Card Apprentice Daily Log-Chapter 1837 Bluff

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Chapter 1837 Bluff

?Date- 17 April 2321

Time- 10:11

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, TSR Guild Headquarters, Blood Rock Caves gate dungeon, Seed World, VR Universe

Listening to Wyatt, Asong was enlightened and nodded her head heavily strongly agreeing with Wyatt's speculation. After a thought, she immediately added her two bits supporting Wyatt's speculation, "Stuck between being looted by the world leaders or the central government and being small partners with the Southern Royal family, it would not be a surprise that the Freedom Fighters decided to agree to whatever the deal Anna's mother proposed like a drowning man."

"It is a possibility," Wyatt nodded unable to think of another reason more probable than this to explain Freedom Fighter's illogical choice.

"If you have a way to contact the Freedom Fighters, can't you confirm your speculations by reaching out to them?" Asong asked Wyatt, after all, he did say that they tried contacting him to bid for the D-rank Silver Beach gate dungeon.

"Now that I have a basic understanding of what is going on, I will try reaching out to the Freedom Fighters for clarity later but before that, earlier you said something about you knowing why Anna's mother was more active in the other four regions recently," With the Freedom Fighters returning the dungeon to the Southern Royal family Wyatt now had very little interest in them. As for revenge, it could wait they could prove a useful bunch in the future. After all, they have a collection of powerful people in their ranking.

"About that, at first I thought Anna's mother was using the VR-slime card to strengthen the Southern Region diplomatic relationship with other regions and top organizations but she has been traveling too frequently between the other regions and top organizations. When it comes to the Western region, I understand considering the dual gate dungeon connecting the capitals of the two regions. Still, it did not explain her frequent visits to other regions and organizations. However, it all made sense when you had to find her of all people to learn about the World Decree incident," Asong replied pointing at Aba, who was still engrossed in watching her father's old card duels while enjoying the monster meat that Laura was grilling.

"I don't see how Anna's mother stands to gain anything here," Wyatt felt with his contract with Anna, her mother would not do anything to harm him or his family so he wondered what would she planning and for what.

"She might be planning to do exactly what she did in the case of the Freedom Fighters with you. Force you into giving up your share of the profits from the production and supply of the Sliver Milk Powder. This is just the minimum, I will the rest to your imagination," Asong pointed out to Wyatt.

However, Wyatt had already thought of what Asong had pointed out but with his contract with Anna, he could not of any way Anna's mother would be able to force him into giving up his shares or patents of any of his inventions to the Southern Royal family. So he asked Asong, "How do you think she will do that considering that she has to protect me and my friends and family?"

"Wyatt, only street thugs resort to violence and threats you have entered the big leagues now think bigger. Look at what happened in the Freedom Fighters case, Anna's mother made her move and got what she what yet nobody outside heard a sound or realized what happened. If not for you even I would be in the dark about this matter for who knows how long," Asong said shaking her head, from her words it can be seen that she seemed to idolize Anna's mother.

"You believe she is joining hands with other royal families and organizations to coerce me to give up my shares and patents of my inventions?" Wyatt asked Asong, he did not see that happening but if Anna's mother were able to rally the other world leaders under a uniter banner there were many ways for her to force him into submission other than using violence. However, her doing that would be like inviting wolves, hyenas, foxes, and tigers into her house. She would stand to lose more than gain.

Unless Anna's mother planned to use them all as bluff just like she did in the freedom fighters' case. Right now the Southern royal family was so in charge of the production and supply of Silver Milk powder that she would not risk that for small benefits. But she could bluff and force Wyatt into giving up a small portion of his share of the profits from the production and supply of Silver Milk powder such that the Southern royal family would not join hands with other world leaders to coerce him to give up his shares.

"You are smart you will figure it out eventually," Asong said proceeding to the grill station to help Laura. After all, she was supposed to be in charge of grilling but after Wyatt's arrival, the responsibility unknowingly fell on Laura.

"You are awfully quiet," Agatha poked at Laura seeing that she did not speak up to defend the Southern Royal family after hearing the discussion between Wyatt and Asong.

"I understood what Master Wyatt said. Regardless of their relationship, the Southern Royal family and Master Wyatt are looking out for their interests. Just like in huge families, we fight for limited resources among ourselves but when facing the outside threat we could not be more united. And not to mention it is not my place to give my opinions," Laura responded understanding that politics was not as straight as her sword.

"Ain't that too enlightened for a fanatic subject," Agatha taunted Laura, to which Laura retorted saying, "At least I accept my mistakes and learn from them."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Agatha was taken aback, she did not expect Laura to fight back.

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