Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1302 Fierce Battle: Lower Existences Vs Higher Existences (Part 4)

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Chapter 1302 Fierce Battle: Lower Existences Vs Higher Existences (Part 4)

-A few minutes earlier, Hero City.

Shangguan Bing Xue and Wu Yijun were paying attention to the battle. Their eyes were fixed on the huge energy screen displayed before them and neither of them said a single word.

Although they could not quite understand what was happening as the speed at which the three moved was too fast for their eyes to follow, they were sometimes fortunate enough to see flashes and draw their own conclusions from the situation.

Suddenly, the tables were turned when the robot that had been silently observing the fight rushed forward, nearly cutting Bai Zemin in two halves and sending him flying hundreds of meters back.



Wu Yijun cried and covered her mouth in panic while Shangguan Bing Xue cursed directly with eyes full of hatred and fear.

"How... Why, didn't they say they would fight l-on-l battles against him?" Wu Yijun asked, trembling.

"Can a bunch of rabid dogs be trusted? The word of low-level trash is not even worth a crumb of dry bread!" Shangguan Bing Xue sneered.

She was usually noble and polite like a princess, but there were some rather peculiar and rare occasions when another part of her that 99.99% were unfamiliar with would come out, cursing and despising others mercilessly and blatantly without shame.

"B- Bing Xue, what shall we do now? Bai Zemin, he..." Wu Yijun soon panicked therefore she could only seek support from the only person she could lean on.

Although Shangguan Bing Xue was absolutely no less worried about Bai Zemin's safety compared to her good sister, she was different from Wu Yijun as the amount of dangers and difficult situations she had to face were definitely thousands of times greater. Besides, she was someone tough by nature so she managed to maintain a certain level of composure.

"Yijun, bring her here. I think it will soon be our turn to enter the board." Shangguan Bing Xue said before taking a deep breath.

"O- Okay!" Wu Yijun nodded and with inhuman speed disappeared from the room an instant later.

Not even thirty seconds later, Wu Yijun was back with the company of someone else.

This person was very beautiful, surprisingly getting infinitely close to Wu Yijun. Her hair was jet-colored and fell over her shoulders like a flowing waterfall, while her slightly narrowed black eyes gave her an air of firmness and power that few women in the apocalypse could match.

Shangguan Bing Xue was slightly surprised when she saw Xia Ya, but she did not show it on the surface as she kept a cold expression on her face.

"Xia Ya, we-"

"It's alright, I already know what's going on so you don't need to explain anything."

Xia Ya cut Shangguan Bing Xue off directly as if she did not care about her identity or her position in the faction.

Shangguan Bing Xue could feel the corner of her mouth trembling slightly but she did not say anything even though she really wanted to turn the woman in front of her into an eternal ice statue. In the entire faction, only two people dared to disrespect her, those being Feng Tian Wu and Xia Ya in front of her.

Unlike Feng Tian Wu whose destructive power was even higher than Shangguan Bing Xue's own, Xia Ya was absolutely weaker than Shangguan Bing Xue in practically everything. That said, even Shangguan Bing Xue could not touch Xia Ya; this was because Xia Ya was simply too important to the entire faction and in particular to Bai Zemin!

Taking advantage of the fact that Xia Ya was watching the energy screen and seemed distracted, Wu Yijun sneaked up to Shangguan Bing Xue and whispered in her ear in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Bing Xue, this Xia Ya wasn't even absorbing that much Soul Power for half a year but she is already level 200 and seems close to advancing to the Fourth Order... Even crazier, how did she become this beautiful overnight?"

Although Xia Ya was pretty in her own right in the past, she wasn't this beautiful to the point where she almost rivaled someone at Wu Yijun's level. In just six months she seemed to have become someone completely different!

Shangguan Bing Xue shook her head without saying anything.

In the entire faction, there were only three existences that she could not completely understand, those being Bai Zemin, Kali, and precisely Xia Ya.

"Bing Xue, let Yijun use that skill with Xia Ya's help!"

Bai Zemin's voice suddenly broke the silent atmosphere and the expressions of the three women immediately changed.

Xia Ya and Wu Yijun exchanged glances and nodded silently.

