Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1347.2: Flame of Lust*** (Part 2)

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Chapter 1347.2: Flame of Lust*** (Part 2)

Looking at Lilith who kept lavishing kisses with delight and tirelessly on his male root, Bai Zemin couldn't help but burst out laughing and that slight discomfort he felt when his climax was denied disappeared without him noticing.

"Dear husband, could you leave me and my lover alone?" Lilith looked into his eyes with feigned ferocity as she delicately but possessively held his root. She began to rub it all over her face with an intoxicated expression and her nostrils expanded as she began to take deep breaths of his scent. She said in a dreamy voice, "It really has been too long... A little more and I thought I wouldn't survive without you. It's only now that I realize how much I really love you..."

"And to think you wanted to bite it mercilessly just a few minutes ago!" Bai Zemin chuckled good-naturedly and pulled her up, kissing her lips fiercely and tasting her tongue.

Lilith chuckled as they shared a deep kiss and wrapped her delicate arms around his neck.

After kissing for what seemed like an eternity, they both pulled apart slightly and opened their eyes to gaze deeply and lovingly at their partner with whom they were destined to spend their entire lives with whether in good times or bad; in sickness and in prosperity.

""I love you.""

Two different voices, the same content, at the same instant, conveying a single emotion.

The two were stunned for a moment before smiling.

Bai Zemin turned with Lilith in his arms, placing her gently on the white sheets. He moved away for a moment to appreciate the artwork in front of him and after a few seconds he couldn't help but sigh.

The woman lying on the bed was simply too breathtaking. Bai Zemin didn't know if perfection existed or not, but if it did it was probably being personified by Lilith.

Her seductive and elegant curvaceous body stretched out in front of him at the same time as her long white hair fell like a halo of stunning light around her body. Her nine snow-white foxtails swayed tantalizingly, caressing the soft creamy skin of her curves with an almost teasing slowness.

"You are really beautiful..." He said unconsciously.

Despite being used to compliments, Lilith felt her heart pounding. Her face flushed slightly and her beautiful blue eyes overflowed with love as she looked at her man with unsurpassed affection.

"Come and take me as it should be..." She whispered softly as she stretched her arms in his direction like a little baby seeking comfort from her most loved one.

Bai Zemin felt his heart stop for a moment and subconsciously gulped.

Even though he already did everything a couple has to do except for the final step, that natural nervousness appeared without warning and for an instant he froze. It was then that Bai Zemin noticed his partner's slightly moist eyes, as well as the almost undetectable trembling in her pupils.


Suddenly, Bai Zemin's nervousness and anxiety flew out the window as he realized that Lilith was even more nervous than he was.

Regardless of the age discrepancy between the two of them, they were both virgins. As a man, Bai Zemin felt it was his responsibility to take the initiative in the next big step.

He leaned forward and tenderly gave her a light smooch on the lips. Looking into her eyes, he said softly, "Ready?"

Lilith took a deep breath and nodded with her eyes fixed on his, "Yeah."

Bai Zemin didn't take his eyes from hers as he didn't want to miss any trace of the emotions shining in those two beautiful blue windows that looked straight into her soul. Resting the weight of his body on his left forearm, he moved his right hand down and grabbed his heavy duty tool.

Lilith held her breath as she felt the warmth of Bai Zemin directly kissing her most precious place. This was not the first time their private parts touched each other, but the occasion and what was about to happen were completely different from the previous cases, therefore there was simply no comparison!

Despite finding Lilith's garden completely wet and ready for penetration, Bai Zemin couldn't help but flinch when he noticed her tense expression.

Just when he was hesitating on what to do since regardless of his new memories the reality was that he had no field experience, Bai Zemin felt Lilith's arms wrap around his neck and her silky legs encircle his waist firmly.

"Do me..." She whispered in his ear and stuck out her pink tongue, licking like a charming little kitten on his right ear while her waist wriggled like a water snake.

Despite finding the change in her attitude surprising, Bai Zemin whose heart seemed to be about to explode out of his chest nodded and without further hesitation began to push forward.

Thanks to the little foreplay they had earlier, the war spear had no inconvenience in breaking through the gate to the heavens. Starting with the exploring tip, the rest of the weapon slid almost with supernatural naturalness and, with an extra thrust from the female's hips, the attacking male immediately found himself conquering territories never explored by anyone before; a territory that would belong to him alone for all eternity.

Time seemed to freeze as the room suddenly went silent.

Bai Zemin's pupils contracted fiercely and then expanded abruptly, only to shrink again and then expand again repeatedly.

This feeling...

Bai Zemin felt as if the lower half of his body suddenly became hypersensitive after being buried in hot springs. That mysterious place squeezed him in a perfect embrace whose grip stopped just an inch before it hurt, reaching the peak of utter perfection. The moisture that flooded him felt tantalizingly slimy and warm, running like drops of holy water down the entirety of his root from base to tip.

Suddenly, Bai Zemin's face turned slightly red... Lilith's inner muscles began to clench and unclench his manhood at beyond description speeds...

Holy f...!

To his utter shame and disbelief, Bai Zemin found himself unable to contain himself as with a low growl he shot his second load of the day directly deep inside her, right into the entrance of her womb.

Bai Zemin felt like dying of embarrassment. He really wanted to find a crevice to bury his head in and never come out again!


Soon, however, he noticed that something was off.

Earlier he hadn't noticed it since the heavenly feeling Lilith's body gave him had taken him away from the real world. But now that he regained a bit of calm he noticed that from beginning to end Lilith didn't seem to react at all during and after the penetration.

Just when Bai Zemin's embarrassment was increasing along with the uncomfortable thought that she might not have felt anything at all while he had already cum, a scene that scared the hell out of him unfolded right in front of his eyes with him as one of the main characters.

Lilith's arms tightened tightly around his body, making his firm chest press hard against her two large breasts and causing those two huge marshmallows to take the shape of two perfect ellipses. At the same time, the legs around his waist squeezed tightly in such a way that Lilith's back curved fiercely in an arc similar to a curved bridge.

Bai Zemin watched in shock as Lilith's head fell backwards as if she had lost all strength. Her eyes turned white in an instant as her pupils rolled to the top of her head and her mouth opened wide in a silent scream as no sound came from there.

"You... Are you okay...?" Bai Zemin stammered, dumbfounded and frightened.

What... What's going on?!

If he wasn't so nervous he would definitely know the answer.

Lilith's face turned completely red due to the lack of air, a shade of red that soon spread to her neck. Her skin gained a more charming shade of pink just as her whole body began to tremble out of control.

Bai Zemin felt a strong pressure from deep inside Lilith's body followed by an exorbitant amount of water-like but warm liquid bathing his root completely as if trying to push it out. In fact, the jet of water had so much pressure that if it wasn't for Lilith's legs holding him firmly in place Bai Zemin would have retreated without much thought.

Feeling the warm liquid soaking his crotch and thighs in an instant, Bai Zemin understood what was happening and couldn't help but sigh in secret relief as all that embarrassment he had just felt vanished without a trace.