Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest-Chapter 498: Upgrading The Guild

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Now, we primarily need to do a lot of tasks here, but the first one is to find materials suitable for Mark and Rita's Physiques.

I think this Crystallized Phoenix Flame could work, but the Grade is too high, I cannot retrieve it back to Earth yet.

Though perhaps I could crush it into tiny pieces, and those pieces may descend in quality? I'll have to try that out later.

The second task is to go to the Luminous Kingdom, where the Demon King had influenced, it is the place where he gathered a cult that praised him as a god. We need to investigate that.

Aside from that... earning the Player's trust would come second. We need more Players as allies, so once we fight the Demon King of Death, we'll be much better prepared.

I doubt it would be possible to form an alliance with the Knight's Order at this point, seeing how much they lost. Even if we gave them all back, they could attempt to backstab us... maybe.

Maybe if I can use Maryrose's connections as the Rank 1 Player, we could find more Players willing to help us out. Though I don't really want to abuse her help.

For now, exploring new territories is a must. Especially now that I can sense the Demon Kings through the Hourglass of Calamity, I can tell their presences or servants might be closer even in Arcadia.

To the faraway Mountains where a country made by Dwarves is located, I heard there was an Evil Dragon that had recently woken up. It has a strong presence similar to Phantasmos, so we could go check that place as well.

And in the Luminous Kingdom... I can't sense anything threatening in there, but talking with the people there and develop some sort of alliance with the Forest is a must so they don't misunderstand us as just a bunch of monsters.

I explained to my friends what we needed to do now through the private chat with my friend group. They seemed to approve, and Mark said that by using his Map Function, he detected that there was Fire and Dark Attribute Monsters around our levels in the Dwarven Mountains.

Perhaps going there first before the Luminous Kingdom would be wiser. The Dwarves might be struggling against the Evil Dragon's threat, and if that dragon's a servant of a Demon King, then we need to slay it asap!

Ahhh, through there's a lot of work to do in home too, I feel like I'm trying to escape my responsibilities a bit, haha...

"I see, so you're planning to go to the Ashen Mountains." DarkReaper said, after we explained her our next destination. "We passed through that area but because it was so under level we didn't really cared much, to be honest.

"Hahaha, but we did heard there was some sort of Boss in there! But because it was below Level 100, it seems DarkReaper wasn't interested and we went past it." Said RedPhoenix.

"Well, our level difference is a bit too big, no? It would be boring if we went together. For now we could dedicate ourselves to checking on the other Guilds. Especially the Knight's Order." Said GoldenLady.

"Hm, maybe we should pay them a visit, a nice vendetta would do good." Said my daughter, giggling maliciously.

"V-Vendetta?! You want to go kill them again?" I sighed. "Just give them a break..."

"Not killing, we just want to talk." My daughter said. "It is a bit of an intimidating tactic, so they don't dare annoy us again."

"DarkReaper is experienced in this field..." Anna sighed.

"Anyways after that we'll do our daily boss battles." Said GoldenLady. "We've got a lot of Guild Contribution done too! Here."


[Your Guild has earned 86000 Guild Contribution!]

[Current Guild Contribution]: [786000/50000]

"Wow, so much!" I was shocked. "It is almost as much as we earned from the Guild Battle... We've got a lot of Contribution now."

"We didn't earned it for nothing, Level Up the Guild to at least Level 3. After that, increase the level of the Skills, we need more drops." Said DarkReaper.

She was ordering me around again...

But she worked hard for it, so it's fine!

And she's so cute!

"Okay, fine." I nodded.


[You've exchanged 350000 Guild Contribution!]

[Your Guild Level has increased from Level 0 to Level 3!]

[The Maximum Amount of Guild Members has increased from 25 to 55!]

[The Guild has unlocked new Skills that can be purchased.]

[Guild Skills Max Levels can now go up to Level 5!]

[The New Skills: [Guild War Attack: Lv0] [Guild War Defense: Lv0] and [Guild War Restoration: Lv0] have been unlocked.]

"Nice, there's some new and useful looking Skills that unlocked!" I said. "Let's see... Let's learn them all now, shall we?"


[You've exchanged 70000 Guild Contribution]

[Your Guild has acquired the [Hunting Maniacs: Lv0] [PVP Lovers: Lv0] [Guild War Attack: Lv0] [Guild War Defense: Lv0] and [Guild War Restoration: Lv0] Skills!]

[Current Guild Contribution]: [366000/300000]

Now, I should probably level up the ones that are most important for now.


[You've exchanged 75000 Guild Contribution]

[The [Boss Slayers: Lv1/10] Guild Skill Level has increased to Level 5!]

[You've exchanged 75000 Guild Contribution]

[The [Hunting Maniacs: Lv1/10] Guild Skill Level has increased to Level 5!]

[You've exchanged 75000 Guild Contribution]

[The [Money Grubbers: Lv1/10] Guild Skill Level has increased to Level 5!]

[You've exchanged 75000 Guild Contribution]

[The [PVP Lovers: Lv1/10] Guild Skill Level has increased to Level 5!]

"It's done!" I said, showing the Skills to my friends.

[Boss Slayers: Lv5/10] [Increases Damage Dealt Against Boss-type Monsters by +50%] [Cost: 30000 GC]

[Money Grubbers: Lv5/10] [Increases Gold Dropped from monsters by +50%] [Cost: 30000 GC]

[Hunting Maniacs: Lv5/10] [Increases EXP earned from slaying Monsters by +50% [Cost: 30000 GC]

[PVP Lovers: Lv5/10] [Increases Damage Dealt Against other Players by +50%] [Cost: 35000 GC]

"Level 5! Ooh! I can feel the power already! So this is the benefit of being part of a Guild!" Said DarkReaper. "Alright, let's go tell those idiots to not mess with us and then we'll go sweep some Weekly Bosses!"

My daughter rampantly ran out of the house with her two friends, she was very energetic...