Shangguan Bing Xue took out a vial with a few drops of blood and dripped the blood onto a small golden stone. Then, she injected some of her mana and the stone began to glow. Rumble...

Suddenly, the entire throne room shook and the ceiling began to open to both sides, revealing the artificial sky over their heads.

Shangguan Bing Xue dripped more of Bai Zemin's blood onto the golden stone and re-injected some of her mana, causing the blue-colored artificial sky to fade away so that the true black sky covered in stars appeared for all to see.

Wu Yijun took a step forward and closed her eyes. Her body slowly began to float, rising several inches off the ground as her black hair flowed freely. She opened her hands outward, and as her palms glowed with a warm green light a beautiful flower began to grow rapidly.

At that moment, a voice rang from within her, "Let me help you!"

"Ingrid?!" Wu Yijun exclaimed pleasantly surprised in her heart, "You finally woke up!"

"Hehe... Big Sister Yijun, now I can finally use the power of the World Tree Fragment inside you!" Ingrid's voice sounded proud of herself and Wu Yijun could even imagine the plant race beauty puffing her chest out.

"How can you help me? Bai Zemin is in trouble and needs our help to kill those Higher Existences!" Wu Yijun asked hurriedly.

"Pu- Come again? What did you say? Higher Existences? And more than one?! What is that person doing?!!!!" Ingrid almost fainted and went back to sleep when she heard this. She grunted grumpily and then said, "Big Sister Yijun, will you use the power of that demonic plant of yours? Then watch my power!"

As Wu Yijun linked with her Abyss Queen Demonic Flower from her heart, outside both Shangguan Bing Xue and Xia Ya were shocked to sec the image of a giant black tree slowly materializing behind her. The tree was over ten thousand meters tall as it towered up to the sky and its black branches shone as if they were made of steel.

"What is this?" Xia Ya asked dumbfounded.

Although it was just a spiritual image, the power of this tree even gave pressure to someone like her!

Shangguan Bing Xue was also at a loss as this was the first time she had seen Wu Yijun using this skill. However, smart as she was, it didn't take her long to think of Ingrid who always slept inside her good sister.

Suddenly, the black tree glowed, and from its trunk small red specks of light came out. The red specks of light floated freely around Wu Yijun for a moment before entering the beautiful pink flower one after another.

A notification flashed in Wu Yijun's closed eyes.

[The power of the Underworld Tree burns within your Abyss Queen Demonic Flower! For the next 120 seconds, your Abyss Queen Demonic Flower grows and evolves into Abyss Empress Demonic Flower!].

"What?!" Wu Yijun exclaimed in shock, "Abyss Empress Demonic Flower? Even after feeding it so many precious nutrients it didn't evolve, how come...!"

"Hehehe! Big Sister Yijun, this is this young miss's new magic power!" Ingrid boasted arrogantly. Then, a bit more serious, she urged, "But we'd better hurry. I can't keep this skill active for too long and I'll soon be sucked dry!"

Wu Yijun also didn't want to delay as she was worried about Bai Zemin. She snapped her eyes open, only instead of black this time it was as red as blood as she shouted out loud, "(Illusion Domain!]"

At the same time as the petals of the completely red Abyss Empress Demonic Flower opened and released billions of motes of invisible dust that merged with space, Xia Ya looked towards the Heavenly Wolf constellation and shouted in a voice filled with adoration, reverence, and pride.

"(Royal Wolf Pack!]"

An instant later, Wu Yijun's heart began to pound as she felt a part of her connect with someone else's soul.

"This is... Bai Zemin!"

She wished she could stay forever in this warm feeling that filled her chest as she was connected in the deepest way spiritually with her most loved one. However, Wu Yijun knew that this was only temporarily possible thanks to Xia Ya's against heaven skill.

[Your soul is linked for a short period of time with the deepest records of Blood Warlock Bai Zemin. Strength +10,000, Magic +10,000, Mana +10,000, Stamina +10,000, Health +10,000, Agility +10,000.]

(Congratulations! You have come into contact with a new type of energy![Spiritual power +2000].

Wu Yijun was shocked to the core of her bones when the power of her Illusion Domain suddenly became five times stronger than before. In just an instant, she covered the enemies and enveloped them in a world of lies and falsehoods created by her.

