Aspiring to the Immortal Path-Chapter 808: Ice Phoenix

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Chapter 808: Ice Phoenix

As the battle drew near, more and more people began to turn their attention to it.

They were all waiting for that duel between Tang Jie and Jewel.

The sixth day of the sixth month.

It was seventy-two days until the two-hundred-year appointment.

Today, Tang Jie was meditating in Freedom Hall, floating in the air. There was nothing around him, but a vast vortex of energy spiraled around him, filling the air with an indomitable pressure.

This meant that while Freedom Hall was empty, nobody could step in without his permission.

A page boy prostrated in front of the hall and shouted, "Ancestor has asked the Celestial Sovereign to go over for a talk."

Tang Jie formed signs with his hands, his eyes remaining closed.

After a while, he opened his eyes and said, "Understood."

The page boy's vision blurred, and then he found that Tang Jie was gone.

The back mountain of Starsnatch Peak.

Tang Jie suddenly appeared in the thatched hut's garden.

"Disciple Tang Jie pays respects to Ancestor."

Yun Tianlan's voice came from the hut. "Come in. In the past, you never stuck to the rules, but you're so polite today. You must be nervous."

Tang Jie entered and smiled. "With the imminent duel against a powerful foe, it's hard to not feel grim, which comes out on my face. It seems that I can't hide anything from Ancestor."

He openly admitted that he was nervous about his battle with Jewel.

Yun Tianlan smiled. "If you admit it, then it means it's not too serious of a problem. And this isn't why I asked to speak with you."

"What task does Ancestor have?"

Yun Tianlan sent a slip of paper over to Tang Jie.

Tang Jie picked it up and found that questions on cultivation had been written there.

"Go to the Verdant Cloud Domain and ask Immortal Ji Yao about these questions."

"But, Ancestor, these questions concern Deification and Soul Projection," Tang Jie replied. When did Yun Tianlan's questions fall to this level?

But the moment he said it, he knew that he was being foolish.

Yun Tianlan was clearly asking these questions on his behalf.

Yun Tianlan saw the struggle between a Deification expert and a Soul Projection expert from a higher perspective, so he naturally had a more profound perspective and was able to think of more possibilities.

The ones he was thinking of might or might not happen in Tang Jie's battle with Jewel.

But he needed to prepare for them nevertheless.

He had already taught Tang Jie the solutions that he could think of, but there were some problems that even he couldn't resolve. After all, he wasn't the one fighting. Tang Jie was, and for a Deification to defeat a Soul Projection was not easy at all.

Thus, Yun Tianlan had extracted these questions and had Tang Jie go and see Immortal Ji Yao.

For Tang Jie, the questions themselves were extremely valuable. Putting aside the answers, they told Tang Jie what potential dangers he could face.

Holding the paper slip, Tang Jie deeply bowed. "My utmost gratitude, Ancestor!"

Yun Tianlan didn't even raise his eyes, saying, "No need to be polite. Go off and then come back as soon as you can. You don't have much time left. This old man needed a lot of effort to calculate these questions, and I need to rest."

He waved his hand, dismissing Tang JIe.

Tang Jie could only withdraw, and with the paper in hand, he took the teleportation formation to the Verdant Cloud Domain.


The Verdant Cloud Domain.

In that empty land of pitch-black soil was a giant valley thick with demonic energy, leading to a demon's nest. The golden talisman still shone over this demon valley, but that Azure Dragon that should have been positioned on the mountain in the distance was no more. Once Lin Xin was able to control this body, she had begun to take frequent trips from this place to wander the cosmos, and she was not very inclined to return.

Several small buildings had been erected in front of the demon valley.

These had been built for Shentu Yuan's group. Tang Jie and Feng Wuxiang had requested them to protect this place in case someone harboring ill intentions sought to tear off the talisman. After all, there were all sorts of people in the world.

Of course, they also didn't spend all their time here, going out when they had nothing else to do. Among them, Ice Phoenix spent the longest time here.

As Immortal Ji Yao had taught her the Jade Lady Iceheart Mantra, she had begun to call Immortal Ji Yao "Master", and she always felt guilty over being unable to free Immortal Ji Yao. On the other hand, Immortal Ji Yao was unconcerned, advising Ice Phoenix to not be concerned about this and focusing on instructing Ice Phoenix.

Today, Ice Phoenix was still in that clearing in front of her house, cultivating.

Two hundred years had left no sign on her face. On the contrary, she seemed even more attractive.

She had originally possessed a pure and aloof nature, exuding a chill that made her difficult to touch, but not so distant that interaction became impossible. After cultivating the Iceheart Mantra, her nature became even more aloof and unworldly, able to transfix any mortal that set eyes upon her.

Even the likes of Shentu Yuan and Ye Xiao, old friends of hers, would often forget themselves around her. Ximen Changfeng had even confessed to her several times, though he had been rejected every time.

Ice Phoenix was like an ascetic who only sought the Dao, living a pure and unsullied life in Verdant Cloud. Everyone thought that Ice Phoenix had offered up her life to the Immortal path, which wasn't too uncommon for cultivators. But only Ice Phoenix herself knew that she wasn't as pure as she seemed at all.

