Aspiring to the Immortal Path-Chapter 788: The Longevity Sword

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Chapter 788: The Longevity Sword

As the six weapons plunged into Han Wuxin's body, they erupted with six different kinds of power. Just when Han Wuxin was about to be blown into pieces, his body turned into a dark streak and fled, rendering Tang Jie's attack ineffective. This black energy flew off into the distance, where it reformed into Han Wuxin, blood flowing from his chest wound.

The six weapons had managed to wound Han Wuxin, but because Han Wuxin had fled before they could unleash their power, it only served to give Han Wuxin a surface-level wound.

A moment later, the wound was healed, leaving behind no trace.

"A nice escape art," Tang Jie casually laughed. Han Wuxin was a Deification expert, so for him to have one or two tricks wasn't a surprise at all. Every sect had their oddballs, and Han Wuxin was his sect's. He wasn't actually good at direct battles, but he was more agile, attaining an extremely high level in escape arts. Furtively approaching, delivering a single lethal strike, and then fleeing was his specialty.

Only Han Wuxin was capable of escaping the eruption of power from a weapon the moment it entered his body. Even a Violet Palace Tang Jie with the ability to thought cast couldn't get this fast.

Having barely avoided a lethal blow, Han Wuxin had broken out in a cold sweat. His face flashed with ferocity as he waved his hand, and a pool of water appeared before him.

Reflected in the pool of water was none other than Tang Jie.

Han Wuxin stabbed the Phantom Blade into the water.

Tang Jie felt an intense pain in his chest. Looking down, he saw that a blade wound had appeared on his chest, and Han Wuxin was savagely smiling at him.

"Striking through reflections?" Nine Splendors was stunned, and as he shouted, the snake in his hand shot at Han Wuxin.

Han Wuxin simply chuckled and disappeared, reappearing elsewhere and once more stabbing the Phantom Blade, this time striking at the back of Tang Jie's head.

"Die!" Han Wuxin screeched.

The Phantom Blade let out a bone-chilling energy.

This cold and wicked energy exerted the unstoppable momentum of death. It was the power unique to the Shadow branch of the Dao of Slaughter.

Seeing this, Nine Splendors shouted in alarm, "Tang Jie, get back! He's going all-out!"

Dao armaments were Dao armaments because they possessed the power of the Dao. When this Dao power was latent, Dao armaments might not seem very strong, perhaps even worse than some of the better divine treasures. Only a Dao armament using its Dao power could be considered a complete Dao armament.

But just like how Soul Transformation cultivators found it hard to really use divine treasures, Violet Palace experts actually found it very difficult to use Dao armaments. Entering Violet Palace simply gave them the right to use Dao armaments, but actually utilizing their power required one to reach Earth Immortal. This was why Xiao Biehan had used the God-Conquering Merak Sword once and then stopped.

But it seemed like Han Wuxin was risking everything to activate the power of his Dao armament.

The Phantom Blade was finally able to unleash the power of the Dao stored within it, and that chilling power infiltrated Tang Jie's body and almost instantly froze him solid.

The sinister energy continued to invade his body, plunging Tang Jie into an icy hell. His life energy began to freeze, and even his Divine Soul was in so much pain that it seemed to be on the verge of cracking apart.

This was the sensation of near-death!

Tang Jie had never been so close to death before!

Only now was he realizing how truly terrifying a Dao armament exerting its real power could be.

This power could annihilate all and freeze the world, was a supreme and divine majesty that stood above all!

"NO!" Nine Splendors roared.

The snake in his hand turned around and stabbed at Nine Splendors' chest. There was a burst of light as the snake absorbed the life force of the Nine Splendors True Lord. Since he couldn't catch Han Wuxin, his only option was to use his own body to save Tang Jie.

But alas, he was too late.

That cold energy had frozen Tang Jie down to his soul at stunning speed. But suddenly, that energy came to a stop.

A mote of flame blazed within the ice.

A red point of light emerged from Tang Jie's body, growing larger and larger.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Amid a loud cracking, Han Wuxin felt like something had stabbed him in the heart, and his face paled as he threw up blood.

And then Tang Jie glanced at Han Wuxin.

It was a cold and silent glance, as if he was looking at a corpse, and it chilled Han Wuxin down to the bone.

His entire body shuddered. "How is this possible?"

He knew just how powerful the Phantom Blade's Shadow Slay was, capable of killing even a Soul Projection Celestial Sovereign, condensing so much power into a single strike that even the Dao of Life wouldn't be able to recover. Tang Jie was only at Infant Tending, so how had he blocked this power of the Shadow Dao?

While he reeled in shock, the chilling energy that had invaded Tang Jie melted away, and Tang Jie began to walk over. But just as he took a step, he paled and almost fell over.

Fortunately, Nine Splendors' snake arrived.

The inky-green snake bit Tang Jie on the arm, and immense life force was pumped into his body. A crimson glow radiated from his body, and his withered form began to recover.

Tang Jie smiled at Han Wuxin. "Senior Han, you must be all tired out after forcing the activation of the Dao armament. As Violet Palace cultivators, we should be using Divine Connections! Try my sword!"

He put away the other five weapons, only thrusting the Annihilation Gale Sword at Han Wuxin.

The sword unleashed an unspeakably graceful and profound energy. Though it was a simple strike, it made one unwilling to block it.

It wasn't a matter of courage, but a matter of willpower.

Han Wuxin dumbly gazed at the sword light, as if it was enchanting him somehow.

"Wuxin!" A loud cry rang like a gong in Han Wuxin's mind.

Han Wuxin was jolted awake, just in time to see the sword about to reach him. Yelping, he fled in a streak of light and just barely dodged the sword. His face stricken with fear, he shouted, "What Divine Connection is this!?"