"This power... This is ridiculous! Who is this female by the name of Xia Ya?" Ingrid gasped in shock.

Wu Yijun looked at Xia Ya for a moment with her heart trembling before quickly closing her eyes and focusing on her mission. She already knew that Xia Ya was very important to Bai Zemin, but today she finally fully understood how broken she was.

Xia Ya's power alone was no big deal, only slightly better than an average soul evolver and barely touching the high rank... but with Bai Zemin joining into the equation she was no different than a divine machine.

Shangguan Bing Xue also looked deeply at her before turning her attention back to the energy screen. At the same time, she took out a square device with a hole in the center and after injecting her mana said a few words before cutting off the communication: "Get ready to attack... Release everything on that robot without saving anything!"

-A little over 500 kilometers away from the battlefield, in the opposite direction of where Hero City was.

Wen Yun, the more mischievous twin of the two sisters, lowered the square communication device and put it away in her pocket after hearing Shangguan Bing Xue's command.

"Hehe... Yan, you heard big sister Bing Xue. Even if we leave this ship without power to get back home we are still allowed to spend it all!"

Standing beside her twin sister, Wen Yan showed her timid and careful personality as she hesitantly said, "B-But... Those several thousand Soul Stones, even the Fourth Order ones..."

"What are you afraid of? In any case, if big brother pervert wants to spank someone's butt later it will be big sister Bing Xue's and not ours!" Wen Yun, unlike her sister, seemed eager to bring chaos to the world.

"This... Alright then." Wen Yan finally agreed before saying softly, "Yun, you should stop calling him that way... Big brother might punish you by taking away your belongings later." "Hmph!" Wen Yun was not convinced for which she snorted.

Under the anxious and worried eyes of the Sky Destroyer operators, the two sisters put on their special suits and then headed to the teleportation room."Miss Wen Yun, Miss Wen Yan, at your signal."

Wen Yun put both hands on her waist and said with a smile, "Okay, do it now!"

In an instant, the two sisters were enveloped by a flash of light, and the next moment the two appeared on the top part of the Sky Destroyer; right in outer space.

Wen Yan said nothing as she walked toward the two huge red-colored cannons recently installed on top of the battleship. She stood between the two cannons the size of two houses put together and waited patiently.

On the other hand, Wen Yun stood in place with a sneer on her face as she said, "Higher Existences? Gods? My ass! Yan, let's give those aliens a taste of what happens when they mess with our family!"

"Y-Yun, you really shouldn't say that..." Wen Yan muttered as she reached her hands out and touched the sides of both cannons with her open palms.

The two cannons suddenly glowed brightly as from Wen Yan's palm large amounts of mana were injected into them. This was not all as the cannons suddenly became larger and their shape elongated, evolving their form to one much more terrifying than a few moments ago.

"Heh." Wen Yun stomped on the Sky Destroyer's carcass and a yellow-colored magic circle glowed under her feet.

At the front of the Sky Destroyer, a previously closed huge hatch slowly opened. A large black mouth over 10 meters in diameter whose depth was unclear was revealed, and then suddenly a yellow-colored light could be seen slowly growing inside until everything turned yellow.

Even space began to writhe slightly around the yellow energy inside the main cannon of the war battleship.

"Yan, aim for the robot!"


With the support of the operators in the control room, an energy screen showing the distance as well as the position of the enemies appeared in front of each of the twin sisters.

"This great aunt will let you try the Super Mega Cannon 2.0 version!" Wen Yun waved her hands and a flash of hatred shone in her eyes as she yelled, "You dare to attack us? Go to hell!"

At the same time as the main cannon fired under the control of Wen Yun's skill but with a much greater power than normal, the two giant cannons on Wen Yan's sides also fully activated.

The entire ship shook fiercely and the energy barriers were immediately activated to protect the battleship's body from damage. Even so, the Sky Destroyer recoiled more than a dozen kilometers while the three most powerful weapons on board were fired at the same time with much more power than normal thanks to the special skills of the two twins.


The huge size of the Sky Destroyer looked pitiful in comparison to the three masses of energy, two red and one yellow, that merged in a straight line and tore through spacetime at the speed of light.