She had her own erotic dreams, her own beautiful memories.

But that person in her dreams had never been hers.

Her heart ached whenever she thought about it.

After circulating the Jade Lady Iceheart Mantra once, Ice Phoenix stopped, and the frosty energy around her weakened. With a wave of her hand, Ice Phoenix dispelled the demonic energy encroaching on her, her face flashing with annoyance. If Immortal Ji Yao didn't insist on having her cultivate in the Primordial Fog's demonic energy, saying that it could be used to temper her body and fortify her will, she would have never cultivated here.

"Little Phoenix," Immortal Ji Yao's voice drifted out.

"Master." Ice Phoenix bowed to the demon valley.

"You're basically done cultivating the Jade Lady Iceheart Mantra. With this mantra and the Peaceful Divine Abode Classic, you have at least a 50% chance of success in ascending to Violet Palace."

"All of this is thanks to Master's instruction." Delight appeared on Ice Phoenix's face, and she thought to herself, I'm finally not going to fall too far behind him.

"But fifty percent still isn't enough. You need to think of ways to increase your chances."

Ice Phoenix replied, "Master, there's no need to worry. Shentu and the others are already assisting me with this. I've heard that they've gathered many valuable materials to be refined into a Triflora Pill."

"Hmph," Immortal Ji Yao snorted in disdain. "The Triflora Pill only increases your chances by five percent, and you can't use it with many other medicines. How useful can it really be? Think about all that Tang Jie did in his charge for Violet Palace. He prepared far more than this."

The mention of Tang Jie had Ice Phoenix cracking a smile. "Yes, Big Brother Tang is both capable and possesses many treasures. When Big Brother Tang came last time, he said that he was studying a formation called the Divine Genesis Immortal Ascension Formation, able to increase the chances of reaching Violet Palace by ten percent, and he had installed it on his warship. He said that when I made my attempt, he could lend me the warship. This would mean that I have a 65% chance."

Immortal Ji Yao still wasn't satisfied. "It's still not enough! There's still a 35% chance that you die. How could I let my disciple take such a big risk?"

Ice Phoenix helplessly replied, "But what else is there?"

Immortal Ji Yao answered, "Actually, there is one other way."

"Please enlighten me, Master."

"Tang Jie has consumed the Nine Heavens Luan Grass. This natural treasure can strengthen the Divine Soul, permanently increasing one's chances of ascension by 10%, and you cultivate the Peaceful Divine Abode Classic, which also strengthens the soul. So long as he is willing to lend you the power of his Divine Soul, you can increase your chances by another 10%."

"How will he lend it?" Ice Phoenix asked.

"It's simple: the intermixing of bodily fluids."

Ice Phoenix immediately reddened. "Master…"

"Haha, what? Not willing?" Immortal Ji Yao chuckled.

"You are my disciple, so how can I not tell what's on your mind? You started liking Tang Jie long ago, no?"

Ice Phoenix lowered her head and said nothing, but she began to shift about uncomfortably.

Immortal Ji Yao continued, "Since you like him, then tell him. There's no point in hiding it away."

"But… but he already has a wife," Ice Phoenix muttered.

"What about it? Since you like him, tell him. What does any of that have to do with him having a wife?" Immortal Ji Yao heartily laughed.

Ice Phoenix spat out her tongue, thinking to herself, Master truly is a demon, harboring the most absurd of ideas. But after thinking it over, she replied, "Forget it. This disciple is not willing to disrupt Big Brother Tang's happiness. Your disciple chose to cultivate the Jade Lady Iceheart Mantra precisely because she sought to freeze her emotions. Moreover, if your disciple cultivated this sort of unfeeling mantra and then went to confess to Big Brother Tang, wouldn't there be a backlash?"

Immortal Ji Yao laughed. "Silly child, how could I not be considering your safety in all this? The tiny backlash of the Jade Lady Iceheart Mantra is nothing to be worried about. It will just deal some damage to your Divine Soul, which you can heal with the Peaceful Divine Abode Classic. In any case, the charge at Violet Palace is a major occasion that cannot be taken lightly. Other people may use a hundred years to achieve this additional 10%. How could you let this opportunity go? Stop delaying, my child. When Tang Jie next comes, you should bring up this matter with him."

"Then… will Big Brother Tang agree?"

"So long as you treat him sincerely, I trust he won't refuse."

Ice Phoenix thought long and hard before ultimately agreeing.

She had long ago harbored a crush for Tang Jie, but since Tang Jie already had a wife, she decided to give up on it. But Immortal Ji Yao's advice and her upcoming charge at Violet Palace had finally broken through her inhibitions. In truth, the charge at Violet Palace was only an excuse Ice Phoenix used to comfort herself. When she agreed with Immortal Ji Yao on this matter, the flame of love in her heart began to burn without restraint.

She had already made up her mind to confess her love to Tang Jie the next time he visited.

She didn't seek eternal union, only a single day of possession.

No matter what the result was, she would accept it without resentment or regret.