Chaotic Sword God-Chapter 3715 - : The Way-bearing Blade

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Chapter 3715 - 3715: The Way-bearing Blade

Lu Wujin smiled mysteriously and said, “With your strength, we’ll cause some destruction if we clash on the Reverent Observance Heaven. Let’s fight in outer space.”

As soon as he said that, Lu Wujin vanished. When he reappeared, he had already left the Reverent Observance Heaven, appearing in the sea of stars.

The Space-splitting Venerable followed closely, crossing the distance of a world in a flash and appearing before Lu Wujin.

“Look, the greatest expert of the Thousand Mountains clan from the Taiji Heaven is about to fight against the greatest expert of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants.”

“Lu Wujin is extremely powerful. During the battle for the position of vice city lord in the Observance Heaven City, he defeated a Seventh Heavenly Layer opponent with his strength at the Sixth Heavenly Layer to ultimately win. The difference between him and the Space-splitting Venerable is not as great as you would imagine.”

“The origins of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants is not simple. It’s said that before the Daemons’ World shattered, the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants produced a Grand Exalt before. Even though the Grand Exalt’s bloodline that flows through the members of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants has virtually vanished after all this time, their battle prowess is still extremely startling. As a result, despite Lu Wujin’s glorious achievements in battle, it’s impossible for him to be the Space-splitting Venerable’s opponent.”

“Within the same realm of cultivation, the Space-splitting Venerable is virtually unmatched. Lu Wujin is going to be in for some pain this time.”


The news of the clash between Lu Wujin and the Space-splitting Venerable spread amongst many experts of the Reverent Observance Heaven. At this moment, countless gazes and powerful senses of the soul turned towards outer space.

From the Observance Heaven City, the city lord, Jiang Pingtian, and the vice city lord, the Master of Fire Virtue, paid attention as well. They did not leave the city lord’s estate, but they could clearly see the situation in outer space.

“Lu Wujin is far too reckless.” The Master of Fire Virtue sighed gently. As soon as he thought of the vengeful nature of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants, he felt pained.

Lu Wujin and the Space-splitting Venerable stood a hundred kilometres apart in outer space. The space between them seemed like it was about to give way to their invisible pressure. It was forcefully compressed by an invisible force.

“Let’s do it. If you can last thirty moves against me, then I’ll show you some respect and spare the Immortal Sect of Six Combinations,” the Space-splitting Venerable of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants said with composure.

“Thirty moves won’t be necessary. We’ll decide it in one!” Lu Wujin said.

“You want to decide the outcome in a single move? In other words, you plan on defeating me in a single move?” The Space-splitting Venerable laughed out of anger. “Kid, you’re far too arrogant. Even among my realm of cultivation, no one is bold enough to boast like that, let alone the fact that you’re still at the Sixth Heavenly Layer.”

A tremendous presence erupted from the Space-splitting Venerable, making the space shake and the meteors shatter.

Lu Wujin said nothing. Only a tremendous blade intent emanated from his body. The ways curled around him too. At that moment, he was enveloped in a mysterious light.

Shortly afterwards, a terrifying pressure that could provoke an emotional response from all Immortal Exalts swept through outer space. A blade that was entirely snowy-white hovered beside Lu Wujin, releasing a startling pressure.

However, when the Space-splitting Venerable saw the blade, his face immediately changed drastically. His eyes narrowed violently, filled with disbelief.

“The Way-bearing blade! It’s actually the Way-bearing blade! That’s one of the supreme treasurers of the Courtyard of Ways, the item that watches over the fortunes of the Courtyard of Ways. Why is it in your possession?” The Space-splitting Venerable could not help but cry out. At that moment, even he struggled to remain composed despite his mental fortitude as a Seventh Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt.

At the same time, the Master of Fire Virtue and Jiang Pingtian stood up in the Observance Heaven City. Astonishment filled their faces.

