Beastmaster of the Ages-Chapter 2626 - Carve a Bloody Path Forward

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Chapter 2626 - Carve a Bloody Path Forward

"We’re being watched, and it's hard to move with so many people around!"

"This time, Xiaodao and the others were too reckless. They didn't even consult us! If they go through with this and Yi Daiyan wants to maintain the laws and justice of the Infinitum Bodhimanda, it means she'll break ties with us and stand against us." free webno vel

"The situation with the Myriadstar Zone was understandable because the Star Hunters caused trouble and Yi Daiyan didn't support us. But now...."

Even they, at this moment, had their doubts. Was it possible for the ether-class Sun to survive? Their opponents were almost half of the Infinitum Bodhimanda's experts and astralships! Half an Infinitum Regal Clan was taking six Infinitum Regal Clan on by their lonesome!

"Don't argue," Lin Xiao calmly said from the corner of the room.

"Second Patriarch...."

"No one intended to argue—it's just that we are all quite uncertain.”

"I estimate that the second expeditionary force will set out in a few days, and this time it’ll be several times larger than the previous one!"

"The crucial point is that Yi Daiyan's side has no just reason to support us.” It was a critical point.

"It's better to rely on ourselves! In the battle against the Star Hunters, Yi Daiyan didn't make a sound, which shows she's using us. The woman is unreliable. So Xiaodao and the others are right—instead of hoping for others' charity, we should rely on ourselves and turn the situation upside down!" Lin Xiong stood up.

The issue was, how could they fight? Everyone sighed.

"If our Lin Clan migrated when Lin Feng went to Gladeus over a decade ago, we might still have a chance today. But now we’re surrounded! We’re guarding the ancestral lands, yet we’re unable to leave!"

"Over a decade ago, who could’ve known that Lin Feng had a world of his own, or that its level was so high?"

Not even Lin Xiao knew; it was natural for a young person not to disclose such a major secret.

"Let's not talk about it. The Infinitum Swordsea is the result of generations' efforts. Can we just abandon it?"

"The Myriadsword Mausoleum, Caeli Vault, Swordsoul Purgatory, and the Clan Registry Formation....” Looking at all of that, who could bear to abandon it? In their eyes lay a deep attachment to their sea of swords.

"Why do we always want our blood to flow in this sword sea? Is it because we’re truly old?" Lin Xiong's gaze trembled.

Lin Xiao didn't say anything. He was the one who was most conflicted, but leaving the Infinitum Swordsea wasn't something he could decide on his own. The world was undergoing dramatic changes! All the Lin Clan disciples were struggling.

The group of people stood helpless before the ancestral plaques.

"If Xiaodao loses this battle, our clan will lose its future. And even if they win, the furious ebon alliance, fresh from a stinging defeat, will likely return to target our Infinitum Swordsea, forcing both Xiaodao and Feng'er to yield. Do you all understand? Then, we, as the clan and family, will be a burden!" Lin Changkong stood in the doorway. He was the only one advocating to immediately tear through the encirclement and head to the Sun.

Everyone looked at him. From their expressions, it was clear they understood; however, reality was complex.

Originally, Lin Xiaodao only needed to repel the ebons once, then he could ensure Tianming's safe growth and there would be no issues with the Infinitum Swordsea. However, the situation had changed due to the Star Hunters' harassment.

That said, they were unaware that fifteen years ago, the first failure by Shenxi Xingtian had already led to a second assault plan being made with Meng Ying. It wasn't something the Star Hunters had influenced.

An atmosphere of gloom prevailed. The ancestral plaques were covered in dust, and the names inscribed appeared dim.

It was at that moment that Lin Xiao took out a transmission stone, and a figure appeared on it. The person was stationed on a skypiercer-class world near Ebonia with the task of relaying information from the direction of Gladeus.

"Second Patriarch, Lin Feng has some words he wants to convey to everyone. Allow me to represent him." 𝘧𝓇𝑒𝑒𝘸𝑒𝒷𝘯ℴ𝘷𝑒𝑙.𝒸ℴ𝑚

"Go ahead." Lin Xiao's eyes trembled.

The eyes of everyone present were fixed on the transmission stone.

The representative took a deep breath and said, "Lin Feng says that he wants to solemnly and seriously convey a message to everyone. The message is that the world he controls is a fallen infinitum-class world. As long as there’s sufficient nova source, it can return to its peak and become a super world on par with sixth-level nova source worlds like Ebonia!"

The message caused an uproar in the council hall. They had speculated about the Sun, but hearing it from Tianming was important. It meant that the future of the Sun would surpass the Infinitum Swordsea.

"Infinitum-class!" A young person was controlling such a super world. What was that if not a miracle?

"He also said something else: the new world needs people to build it. The Swordgod Lin Clan is his family, and he needs all of you! Additionally, you’ve heard about the Flameyellow Bloodsoul, right? Lin Feng says that the quantity has increased tenfold and can be provided to the entire clan. It’s an opportunity for our entire clan to undergo a metamorphosis! Lin Xiaodao also said that the Bloodsoul gave him the potential to enter the Foundation stage.”

The temptation was enormous.

"Continue, please!" Lin Xiao urged in a hoarse voice.

"After the new Sun was born, its defensive capabilities are several times that of Gladeus. They estimate that the ebon expeditionary force will soon take action, and given their massive scale, their movements will be clear. Once they strike, it’ll be our opportunity to break out of the encirclement of the Infinitum Swordsea! Also, if the enemy fails, there's a high probability of them attacking the Infinitum Swordsea and Yi Daiyan not helping."

Breaking out carried significant risks. But at least, breaking out after the expeditionary force departed would make the pressure much lower. The Lin Clan wasn’t weak either!

At that point, all the elderly people present felt their hearts pound. They were almost breathless, as it was all incredibly insane.

"Anything else?" Lin Xiao asked in a raspy voice.

"Yes!" The representative grit their teeth and continued, "Lin Feng said that the Infinitum Swordsea was established through the efforts of generations past for the sake of our future descendants. As their descendants, we should not only protect our heritage, but also strengthen the clan and seek broader territories. The future infinitum-class Sun will be our clan's golden age!

"If the ancestors knew that our departure was to secure a nova source world exclusively for the Lin Clan's use, they definitely wouldn't have any regrets! No ancestor wants to see their descendants forever living under their protection!

"In this vast universe, only the clans that continuously create, conquer, and carve a bloody path forward are worthy of standing at the pinnacle of the cosmos!

"This time, if the clan can break out of the encirclement, leave our homeland, and escape, if the day comes when we return, we’ll undoubtedly conquer Ebonia!"

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