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Chapter 636 Shocking News

Erik settled into the comfortable seat of the car, glancing out of the window as it ascended into the sky above Testrovsc's Rest.

The city spread out below him, a maze of buildings, roads, and green spaces, alive with the hustle and bustle of daily life. As the car soared through the air, Erik's thoughts drifted to those he had recently parted ways with.

Rebecca's face came to his mind, her eyes filled with determination and curiosity, yet tinged with vulnerability.

His thoughts then wandered to Uncle Ben, the man who took care of him when he was little, and who had guided him through many challenges.

Erik felt a pang of gratitude for what the man had done for him in the past, but this was mixed with sadness at the thought of what he had become for him recently. Nothing but a stranger, probably an enemy.

The thoughts of the Blackguards lingered, too, their enigmatic and shadowy existence a constant puzzle.

As the flying car began its gradual descent toward the guild's designated landing pad, Erik's mind shifted gears. The sprawling cityscape below receded, replaced by the familiar sight of the guild's headquarters.

Erik's thoughts honed in on the immediate task at hand. The quests that lay ahead were not just tasks to be completed; they were stepping stones on his path to ascend to the Warden rank and higher ones within the guild.

Higher ranks would allow him to get more fame and with it more power, and more credibility.

Erik entered the guild's bustling headquarters, immediately immersed in the energy and activity that filled the space. Mercenaries of varying ranks moved through the hallways, their footsteps echoing on the polished floors as they hurried to and from missions.

Voices mixed in a cacophony of different languages, filled with the urgency of negotiations, the excitement of success, or the frustration of failure.

The air was thick with the smell of leather, metal, and the faintest hint of sweat—a tangible reminder of the physicality of their work.

The atmosphere was charged with a sense of purpose, the thrum of activity never ceasing, never slowing. This was a place of business, of opportunity, where reputations were made and fortunes earned.

It was a hive, a complex and efficient machine fueled by the ambition and skill of those who called it home.

With his mask securely in place, concealing his identity, Erik moved through the crowd, his eyes fixed on the holographic computer that stood in a prominent place in the main hall. He navigated the sea of bodies with practiced ease, his steps purposeful and sure.

Reaching the computer, Erik's fingers danced over the holographic interface, scrolling through the quests.

The options were many, ranging from simple escort missions to complex assassination contracts, each with its own set of requirements and rewards.

After a moment of consideration, Erik's eyes settled on one particular quest that caught his interest.



Quest Name: The Grythok Menace

Goal: Kill Thaids known as Grythoks

Quest Type: Hunting

Location: Testrovsc's Rest's enchanted forest.

Guild Reward: 25000 Eurems

Minimum Kills Required for Completion: 40 Grythoks

Average Market Price for Body: 8000 Eurems

Thaid Level: ξ1-ξ3

Quest Briefing: Grythoks have recently terrorized the region with their fearsome presence. A rare and enigmatic breed of Thaids, The Grythoks possess a Brain Crystal Power that grants them heightened sensory perception and the ability to communicate telepathically with another member of their species within a limited range.

They can track prey with uncanny accuracy and coordinate attacks with other Grythoks. Their growing numbers and aggressive behavior are causing havoc in nearby settlements.

This quest calls for skilled mercenaries to cull the Grythok population and restore harmony to the area.


<That would be a cool brain crystal power to have with my clones. >

Without hesitation, he selected it, accepting the challenge with a determined nod.

The computer beeped in acknowledgment, and Erik turned away, the details of the mission already planned in his mind. It was time to prepare, time to act.

The hustle and bustle of the guild faded into the background as Erik focused on the task ahead.

Satisfied with his choice, he swiftly pulled out his communication device and called Thorne, his voice steady and filled with determination.

"Thorne, gather your team. We're hunting 40 Grythoks in Testrovsc's Rest's forest. Meet me at the city's entrance," Erik said, his tone leaving no room for argument.

Thorne's voice echoed through the phone Erik held, his tone vibrant and filled with infectious excitement. The guild headquarters around Erik seemed to fade into the background as he focused on the conversation.

"Understood," Thorne affirmed, his voice a rich baritone that carried an undertone of unwavering determination.

There was a brief pause, a moment of silence that stretched across the digital connection as he processed Erik's instructions.

"We'll be there," he continued, his commitment ringing clear in those three words. His promise was solid and reliable, much like the man himself.

