Ascension of the Immortal Asura-Chapter 1137 Finale of Devastation

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Chapter 1137 Finale of Devastation

The Sword-Saint's mile long sword cleaved down on the Yang-Sovereign with unmatched speed and sharpness, capable of cleaving the Yang-Sovereign clean in half if he didn't use his full power to defend against it. And on top of that, he had lost an arm at the start of battle, making it impossible to deal with both John and the Sword-Saint with the same amount of power. As such, he needed to make a decision, and he did so after a moment's hesitation.

The Yang-Sovereign's arm flicked downwards, pulling on his flail's chain, redirecting the striking head towards the Sword-Saint's sword. The striking head turned immediately, its speed or power not lessening at all as it crashed towards the sword.

Then the Yang-Sovereign looked towards John, his mouth opening again, unleashing another beam of pure Yang Qi, its roaring heat scorching the air, its power parting all before it.


Both attacks met their targets at the same time, immediately drowning the entire Yang Lotus realm in the ruinous power of all three cultivators. Space shook and the entire Yang-Sphere trembled, the power so great that it bled out to the Yang-Dao Sect outside the Yang-Sphere, rumbling the land for hundreds of miles in every direction.

The Yang-Sovereign was blasted downwards by the explosion, increasing his speed towards the bottom of the Lotus Realm. The explosion blasted against him, nearly destroying him before he could muster the power to withstand it, then used the surrounding Yang Qi to heal his fresh and gruesome wounds.

"Haaaaaaaahahaha!" sinister laughter boomed from within the explosion, loud enough to be heard despite the explosion around him. "More! More! MOOOREEE!"


A beam of ruinous lightning pierced through the explosion, carving a channel directly through it. It pierced directly towards the Yang-Sovereign, who spotted John from within the open channel, whose maniacal expression and sinister glowing-red eyes locked onto him, his battle lust not lessened at all despite the fact that his body was almost unrecognizable by the damage it had sustained.

Yet again, John's body began to heal at a terrifying rate, his rippled muscles reconnecting, his shattered bones reforging anew. However, the healing process was slower this time, fast enough to heal John in time for the next attack, but slow enough that the Yang-Sovereign could tell John's Qi reserves and healing ability were almost at their end. His eyes flickered and a determined look appeared on the Yang-Sovereing's face as he prepared to deal with the lightning beam and hold on for just a bit more, when suddenly the danger from the Sword-Saint reappeared, the Yang-Sovereign's instincts flaring with grave warning.


The massive mile-long sword cleaved through the explosion with incredible speed and sharpness, seemingly uninhibited by the Yang-Sovereign's weapon attack at all. Each attack of his flail contained the power of a fully powered battle art, and yet, the sword fell towards him as if it had done nothing to stop its power.

"Pft!" a spurt of blood shot out of the Sword-Saint's mouth as he appeared from within the explosion, his body like an ant, his sword like a mountain. His face was pale and spirit waning, but the Sword-Saint's expression was as resolved as ever, unwavering as he looked at the Yang-Sovereign with hatred in his gaze. fr eeweb novel

"All of your blood essence?" the Yang Sovereign roared. "You'll become a cripple!"

"That's better than being dead," the Sword-Saint sneered as he used the last remnants of his power and blood essence to power his final attack. His body burst alight with brilliant white Sword Qi.

The Sword-Saint coughed out another mouthful of blood, but ignored his internal damage as he mustered his full power towards the Sovereign.

"This is the last time I'll be able to unleash you," the Sword-Saint said with a soft whisper towards his sword's artifact spirit. "So, let's go all out, and make sure we end this battle with no regrets."

As if inspired by the Sword-Saint, his true sword exploded with another level of power, growing even larger, becoming faster and sharper.

Then the Sword-Saint swung his sword towards the Yang-Sovereign, his arms shattering from the force of his final and ultimate attack. It was the culmination of a lifetime of cultivation, putting everything towards one technique. One final attack. His strongest finale of devastation.


Space parted despite the spatial repression effects; a thin line sliced into the void as the apocalyptic sword cleaved towards the wide-eyed Yang-Sovereign. The Yang-Sovereign roared with rage and panic as he turned towards the sword attack, ignoring John's lightning beam.

He flung his flail out towards the sword, then let go as it sped outwards. An instant later, he pointed his five fingers towards the sword, time not on his side to unleash a Pure Yang Supernova, but instead his quick release version of it.

The five balls of pure Yang Qi raced towards the sword, reaching it a moment later and exploding with the power of five small suns. They then exploded with horrific power, the striking head smashing against the sword at the same time, the combined power of the Yang-Sovereign dealing with the Sword-Saint, who he had looked down upon his entire life as a lesser cultivator.

Then his head snapped towards John, who was almost upon him. His mouth opened as another beam of ruinous Yang Qi blasted directly towards the lightning beam, like the most powerful of volcanoes exploding.

The Yang-Sovereign cried out in pain as his own explosion blasted against him, sending him downwards at an even faster pace. The bottom of the Yang Lotus realm was fast approaching, its barrier brimming with the ultimate Yang. Even for the Yang-Sovereign, smashing into this wall of pure Yang would result in gruesome injuries, ones he could not afford to sustain. He drew in the surrounding Yang to power his body and prepare his next attack. Instead, a chill of dread and despair crept up his spine as that sinister laugher boomed from above, followed by John, whose body was half-destroyed, blasting down towards him as if he didn't care that his body was about to fall apart at any moment.

His legs were shattered and turned into a meat paste held together by muscles and sinew. His body was devoid of flesh, exposing his muscles and bones to the heat of the realm. And yet, the menacingโ€ฆcreatureโ€ฆbefore him didn't care.

He was relentless. Unyielding. Undying. In that moment, the Yang-Sovereign knew what true despair was. Boom!

John's hastily reformed legs smashed directly on the Yang-Sovereign's chest before he could react. The gruesome sound of bones breaking, both from John and the Yang-Sovereign, echoed outwards, followed by a grunt of pain and a mouthful of blood being coughed up by the Yang-Sovereign.

Then, before he could react to anything, the Yang-Sovereign smashed against the floor of the Lotus realm, his body crashing against the wall of pure Yang Qi with unrelenting speed and power.

Boom! ๐“ฏ๐™ง๐’†๐’†๐”€๐’†๐“ซ๐’๐“ธ๐™ซ๐’†๐™ก.๐™˜๐’๐™ข

The entire Yang Lotus trembled as John, using the Yang-Sovereign's body as a shield, smashed into and then through the Lotus confines. The world outside the Lotus shook with horrifying intensity as a streak of fire and blood shot down from the Lotus above, crashing towards the ground below. With the terrifying heat of the Yang Lotus Transformation surrounding his body, John's flesh cooked from the intense heat, the damage and pain seemingly ignored by him completely.

Those in the arena below, hastily made their way to the side, using their fastest physical speed to avoid being near where the two above were descending towards. They looked up with awe and horror as they watched the most terrifying creature descend towards them, a demon mounting a lotus of pure Yang, laughing maniacally the entire way down.

Then, with a wicked bang and sickening crunch, the Yang-Sovereign slammed back first into the arena ground, John's full power smashing onto him an instant later.


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