Chaotic Sword God-Chapter 3426: The Five Immortal and Demon Exalts

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Chapter 3426: The Five Immortal and Demon Exalts

In the world membrane, Jian Chen opened his eyes slowly. He showed undisguised invigoration.

Originally, after breaking through to the seventeenth layer, he had constantly been worrying about how to replenish his Chaotic Force. After all, given the strength of his seventeenth layer Chaotic Body, even consuming mid grade God Tier heavenly resources would not give him much Chaotic Force.

And mid grade God Tier heavenly resources could already be considered as rather rare in the Saints’ World. They could not be obtained en masse like lower level heavenly resources.

But it was all fine now. The half of a Chaotic Fruit of Ways from the Wind Venerable immediately filled up his chaotic neidan from its emptiest state, which left Jian Chen extremely excited.

Now, his chaotic neidan had already reached the limits of the seventeenth layer. Only a step separated him from the final eighteenth layer.

He only needed to progress his comprehension a little further for his Chaotic Body to be able to reach the eighteenth layer!

“Back then, the eighteenth layer of the Chaotic Body was so distant and beyond reach to me, yet now, in just a few millennia, the supreme realm beyond my grasp is already at arm’s length away.” Jian Chen sighed inside.

The eighteenth layer of the Chaotic Body was already the final point of the path currently known. He was approaching the end of his path of cultivation now.

“Now that your body is filled with Chaotic Force, you should have it a little easier than Grand Primes to power the sovereign god artifact. With the power you possess now, you might not be able to remain in the chaotic sea for long periods of time like Grand Exalts, but at the very least, it’s enough for two or three trips between the Saints’ World and the Immortals’ World,” said the Wind Venerable. He stood in front of Jian Chen and studied him closely. He was satisfied.

“Senior Feng, may I ask how you can find Chaotic Fruits of Ways?” Jian Chen stood up and asked modestly.

After witnessing the unbelievable effects of the Chaotic Fruit of Ways, he understood that if he wanted to continue making progress with the Chaotic Body, he would probably have to rely on them.

Otherwise, even if his Chaotic Body reached the eighteenth layer successfully, he would not be able to find sufficient resources to replenish his Chaotic Force.

“You can forget about the Chaotic Fruits of Ways. Without the strength of a Grand Exalt, it’s impossible for you to obtain them. They grow in the chaotic space and are nurtured by chaos. They’re extremely rare, and each fruit of ways is protected by violet Chaotic Force. The violet Chaotic Force is like a barrier, protecting the Chaotic Fruit of Ways inside. In order to obtain the Chaotic Fruit of Ways, the outside barrier needs to be destroyed first.”

“And only Grand Exalts who have grasped a complete way can destroy the outside barrier,” said the Wind Venerable.

“Don’t tell me that sovereign god artifacts aren’t enough?” Jian Chen asked, unwilling to accept this.

“Sovereign god artifacts can only allow those below Grand Exalt to gain great strength beyond their peers. In the Saints’ World, there are many people who possess sovereign god artifacts, but have you seen any of them actually fend off a true sovereign through a sovereign god artifact?”

“I know you have the twin swords. If you fuse the twin swords, they’re also extremely startling in power, but with your current strength, even if you fuse the high quality god artifact twin swords, you’ll struggle to breach the barrier formed from Chaotic Force.”

“That’s because the chaotic space is filled with violet Chaotic Force. The advantage behind the fusion of your twin swords diminishes there. You won’t have an extremely great advantage over everything like in the Saints’ World.”

“In short, unless you possess strength on par with Grand Exalts, don’t think about entering the chaotic space, as that’s not a place for people beneath Grand Exalt to play around in,” the Wind Venerable said earnestly.

His words were like a bucket of cold water poured over Jian Chen, extinguishing the aspirations he had just developed.

At this moment, a startling rumble rocked the Saints’ World. Several extremely powerful presences directly tore through the boundary of the Saints’ World, emerging from the chaotic sea beyond.

Immediately, the laws of the entire Saints’ World were disturbed, becoming very disorderly. The space throughout the entire world pulsed violently before collapsing en masse.

At that moment, countless cultivators in the entire Saints’ World were startled. Some experts aware of what was going on became unprecedentedly stern.

Residing inside the world membrane, Jian Chen did not sense what had happened outside. All he saw was the Wind Venerable becoming solemn all of a sudden. In the next moment, the Wind Venerable’s stern voice rang out, “The experts of the Immortals’ World have attacked. I can sense an extremely terrifying presence among them. The presence is so powerful that it makes even me shake.”

“Looks like the terrifying presence comes from the book in Daowei Fatian’s possession.”

This was the first time Jian Chen had seen the Wind Venerable become so stern, but this was a clash between Grand Exalts. It was impossible for him to interfere.

“Jian Chen, get ready. After I enter the chaotic sea, I’ll send you out once the opportunity arises. By then, you’ll appear in the chaotic sea directly. Remember that you must use the Source of Life to protect yourself.” The Wind Venerable instructed quickly before immediately vanishing.

At the same time, the Anatta Grand Exalt suddenly appeared on the Prosper Plane, gazing into the distant outer space. Her beautiful face obscured by the light of ways was sickly pale. She still seemed to be extremely feeble.

In the next moment, she vanished, having ventured towards the chaotic sea already. The Heavenly Palace of Bisheng also disappeared, having been taken away by the Anatta Grand Exalt already.

On the Overarching Heaven Plane, the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt entered battle with the Divine Sword of Spirit Severance that he had borrowed from the Spirit God clan. The Bloodtear Grand Exalt of the Devour Plane also made his way towards the chaotic space with the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt.

“Sister, your strength has yet to recover completely. Are you really going into battle?”

The Snow Goddess stared at the Ice Goddess in concern in the Ice Goddess Hall on the Ice Pole Plane, seemingly trying to convince her otherwise.

The Ice Goddess was enveloped in the Laws of Ice, turning her hazy and illusionary. When she heard what the Snow Goddess said, she could not help but sigh. “Anatta has contacted me and said that if I don’t take action this time, our Saints’ World will struggle to stop the experts of the Immortals’ World. Once our line of defence falls, the weapon forged by Ancient Paths will definitely end in failure.”

“How is that possible? Anatta has already comprehended four ways to completion. With her around, how can we fail at stopping them?” The Snow Goddess felt great disbelief.

“I find it strange too. The feeling that Anatta gives me this time is as if she is no longer confident about holding off the book. Don’t tell me something has happened to her? Otherwise, with four ways comprehended to completion, how can she be lacking in confidence?”

“After all, the book might be powerful, but Daowei Fatian can’t unleash its full power.”

The Ice Goddess’s voice gradually vanished. She had already left the Ice Goddess Hall, crossing the endless cosmos with a single thought.

At the same time, in the chaotic sea, several dazzling balls of light gathered together. Each ball of light was a large, tall figure that resembled a god.

They were the sovereigns of the Immortals’ World, and not just the Immortals’ World but the Demons’ World as well!

The Immortals’ World had three sovereigns, which were Samsaric, Ancient and Profound, and Daowei Fatian!

The Demons’ World had two sovereigns, which were Myriad Ghosts and Hell!

At that moment, all the sovereigns from the Immortals’ World and the Demons’ World had been mobilised, forming an alliance.

“Daowei Fatian, the Grand Exalts of the Saints’ World have already been lured over. We’ll do everything that we can to keep them busy. Whether we can stop Ancient Paths from forging the artifact will be up to you,” the Myriad Ghosts Demon Exalt from the Demons’ World said sternly.