Bonded Summoner-Book 6 Available for Pre-Order! Book 6 Stubbing 6/15

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Book 6 Available for Pre-Order! Book 6 Stubbing 6/15

Hey Guys, JJ here again. I do apologize for not giving much time to finish the book, but it'll be coming down in the next few days. It goes live on Amazon 6/20, so I want to make sure it's down.

As always, if you PM me on my discord, , I'll provide the pdf of the RR/Scribblehub version after /amazon/B0D6RYJ5M1

This tale has been unlawfully obtained from Royal Road. If you discover it on Amazon, kindly report it.

If you have Kindle Unlimited, giving it another read/rating helps me out a lot and helps me continue putting out these books.

Next is Soul Knight Book 2, I am working on getting chapters of that up to my patreon. For now, Bonded Summoner is on a hiatus until I can get it completed. You should see Soul Knight continuing here on Scribble/RR once I get up to 10 chapters on Patreon, and I'm only up to three. In about two weeks I should start up again here.