Blacksmith: You Are Making Mjolnir For The Forging Exam?-Chapter 482 - Sea Monster King

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482 Sea Monster King
Humans might have once been the rulers of this planet, but now they had to reidentify themselves and see themselves as an ordinary race to engage in a life-and-death battle with the sea monsters.

Only after a fierce battle could they determine who reigned supreme on this planet.

Despite mankind’s technology and strength, they were helpless against these huge sea monsters.

The huge size of the sea monsters and their various unique skills allowed them to quickly disappear after the destruction, and the means of tracking by humans were also very limited.

Finally, on this day, the appearance of a sea monster alerted Wu Mo and all the officers.

In a small conference room, an officer introduced the sea monster.

Wu Mo saw that the sea monster had transformed from a beast to a humanoid in just a minute.

This sea monster in human form was very terrifying. There was a bulge on its head that looked like a crown.

Its noble figure was draped in a gorgeous cloak, but upon closer inspection, it was actually not a real cloak, but a substance similar to a membrane extending from the back of its neck.

This thick membrane hung high and swayed in the wind behind it, making it look as mysterious as a cloak.

The reason why this humanoid sea monster was called the Sea Monster King was because it looked extremely similar to an emperor in ancient legends.

It was unique because it was the only known sea monster that could transform, and after its transformation, it had characteristics that were the closest to humans.

When this extremely intelligent creature transformed into a human, its intelligence also rapidly increased.

It knew how to target the vital facilities of humans, how to kill them in one blow, and how to retreat safely.

When the Sea Monster King was born, its original form and human form had long been recorded by humans, but this did not seem to affect its deterrence at all.

It might have been lurking in the dark, but once it appeared, it would shock the world!

In the past two days, the Sea Monster King had attacked seven times. Two of them were focused on destruction, and the other five times were to retreat as soon as they appeared.

Faced with such a powerful enemy, the nuclear submarine fleet and three next-powered aircraft carrier fleets patrolled around the clock in an attempt to capture this cunning enemy.

However, the depressing fact was that the patrol team had never encountered these sea monsters in this area.

The officers began to whisper to each other. This meant that these sea monsters could deliberately avoid radar detection devices and know where there was firepower patrolling at sea!

“At present, we have deployed compound missiles in major coastal cities in an attempt to establish a fire connection network to ensure that any city covered by this network will arrive within ten minutes of being attacked.”

As soon as the officer finished speaking, everyone in the conference room nodded secretly. This might be the best they could do in the current difficult situation.

“Chief Engineer Wu, is the plan for the undersea corridor really impossible to realize?” an officer could not help but ask in a low voice.

He and Wu Mo had worked together in the same R&D Department, and they were both technical officers.

He knew how talented Wu Mo was, so it shouldn’t be difficult for him to challenge it.

Even though the undersea corridor project was huge and required all of China to do its best, there should be more solutions than difficulties, right?

If there was an undersea corridor, their current predicament would definitely be greatly improved. At least, they would not be as passive as they were now.

“If you can convince the old chief, I’m willing to give it a try.”

However, Wu Mo knew that the old chief would not agree to this plan.

The undersea corridor required a huge amount of manpower and resources. It was better to use these resources in other areas, such as weapons development.

“Wu Mo, if we can’t make a major breakthrough in the field of weapons, I’m afraid human society will decline from the sea monsters’ endless destruction.”

The officer spoke with extreme pain, and his words were full of worry as well as helplessness for the future.

As soon as the small meeting ended, Wu Mo received an emergency notification from the Institute of Special Biology. He rushed over without hesitation.

It turned out that the first batch of officers under observation were fine. They had successfully left the observation room.

The moment they walked out, everyone was stunned. Were these the officers who had been through hundreds of battles?

Their young faces, high morale, and sharp eyes brought them back to a time when they were still full of fighting spirit.

Naturally, the officers quickly noticed the changes in their bodies.

Just by raising their hands, they could feel the vitality in their body. It was as if their youth had never left them.

“Hahaha! Life Second is indeed miraculous! Its effect is perfect beyond our imagination!” An officer laughed out loud.

He was very satisfied with his current appearance. This would give him more energy to deal with the challenges brought by the sea monsters.

Wu Mo had been looking forward to this. When he learned that the officers’ trials had been successful, the huge weight in his heart was finally lifted.

These experienced officers had regained their youth. Once this news spread, it would definitely shock countless people.

After the officers left the base, they immediately returned to their posts.

After all, the threat of the sea monsters was becoming more and more serious. They could not sit idly by and do nothing. All departments and positions were in urgent need of manpower.

The sea monsters were approaching, and no one could predict where their next target would be!

On one terrifying day, two fearsome sea monsters gathered together.

This was the possibility that Wu Mo and the old chief had discussed before. These sea monsters might have come from the same mysterious nest and had some kind of close connection with each other.

In the early morning before dawn, two huge shadows flashed across the sea near the inland port, making people shudder.

One of them was a huge black monster that looked like a loaf of bread. When it slowly spread its eight giant claws out, people realized in horror that it was an Omni-dwelling Demon Spider.

As for the other creature, it looked like a pangolin at first, but in just a minute, it quickly transformed into a humanoid!

“Look! The sea monsters have come to end things!”

The scene before them was frightening, but these sea monsters were no longer unfamiliar to humans.

When the era of the sea monster arrived, no information could be hidden.

Therefore, the old chief took the initiative to disclose specific information about the sea monsters to reduce panic among the people.

“Impossible! It’s the Sea Monster King! Legend has it that it’s the strongest of all sea monsters!”

“Yeah, how could it not be the Sea Monster King?”

“It’s coming toward us. Retreat, quickly…”

Even though it was still early in the morning, the residents of the entire city were awakened.


On the streets, people screamed as they rushed out of their homes and fled inland in all directions!
The Sea Monster King had finally made its move!

The huge “cloak” on its back fluttered in the strong wind and even caused waves to cover the clouds.

Its two front claws that looked like the hands of a human slowly closed together. It let out a terrifying cry before it dived into the sea!

Boom! In an instant, the waves surged into the sky and formed a terrifying tsunami.

Fortunately, in view of the current grim situation, all the large civilian ships near the port had been evacuated, and no one was in the vicinity.

As such, there were no casualties from the tsunami for the time being.