"See you soon, boss," Thorne finished, a hint of a smile audible in his voice. The term 'boss' was delivered with a respect that went beyond the typical hierarchy. It was a testament to their shared history, their camaraderie, and the mutual respect they held for each other.

The call ended, and Erik wasted no time. He left the bustling guild building, his mind already strategizing the hunt. The noise of the guild's interior further faded behind him as he stepped out into the city, replaced by the sounds of everyday life in Testrovsc's Rest.

The streets were filled with people going about their daily business, but Erik paid them little attention. His focus was solely on the task ahead. Grythoks were cunning creatures, and their telepathic abilities made them formidable opponents.

With determined strides, Erik reached the city's entrance. His thoughts were clear, his purpose unwavering. It was time to face the Grythoks.

Erik stood at the city's entrance, dwarfed by the towering fortress-like walls that flanked one side. On the other side, a sprawling complex of shops bustled within a multi-story building. The vibrant buzz of commerce echoed through the air, a stark contrast to the silent, stoic walls.

He was there, alone, his gaze scanning the crowd for the familiar faces of Thorne and his team. But they were nowhere to be found.

Erik started growing impatient, but he quickly figured out they needed time to prepare. Besides, he had arrived relatively early; it was only natural they weren't there yet.

Erik had been idly surveying the bustling cityscape as he waited for Thorne and his team.

His eyes were drawn to the wall on the other side of the entrance fortress, a sprawling complex filled with an array of shops.

The structure was a hive of commerce, its inhabitants buzzing with activity. The bright neon signs of vehicle shops vied for attention alongside the more traditional storefronts of sword smiths, each promising their own form of power and protection.

Erik found himself drawn towards the vehicle shops, his interest piqued by the sleek models on display. Each vehicle was a marvel of modern engineering, their streamlined bodies gleaming under the artificial lights. He admired their beauty from afar, his fingers itching to test their capabilities.

Next, his attention shifted to the sword shops. Their displays were a stark contrast to the high-tech allure of the vehicle shops. Here, tradition reigned supreme. The swords, each lovingly crafted by skilled artisans, held a timeless appeal.

Their gleaming blades promised strength and precision, their ornate hilts a testament to the craftsmanship of their makers.

Erik paused at each shop, his eyes scanning the displays for anything that caught his fancy. He was, after all, not just a guild leader awaiting his team, but also a man with an appreciation for fine craftsmanship - whether it was as a state-of-the-art vehicle or a finely forged sword.

But his idle browsing was cut short by the breaking news that flashed across the many screens strewn everywhere there, pulling him away from the allure of potential purchases and thrusting him into a world of shocking revelations and brewing concerns.

The news anchor spoke, her voice echoing through the mall.

"Shocking news, ladies and gentlemen! General Becker Frant's leader has been accused of being in a relationship with many criminal organizations, including the infamous Crystal Cross Gang," she announced. Erik felt his heart skip a beat.

<Becker? Involved with criminal organizations? >

The anchor continued, "Rumors say that Becker may be responsible for smuggling the Heniate into the country, causing many deaths as a result. Apparently, he escaped the country, and a manhunt is currently undergoing."

The rest of her words were drowned out by the roaring in Erik's ears. He felt a cold shock wash over him, chilling him to his core.

This made little sense. Erik had met Becker once, and the man had seemed nothing but dedicated to Frant's prosperity. The young man couldn't imagine him involved in such illicit activities. His mind raced as he tried to process the information.

His thoughts then leaped to Richard Stone, Becker's right-hand man. If these allegations were true, then Stone and his family would undoubtedly be in deep trouble as well.

A pang of concern shot through him as he thought about Emily, Stone's daughter. If her family was implicated in this scandal, she could be in danger.

However, this wasn't true only for the Stone family but also for Amber's, since his father, Caiden, was a close friend of both Richard Stone and General Becker.

Erik felt a wave of helplessness wash over him. He was here, kilometers away from Frant, while those he cared about could be in jeopardy. He clenched his fists, frustration simmering within him. The accusations against Becker seemed so outlandish, so contrary to the man he had met. But if they were true.

He shook his head, trying to clear the whirlwind of thoughts. Erik needed to stay focused, to find out more about what was happening and figure out how he could help. But for now, all he could do was wait for Thorne and his team and hope that they arrived soon.

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