Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 1506 - I Won’t Be Too Fierce! (1)

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1506 I Won’t Be Too Fierce! (1)

The top thousand in the battle arena were finally decided! 𝗳𝐫𝘦e𝔀𝚎𝚋𝓃𝚘vℯl. 𝑐o𝚖

From 99,996 martial warriors to 1,000 martial warriors, the elimination rate was high.

Well, it was the League of Talents; saying that the talents were like one in a hundred million wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

The Second Prince, Strachey, and the other talents were restless, all of them raring to battle.

Being the cream of the crop, normal fighters weren’t worth their attention. They were only interested in the top thousand candidates.

“The top 1,000 have been finalized!

“We will start the final showdown ten days from now!” said the deep and powerful voice, the sound floating down from the sky and echoing in the arena.

“Huh? Ten days later?” The crowd felt disappointed after hearing the announcement.

They had been on top of all the matches for three days straight, but no one felt bored. They felt more engaged instead.

Three days without food or drink was a piece of cake for warriors of planetary stage and above. The days passed by in the blink of an eye.

Watching the competition was the most important activity.

Furthermore, the final showdown between the top thousand candidates was about to start. The top ten warriors of each zone would finally participate; this was the most attractive part of the competition.

How could they endure a sudden pause?

Don’t go! Continue!

However, no one could change the rules of the League of Talents.

Many candidates were injured during the prior three-day period, so they needed time to rest and recover.

Wang Teng and the others didn’t leave the vast landmass where the arena battle was held. They started cultivating in their seats.

Ten days passed quickly.

The competition continued.

All the people in the audience were thrilled. They were looking at the top ten warriors from the different zones.

That was the highlight of the competition!

The 1,000 warriors who fought their way through the random matches looked solemn. All of them were staring at the ten stone platforms floating in mid-air.

In some sense, the participants on the platforms were the strongest of all the competition.

No one dared to underestimate them!

Not even Yue Qiqiao, Tu Xiaoba, Su Jianchen, or the ones who recently became popular; none of them dared to belittle them.

On the live chat platform—numerous people were exhilarated, wondering if the new favorites would compete with the top ten from the different zones.

Inside the military’s battle fortress—the eternal stage generals gradually opened their eyes and looked at the screen.

They didn’t watch the previous duels, but that was the league’s finale. Even they would view this with high importance.

Will Wang Teng walk to the end?

In the imperial family’s spacecraft—the middle aged man from the imperial family muttered to himself calmly, “Come, let’s see which one of you is stronger. Will it be the Crown Prince, or Wang Teng?”

On planet Yuming—Wu Xingyun, Old Han, and many others sat in front of the screen attentively.

How far can Wang Teng go?

The hearts of the civilians on earth brimmed with hopeful fervor, wishing that Wang Teng would shine like a diamond in the League of Talents.

Before the competition even began, most of them still had doubts about whether the young hero could enter the top ten. Now, they felt that Wang Teng had the potential and right to fight for the top positions.

Their change of heart was because his performance in the elimination round was exceptional. Hence, they believed he could fight with the geniuses of the Great Qian Empire.

Ji Xiuming, Han Zhu, and the young martial warriors felt conflicting emotions: envy, admiration, and bitterness.

They really wanted to know how far their old rival could go.

On the Battle Hearth Mercenary Team’s spacecraft—Lin Chuhan was intently staring at the screen, her gaze fixated on that person.

All the people who knew the young hero were watching the competition. They wanted to see if this youth—one who hailed from a remote and underdeveloped planet—would be able to claim the throne, the highest honor of the Great Qian Empire.

Earth was connected to the virtual universe network, so countless earthlings were also watching the league’s proceedings.

Those talents were broadening their horizons while Wang Teng’s growth left them in awe.

Has this guy from our planet grown this much?

He was even fighting top talents from high-tier civilizations. It was unbelievable!

On the Parkers family spacecraft—Furious Flaming Universe Lord’s face was as black as ink.

“Have you informed Strachey and the others?” the strong noble asked.

Valteru blinked. “Yes!”

“This time, we must get rid of Wang Teng and Valmont. Anyone who offends our family must die!” His tone was as cold and unyielding as a glacier.

“Strachey and Landon will do their best. They haven’t used that thing,” Valteru added.

On the Cavendish family’s spacecraft—Dubois, Borla, and the other members of the family were staring at the screen. Their focus was on Wang Teng and their own people.

Aside from Timothy, there were a few other talents from their family who managed to squeeze into the top thousand. They had a good chance of entering one of the Seven Stellar Academies.

The Cavendish family was also one of the eight dukedoms. They weren’t any weaker than the Parkers.