Nine Splendors was also taken aback. "An excellent Divine Connection, able to disturb the mind. Tang Jie, what is this Divine Connection? How come I've never seen you use it before?"

A sword art that could confuse the mind wasn't a big deal, but a Divine Connection that could confuse a Deification expert was truly hard to come by. Although Han Wuxin's Divine Soul had been exhausted from activating the Dao power, it was still an impressive feat. At the very least, it meant he could confuse those of the same tier with no problem.

Tang Jie chuckled. "The Longevity Sword. I got it from the Myriad Court fragment in Nadir Hill, but you have to be at Violet Palace to be able to truly use it. I had to wait many years until I could finally use it."

"But you're the body cultivator right now" Nine Splendors said in shock. "How can a body cultivator use a Divine Connection?"

"Immortal Spirit power has innumerable uses," Tang Jie explained. Once he reached Immortal Spirit Body, that tiny bit of Immortal Spirit power had become his biggest trump card. It could let his body cultivator form use Divine Connections, and many more things besides that. It was the Immortal Spirit power that had stopped Han Wuxin's Dao power, but in doing so, Tang Jie had been forced to expend quite a lot of it. It had taken a hundred years to accumulate his tiny little bit of Immortal Spirit power, and the effort had painfully taken a third of it. It was the remainder of his Immortal Spirit power that Tang Jie had used to activate the Longevity Sword. After replying to Nine Splendors, Tang Jie added, "Martial Uncle used your own life force to save me, so you should hurry and treat yourself. As for Han Wuxin, you can leave him to me."

He once more thrust his sword at Han Wuxin.

Han Wuxin helplessly raised his blade. He wanted to keep attacking through reflections, but Tang Jie didn't give him the chance, attacking him over and over.

Once the Longevity Sword was activated, it was as ceaseless as a river, pushing back Han Wuxin again and again.

Tang Jie felt like this Divine Connection was perfect for him, finding it much stronger than the Divine Connections of the Basking Moon Sect. Worth noting was that this Divine Connection sword art was very compatible with a body cultivator's form, and Immortal Spirit power was completely capable of utilizing the Divine Connection's power.

Han Wuxin had never imagined that Tang Jie could use a sword with such beauty, grace, and lethality.

Flashing sword flowers bloomed before Han Wuxin like deadly white lotuses, radiating the beauty of death.

Han Wuxin thought that with his Deification strength, he should have had high chances of defeating the early-phase Immortal Spirit Body Tang Jie. But not only had his strength fallen after his failed activation of the Dao power, Tang Jie's Longevity Sword was also far more powerful than he had anticipated.

The light from the sword was majestic and dominating. A chop created a sword mountain while a swing created a sword river. The sword rose like the sun and moon, and it sundered the skies as it fell, leaving a trail of stars in its wake. Han Wuxin was alarmed and terrified by these sights, and Tang Jie himself was rather flabbergasted.

Tang Jie's greatest weakness as a body cultivator had always been a lack of a combat technique that could fully utilize his strength. Up until now, he had only had the Devil Crushing Fist.

But the Devil Crushing Fist's flaw was too great and could easily put him temporarily out of the battle. Although Tang Jie had also gathered some body cultivator combat techniques from the Celestial Flame Pagoda, all of them were crude techniques unable to truly utilize his strength. As a result, he had mostly relied on brute force until now.

In this aspect, he was far inferior to Wang Juemie and his Horn Dragon Demon Body and Vajra Combat Will, and it was one of the reasons Wang Juemie had been able to overwhelm him in terms of strength.

It was only when Tang Jie was using the Longevity Sword in his body cultivator form that he realized that the Longevity Sword was surprisingly compatible with him, resolving his greatest weakness and regret. Not only could it be used with Immortal Spirit power, allowing his original body to use a sword art through its immense strength, the Longevity Sword also gave the body cultivator the ability to use a Divine Connection.

While each strike from the Longevity Sword seemed gentle and soft, each streak of sword energy was brimming with a power that could shatter mountains.

This was a terrifying energy that a body cultivator could only possess upon attaining the Immortal Spirit Body, but it was being used through this graceful sword light. While it lacked that proud and arrogant demeanor, it gained an all-encompassing meticulousness and an allure that enchanted and bedazzled the soul.

The Pearl Lady!

A thought suddenly occurred to Tang Jie.

He understood now.

When he found the Longevity Sword in the Myriad Court fragment, it had been placed together with the statue of the Pearl Lady.

In other words, it was highly likely to be the Pearl Lady who had developed this Divine Connection. She was lovers with the Martial Lord, so it was completely normal for her to develop a Divine Connection that a body cultivator could use, and it would explain why he was so compatible with it.

Upon realizing this, he began to attack with even greater gusto.


A sword light flashed.

This time, Han Wuxin couldn't block it.

As the sword light passed over his body, this seemingly gentle strike erupted with a mountain-crushing energy, instantly obliterating half of his body.

Although Han Wuxin had peerless escape arts, his recovery ability wasn't so impressive, so this strike essentially left him half-dead and howling in pain. His Divine Soul suddenly lunged out from his head, wielding a sharp blade that he stabbed at Tang Jie. "Die!"

He turned into a lightning bolt and shot toward Tang Jie.

This strike contained all of his strength, but just when his Divine Soul was about to make impact, a streak of green stood in his pathNine Splendors' snake. The snake stabbed into the Divine Soul, which began to rapidly shrivel up.

"Nine Splendors!" Han Wuxin shrieked.

The Nine Splendors chuckled. "My thanks."

He called back the snake, which stabbed itself into his heart and began to pump life force into his body, restoring what he had lost to save Tang Jie.

At the same time, Tang Jie's sword unleashed a wave of sword energy at Han Wuxin's body.

Utterly obliterating him.

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