Qingyi, and he was immediately stabbed in the face. He started to leap around like a monkey, and tears of blood flowed out of his eyes.

“I was wrong! I was really wrong! I won’t do this again!”

Xia Qingyi felt Jiang Ming’s ruthlessness and left in a panic.

Jiang Ming laughed when he saw Xia Qingyi still panicking when he left.

Xia Qingyi really needed to be taught a lesson.

“Ning Caichen, your last move was simply stunning.”

Zhu Asi praised Jiang Ming repeatedly.

“It’s nothing. It was just a fluke.”

Jiang Ming began to be humble again. He did not put on any airs at all.

Zhu An’an nodded with approval. She said, “Mister, let’s go. We should go back now.”


Jiang Ming raised his foot and was about to leave.

However, the three of them were faced with Zuqing Yiyi. When Zuqing Yiyi saw Jiang Ming, she was pleasantly surprised. “Lord Ning Caichen, I finally found you. My master wants to see you. I hope you can come with me.”

Jiang Ming looked at Zuqing Yiyi in confusion and repeated in surprise, “Your master wants to see me?”

Zuqing Yiyi nodded her head repeatedly. “Lord Ning Caichen, please come with me. My master really wants to see you.”

She did not want to fail the task given to her by her master, but she did not want to force Ning Caichen, so she could only try to persuade him.

Jiang Ming did not know whether to laugh or cry.

This was the first time he had seen someone begging like this.

He thought for a moment and nodded. “Alright, I’ll go with you.”

“That’s great.”

Zuqing Yiyi became excited.

“But we have to go too!” Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an said at the same time.

They were still worried.

“Of course. Follow me.”

Zuqing Yiyi did not think much of it and brought the three of them to a temple.

They were clearly near the mountain temple, but they could not see what was inside the mountain temple at all.

A group of elves surrounded Jiang Ming and the other two. They looked very enthusiastic.

“Come with us. We wish to welcome you.”

The little elves could sense their memories and knew that they were wary. At this moment, they were smiling and emitting a strong fragrance.

The fragrance made Jiang Ming and the other two wary. Jiang Ming asked and looked at the little elves, “Do you smell that fragrance?”

The little elves were a little puzzled and looked at Jiang Ming. “We have fragrance on our bodies. This is normal.”

Then, the little elves raised their hands and said to Jiang Ming, “Lord Ning Caichen, follow us to the temple. Our abbot is waiting for you.”

Zuqing Yiyi smiled faintly. “My master knows many skills. He might be able to help you a lot. I hope you guys have a wonderful conversation.”

Zhu Asi’s heart was filled with excitement. He wanted to follow Jiang Ming, but he was stopped by one of the little elves.

The little elf apologized to Zhu Asi. “No. Only Lord Ning Caichen can enter the temple.”

Jiang Ming told Zhu Asi, “It’s okay. You stay here first. I’ll go. I’ll be right back.”

Zhu An’an was a little worried. She looked at Jiang Ming and said in her heart, “Mister, if there’s anything wrong, send us a signal. We’ll rush in immediately if we see it.”

Jiang Ming understood what Zhu An’an meant and replied to her in his heart, “Zhu An’an, I know. If anything happens, I will send you a signal.”

Hearing Jiang Ming’s words, Zhu Asi nodded. He did not do anything to the little elf and allowed Jiang Ming to go out.

Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an watched as Jiang Ming walked out alone.

Zuqing Yiyi looked at Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an and said seriously, “Don’t worry. My master is very good to people. Nothing will happen to Ning Caichen.”

Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an did not believe Zuqing Yiyi’s words. They replied, “Since you said so, we don’t have to worry anymore.”

Although that was what they said, they knew that they would still be worried.

Zuqing Yiyi believed Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an’s words and nodded.

Jiang Ming walked in and arrived in front of the temple.

In front of the temple, a monk was sweeping the ground with a huge broom.

When he saw the monk, Jiang Ming thought for a moment, then walked over and said respectfully, “Hello, I’m Ning Caichen. Are you Zuqing Yiyi’s master?”

The monk looked at Jiang Ming and his expression became serious. “Yes, I’m Zuqing Yiyi’s master. My name is Sikong Wuyuan. I’m still sweeping the floor. Let’s talk after I finish sweeping.”

“Alright, I’ll wait at the side.”

Jiang Ming did not say much. He walked to a stone stool and sat down.

There was a maple tree above the stone stool. The maple leaves on the maple tree floated down and landed on Jiang Ming’s head.

Jiang Ming touched the maple leaf and opened his palm. The maple leaf disappeared and emitted a faint aura.
He could clearly see that the aura in front of him was like smoke.

Sikong Wuyuan gripped his broom tightly and swept the floor with all his might. He muttered to himself, “These maple leaves are leaves that have fallen through the ages. They usually don’t fall on people. They are very picky. The fact that you were chosen by a leaf shows that your ability is very strong.”

“Thank you for saying that. It was just an accident. I was lucky,” Jiang Ming explained seriously.

Sikong Wuyuan immediately became enthusiastic. He threw away the broom and said, “Ning Caichen, shall we spar?”

Jiang Ming stood up and looked a little confused. “How do we spar?”

Sikong Wuyuan smiled and raised his hand, turning everything around him into the scene of an arena.

Jiang Ming was a little surprised when he saw the scene outside the temple change instantly, but he immediately returned to normal.