Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Chapter 2076 I Won't Disappoint The President! (1)

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Chapter 2076  I Won't Disappoint The President! (1)


In the arena, a figure was thrown back, and it was Wen Ningfu.

She took a shallow breath and suddenly felt a warm sensation on her cheek accompanied by a sharp pain. Her expression changed.

As she reached out to touch her face, a glaring crimson color came into her view.

"You dare to hurt my face, you wretch!"

Wen Ningfu was furious, glaring fiercely at Yue Qiqiao across from her.

"My apologies, I couldn't control it." Yue Qiqiao exhaled softly, her expression calm.

"You're asking for death!" Wen Ningfu's face turned extremely unpleasant, and the Force within her exploded completely. Strange fluctuations emanated from her body.

A powerful sword conscious filled up the arena. She integrated her domain into her sword technique, creating a series of sword lights.

Her Wood Domain was extraordinary. At this moment, the arena was filled with emerald green sword lights, permeating the sky with an unending sense of vitality.

It was as if the trees were growing, flourishing without end.

These sword lights were full of life but concealed a deadly intent, a manifestation of the Wood Domain's characteristics.

It was evident that Wen Ningfu had a firm grasp of her Wood Domain.

There a hint of seriousness appeared in Yue Qiqiao's eyes. Although this woman was verbally offensive, her strength was undoubtedly formidable. Yue Qiqiao did not underestimate her. She wielded her longsword with a shake, releasing peculiar fluctuations.

Water Lunar Domain!

The unique domain wielded by Yue Qiqiao was now revealed on this dueling platform.

The domain's power spread out, and Wen Ningfu's expression changed slightly. It was as if she could see a vast sea with a bright moon rising above it.

"What kind of domain is this?"

She could feel that this was a water-element domain, but it was different from the ordinary ones. There seemed to be something special within it.

This wasn't just a water domain. It was a hybrid domain!

"Hmph, even if your domain is mixed, it doesn't matter. My domain has already reached the pinnacle of the fourth tier, while yours seems to be in the early stages of the fourth tier, perhaps recently comprehended," Wen Ningfu snorted coldly. Her eyes gleamed with a hint of insight as if she had seen something. She didn't give Yue Qiqiao any more time. Her domain erupted, and all the sword lights in the sky formed a torrent of emerald green sword lights, crashing down towards Yue Qiqiao.

Yue Qiqiao stood beneath this torrent, lifting her head. She swung her war sword with a sudden motion.


In the next moment, it seemed like there was a peculiar burst of sword light on her sword. At this moment, her entire being appeared as if it had transformed into a bright moon, rising from the sea.

Mirror flower, water moon!

The illusory and real moon existed in between, and countless illusions surfaced.

Wen Ningfu witnessed a scene where her torrent of sword lights overwhelmed Yue Qiqiao… she had won!


But at that moment, a thunderous sound reverberated.


Wen Ningfu felt as though something shattered before her eyes, and all the illusions vanished. In their place, she witnessed a bright moon with a sword light cleaving through it.

"What?!" Wen Ningfu's face filled with shock, a look of disbelief. She attempted to dodge, but it was too late.

The swordlight struck her directly. Her battle armor managed to block the sword light, but the devastating force behind it still sent her flying, blood spraying from her mouth.

Fine sword rays had left behind scars on Wen Ningfu's cheeks.

Wen Ningfu almost had a breakdown.

Feeling the stinging pain on her face, she knew she had to be disfigured. Her opponent had done it intentionally.

For martial warriors, such injuries could be quickly healed with some medicinal herbs, but her unsightly appearance must have been seen by many people, which she couldn't bear.

Wen Ningfu wanted to scream, but her voice was trapped in her throat.

Just then, a cold gleam flashed as Yue Qiqiao's sword rested on Wen Ningfu's neck.

"Why don't you try screaming?" Yue Qiqiao said nonchalantly.

Wen Ningfu's eyes widened, her face turning pale, filled with reluctance. But as she looked at Yue Qiqiao's indifferent expression, she found herself unable to speak.

The environment fell silent, followed by a wave of gasps.

"So powerful!"

"Wen Ningfu lost? This vice president of the Constellation Society has some skills!"

"That last strike wasn't ordinary. It seemed to involve some spiritual techniques."

"This is impressive. The Constellation Society seems to have quite the talents."

"The Qingyan Society made a fool of themselves this time. They initiated the challenge, only to be defeated in the very first battle."

Below the arena, Wade and the other members of the Constellation Society exploded in cheers.

"Sister Yue is impressive! Sister Yue is amazing!"

Wade led the charge, and a group of people in the crowd below began proclaiming and cheering with deafening voices.

"Sister Yue is impressive! Sister Yue is amazing!"

"Sister Yue is impressive! Sister Yue is amazing!"

Yue Qiqiao sighed in exasperation and shot a glare at Wade. She was not too pleased with his enthusiastic cheering. She was not Wang Teng and didn't need such raucous support.

On the other hand, Yu Yunxian showed a momentary flicker of interest. That last sword strike had piqued his curiosity. This young lady, another prodigy from the Great Qian Empire, had created her unique swordsmanship path.

In the distance, a young guy in a black combat suit, wearing an intimidating expression, watched the arena in surprise. His fingers twitched slightly as if he had the urge to unsheathe his sword.

On the Qingyan Society's spaceship, Feng Qingyan's face darkened. This situation was not what he had anticipated. The Constellation Society's vice-president possessed such formidable strength?

He turned to the other high-ranking members of the Qingyan Society.

They wore uncomfortable expressions, not having expected this outcome either. Wen Ningfu, who was in the top 30 of the Freshmen Leaderboard, was defeated by Yue Qiqiao, who was ranked among the top 50. This was embarrassing.