Beastmaster of the Ages-Chapter 2655 - Long Live the Emperor

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Chapter 2655 - Long Live the Emperor

Even if the Dreamchild hadn't tried to flee, Tianming wouldn't have been able to hold on beyond that. Assimilating the Fienddragon Core by force had caused great damage to his heptastar cosmic physique. He had been fighting with injuries the entire time. Every single Order-Relic-shaped astron in his body had been damaged to some extent. He had only managed to endure it with sheer willpower, not just his own but also that of his followers on the Sun. Others in his position wouldn't be able to do anything but lay flat helplessly. In fact, most of them wouldn't even be able to assimilate the core and would perish on the spot.

Fortunately, the risky bet had allowed the Sun to pull itself back from certain defeat. Perhaps only those right next to him knew how much danger Tianming had experienced within the short span of half an hour. When they finally saw the Dreamchild battered and retreating, they felt utterly relieved. Being able to scare them away before Tianming fainted was the best outcome that could have occurred.

Tianming had singlehandedly taken out the final trump card in the Exterminatus Army's sleeves. The moment the Dreamchild had left, all the people within the Sky Palace Formation wildly cheered. It was as if the entire Sun let out a wave that swept toward the Skydome Mundus. It was a near-deranged fervor of the faith they had toward their ruler. Even though most of the population on the Sun weren’t astral gods, their voices were still capable of striking terror into the hearts of the enemy troops.

Tianming's astrons were connected directly to the Omnisentient Threads. The healing flow of the Greenspark Tower spread throughout his entire body. With each passing moment, his injuries healed more and more. His Imperial Will had reached a brand new peak and was at the brink of yet another transformation.

"All hail Emperor Tianming! Long live our emperor!"

Deafening cheers resounded across the Sun without end. The flameyellow fiends echoed the cheers. Even though Tianming was out cold, the people of the Sun's morale soared off the backs of their broken enemy. The new world raged and roared with vigor.

"Kill them all!" After asking Feiling about how Tianming was doing, Wudi was relieved to learn that he was unconscious but healing. He focused all his rage on the invaders of the Sun that had fully intended on slaughtering his compatriots and Tianming. Meng Ying didn't know that Tianming had been knocked out, so there was no way that the Dreamchild would turn back; as such, Wudi had decided on his next course of action.

"Let's completely wipe out the Exterminatus Army!" We'll let the ebons' alliance stagnate for thousands of years on Ebonia. Never will they dare to contemplate stepping onto the Sun ever again!" Wudi gathered all 1.2 million flameyellow fiends to hunt down the eight hundred thousand remaining troops and two thousand or so ships. The troops had been furiously fighting after the Dreamchild had successfully made its approach earlier. Some of them were attacking the Sky Palace Formation with their lifebound beasts and warbeasts, but they numbered only some tens of thousands.

It was time for yet another wave of slaughter to be conducted.

The two hundred thousand plus astral gods from Gladeus were already itching to join the fight. With Xiaodao's order, they charged out of the Sky Palace Formation toward the Exterminatus Army troops that had made it past the astralguard formation.

Despite expending so much effort to enter the Sun, they were stupefied to hear about the retreat of the Dreamchild and the second infinitum-class ship that had shown up there. They had fallen straight from the heavens into hell! Before they could react, they ran into the astral god troops of Gladeus.

The brutal counterattack commenced with Yin Chen overlooking everything. The million-plus flameyellow fiends within the formation also began attacking the seven hundred thousand troops that hadn't made it through the formation yet. With every deific-class ship surrounded by tens of thousands of fiends, they were completely obliterated. The fiends could even stop ether-class ships, let alone deific-class ones. There was nothing they could do but wait for their turn to die within the gigantic frying pan that was the Flameyellow Guard Formation.


"Run!" freew ebnov el

"The ebons lost! Shenxi Xingtian lost! Even the rex mundi of the divine wonderians lost!"

"This is hell! We shouldn't have come here!"

"How’d we end up coming to a place with two infinitum-class ships? How laughable! Who knows how many other trump cards these monsters have?"

"I surrender! I pledge to serve you! Just let me live, please!"

It was a shame that they were facing heartless flameyellow fiends. Moments ago, they had been the victors and were discussing how they would divide their spoils, but now they were utterly terrified of losing. The people of the Sun were adamant and united. They wouldn't be foolish enough to risk the Sun's safety by sparing foes that were completely fine with killing them moments ago. What if the Dreamchild decided to turn back to attack once they found out Tianming was out cold? Those people who were scrambling to surrender would immediately start slaughtering them again!

"Go to the next life. We won't be escorting you to it! Be sure to see well who you're working with in your next life!"

The three million astral gods had descended upon the Sun, filled with righteous fervor. All of them were bloodthirsty and intended to kill everyone before splitting the land up for themselves to rule. Yet, Tianming, Wudi, and Xiaodao would be reducing that army to dust down to the very last person.

As for the Infinitum Regal Clans, after they lost the three million astral gods, they would lose at least two-fifths of all their astral-god reserves, including the massive faction of the ebons. Astral gods were key to the might of any of those clans, being the foundation of their power. If all three million of those astral gods truly perished, the entire alliance formed around the ebons would never be able to dominate in the Infinitum Mundus again. Not to mention, they were even overpowered by the Sun, which had two infinitum-class divine astralships.

The Infinitum Mundus would see huge shifts in power in the coming times.


Within the Ebonfined, Shenxi Xingtian's skeletal face looked horrifyingly pale. He had lost contact with Meng Ying for quite some time, leaving his gaze freezing cold. He knew that Meng Ying had noticed something that they wanted to take advantage of without notifying him. "Well, I'll leave you be for now, but once I get my hands on your secret after all this ends, we'll see...." He was keeping the Gladean Ruins occupied using the Ebonfiend, buying the Dreamchild time to break through. Loud sounds of fighting were coming from afar, however, much to his suspicion.

"Shengguang Fa, what is going on with the Dreamchild? Why hasn't it broken through?" he asked through the transmission stone.

"I don't know! I'll send someone to look." The leader of the sanctlighters disappeared for a few moments. When the transmission stone lit up once more, his expression had completely changed. "Rex Mundi! Quick! Immediately order a full retreat!"

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