“The Way-bearing blade bears the fortunes of the Courtyard of Ways. It was forged by their Grand Exalt predecessor. As the wielder of the blade, his identity is no longer as simple as a student or acolyte of the Courtyard of Ways.” Jiang Pingtian sighed emotionally.

“That’s one of the Courtyard of Ways’ five sect treasures. I never imagined Lu Wujin would actually obtain the recognition of the Way-bearing Blade. Unbelievable.” The Master of Fire Virtue was overcome with speechlessness as well.” The Way-bearing blade is an item that represents the Courtyard of Ways. Each and every one of its previous masters was a supreme prodigy during their age. As the wielder of the blade, it means that he’s already become one of those in charge of the Courtyard of Ways. He’s a part of the Courtyard of Ways, which is intrinsically different from passing travellers like students and acolytes.”

“When he defeated the Seventh Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt, Lu Wujin did not use the Way-bearing Blade. His strength is even greater than what we imagined it to be.” Jiang Pingtian sighed in amazement.


A blinding light illuminated the entire space. The Way-bearing Blade in Lu Wujin’s hand erupted with an earth-shaking might. The pressure of a sovereign god artifact emerged as he directly slashed at the Space-splitting Venerable.

With the swing, the surroundings paled and were annihilated. The ways that wove through the space there seemed to be severed.

That was the might of a sovereign god artifact. Even though Lu Wujin could not unleash its full might with his strength as a Sixth Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt, it still endowed him with the ability to kill those at a higher cultivation realm than him.

The Space-splitting Venerable was no longer as composed as before anymore. His expression had become extremely grim. As his tremendous presence at the Seventh Heavenly Layer erupted, he instantly turned into a blue elephant.

The elephant was only thirty metres tall at most, but his presence was even greater than before, seemingly capable of overwhelming worlds.

That was his strongest state!

A tiny bell hovered above the colossal elephant’s head.

The tiny bell had been passed down through the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants. It had already reached the peak of high quality god artifacts. It was only a step away from evolving completely and becoming a sovereign god artifact.

The Space-splitting Venerable controlled the tiny bell and condensed all of his strength, clashing with the incoming Way-bearing blade.


With a deafening explosion, the place where Lu Wujin and the Space-splitting Venerable clashed was swallowed by darkness. Violent storms of energy shattered the entire space.

At this moment, the senses of souls from all the Immortal Exalts were blocked by the storm. No one could approach them.

They clashed only a single time, and there were no more signs of battle.

On the Reverent Observance Heaven, countless experts’ eyes exploded with interest, staring straight at the shattered land.

After a very long time, as the violent storm of energy gradually subsided, Lu Wujin and the Space-splitting Venerable finally appeared before everyone again.

The Space-splitting Venerable had already turned back to human form. They stood a hundred kilometres away from one another, in the same place as before. It seemed as if neither of them had moved.

There were no injuries on either of them. There was not even the slightest tear on their clothes. It seemed like nothing had happened at all.

The Way-bearing blade in Lu Wujin’s hand vanished. He clasped his fist at the Space-splitting Venerable calmly. “The Space-splitting Venerable’s strength is truly exceptional. It is my defeat.”

The Space-splitting Venerable did not say anything. He stared straight at Lu Wujin.

“Farewell!” Lu Wujin did not seem to want to remain for a second longer. Before the Space-splitting Venerable had said anything, he proactively clasped his fist and vanished after leaving that message behind. freeweb(n)ovel

In a split second, he had already returned to the Reverent Observance Heaven.

However, he did not return to the Immortal Sect of Six Combinations. He directly went back to the Observance Heaven City. f(r)eenovelkiss

When he returned, both Jiang Pingtian and the Master of Fire Virtue looked at him in a very different way.

Only the Space-splitting Venerable was left hovering in outer space. He was calm, making it impossible to tell what he was thinking.

“Lu Wujin. What a Lu Wujin. The Courtyard of Ways has produced another impressive figure…” A while later, the Space-splitting Venerable murmured with a voice that only he could hear. Then he vanished, returning to the Reverent Observance Heaven.

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