Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 1896 Strange Currents! Dragged In! (4)

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Chapter 1896 Strange Currents! Dragged In! (4)


He had a dark expression, and his eyes were filled with an intense murderous intent.

These people were dragging him down.

"Let's leave!" π—³π«π—²π—²π°π—²π›π§π¨π˜ƒπ—²π₯.𝐜𝐨𝐦

"Let's leave!" The divine spirit master who grabbed Wang Teng's spacecraft shouted. He crazily manipulated his spiritual power, using Wang Teng's spacecraft to rapidly close the gap between them.

"Wang Teng, you need to do something quickly. The vortex of toxic airflow is getting closer!" Round Ball yelled anxiously.

They could have escaped but were dragged into this situation by others. It was extremely infuriating.

Without saying a word, Wang Teng released his spiritual power, and a golden light flashed in the space.

In the next moment, that golden light appeared in the outside world, only a few hundred meters away from the divine spirit master. It aimed directly at the man's neck, moving swiftly.

The divine spirit master Tang Cheng was taken aback when he saw the golden light, but when he felt the speed of the light, a cold smile appeared on his face.

Without any visible movement, a black light suddenly surged out from Tang Cheng's forehead and met the golden light head-on.

A clash of black and gold lights erupted in the air.


A clear metallic resonance echoed through the void.


Suddenly, a cracking sound resounded, crisp and distinct.

The golden light was shattered, cleaved into two halves by the black light that pierced through its center.

With the high-speed propulsion gone, the golden light revealed its true form.

It was Wang Teng's Golden Crescent Blade!

Last time, Wang Teng said that the Golden Crescent Blade had reached its limit and couldn't be used anymore. His words had proven true.

However, it had still managed to exert one last burst of energy.

Right as the golden light shattered, another purple light abruptly pierced through the void and struck the back of Tang Cheng's head.

"Be careful!"

The other heaven-stage martial warriors shouted in unison when they saw this scene. Their expressions changed.

A cold glint flashed passed Tang Cheng's eyes. The black light instantly appeared behind his head.


Another muffled sound resounded as the purple light was halted in mid-air. However, it suddenly erupted into a ball of dazzling lightning.

This purple light was the Lightning Brick… no, the Lightning Slap!

"Huh?" The contempt on Tang Cheng's face finally showed signs of change as the sudden surge of lightning disrupted his spiritual power, causing it to dissipate slightly.

"What kind of lightning is this?"

He couldn't help but be puzzled, and his expression turned grim. He immediately controlled his spiritual power, generating a powerful shockwave that instantly sent the Lightning Slap flying.

This person's spiritual power is more powerful than mine! Wang Teng's expression turned ugly.

Battles between divine spirit masters were quite straightforward. Whoever had the stronger spiritual power would typically have the upper hand.

This divine spirit master had reached the heaven realm and he was also a talented student from the Stellar Academies. He was powerful.

Unless Wang Teng used all his skills, he wouldn't be his match with his cosmos realm spiritual power alone.

The gap between the cosmos realm and the heaven realm was immense!

The Golden Crescent Blade and the Lightning Slap were both thrown out. Wang Teng had no choice but to keep them.

Tang Cheng sneered coldly. He had already figured it out. Although the person on the spaceship was also a divine spirit master, he was not strong and hardly his match.

Moreover, he had sensed it earlier. There was only one person on that spaceship.

They were lucky. They ran into an unfortunate loner.

"Don't blame us!" Tang Cheng muttered coldly to himself. He glanced at the increasingly closer vortex of grayish-green air behind them, and his spiritual power erupted. He accelerated forward using the spaceship's speed.


Soon, they caught up and landed heavily on top of Wang Teng's spacecraft.

"Go!" Tang Cheng shouted at the other five people.

They had been teammates for a long time and trusted Tang Cheng completely. Without any hesitation, they stomped their feet on the ground and released their Force.


The Force impact released by the five heaven-stage martial warriors caused the speed of the spacecraft to decrease again.

The five of them used momentum to escape from the spacecraft and rushed forward.

"F**k!" Wang Teng cursed instantly.

A glint of cold light flashed in Tang Cheng's eyes as he flew away from the spaceship. His spiritual power surged to its maximum, and he forcefully pushed against Wang Teng's spacecraft.


The speed of the heaven-level spacecraft decreased rapidly again because of this powerful thrust.

"Damn it!" Wang Teng saw the cold smile on the divine spirit master's face through the panoramic simulation. His pupils contracted, and his expression turned grim.

He didn't have the time to think too much. The spacecraft had already been caught up by the trailing gray-green vortex of air.

The spaceship shook violently and couldn't continue forward.

The powerful engine of the heaven-level spacecraft couldn't withstand the suction and turbulence of the vortex, and it was uncontrollably pulled into the turbulent air.

"Wang Teng!" Round Ball shouted.

"Go!" Wang Teng didn't hesitate and immediately used a Space Flash to disappear from the spaceship, abandoning it to escape.

He wanted to use space skills to leave this vortex, but the turbulent vortex disrupted the space around it. His Space Flash ability was interfered with.

With no other choice, Wang Teng had to give up. His figure appeared within the vortex, and he activated his constellation Forces to resist the vortex's pull.

However, the toxic energy within the gray-green vortex completely ignored the resistance of the constellation Force and infiltrated Wang Teng's body through his countless pores.

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