Consort of a Thousand Faces-Chapter 735.2: Confrontation at the city gate

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Chapter 735.2: Confrontation at the city gate

Pei Qianhao sneered coldly. "You must be crazy!"

Yun Ruofeng's eyes were dripping with malice. "You! Don't blame me for not being polite!"

"Since when have you been polite? Weren't you the one behind the attacks on Xi-er? You don't have a wife because Xi-er has never walked through your door, but she has walked through the door of the Prince Hao Residence with the grandest marriage procession[1] while undergoing the official marriage ceremony! If memory serves this Prince right, you were in Beimin when we were married."

Lanshan looked at Yun Ruofeng, lowering her voice. "It's just a woman; is she really worth it? I advise you to prioritize the big picture. Once you aid me in obtaining Xiliu, Ning Rulan will naturally be yours!" 

"Oh?" Yun Ruofeng didn't utter another word.

This old woman's scheming thoughts run deep. I'll deal with her once her usefulness ends.

Pei Qianhao finally broke his silence. "No need for more words; we'll meet with our weapons." 

He then glanced towards Hua Zirong, prompting the latter to send word to the generals.

The next moment, stones and arrows flew in all directions as the sounds of battle filled the air.

Su Xi-er watched with clenched fists, the familiar scenes of a battlefield reminding her of her past. When her gaze landed on Zisha, a trace of pain shimmered in her eyes.

Although Mother Consort hated (Paternal) Grandfather, she still ended up falling in love with Father Emperor. The Yi Tribe shouldn't be looked down upon. More importantly, I, of all people, shouldn't say that the Yi Tribe bloodline is impure.

"A-Jing, the red war robes."

Pei Qianhao immediately gave orders to his subordinates. It didn't take long before they returned, and Pei Qianhao personally helped her into the blazing red uniform.

Dashingly heroic – that was the first description that emerged in Hua Zirong's mind. It was also his first time witnessing Ning Rulan's stunning aura up close. 

She's the epitome of how women are no less than men!

Half an hour later, the city gate gave way, allowing the attackers in. However, both Yun Ruofeng and Lanshan gave no heed to how suspiciously quickly this had happened.

Yun Ruofeng's eyes fluttered to where Su Xi-er was on a horse with her fiery red robes, while Pei Qianhao cut an equally daunting figure clad in black.

A faint smile hung on Lanshan's mouth. "Hua Zirong, Xiliu is becoming increasingly useless under your leadership. Look at how the city gate was conquered in just half an hour. You are now surrounded by my army. You better surrender!"

"No one knows the outcome until the last moment." Hua Zirong's voice was laced with ice.

"Why don't I spar with you?" Su Xi-er flipped off the horse she was riding and slowly walked to Lanshan.

"I have never sparred with Ning Rulan. Now that the chance is before me, let's go!" Lanshan drew her sword and pierced forward like the wind.

Yun Ruofeng's heart skipped a bit. 

Lan-er hasn't practised in a long while, and neither has she killed any enemies. On the other hand, Lanshan trains regularly, it's also possible that…

On the contrary, Pei Qianhao was the definition of composure. 

Yun Ruofeng found his reaction suspicious. Why did the city gate succumb so quickly? What happened to Prince Hao's elite squad?

Suddenly, waves of roars tore through the air as the open city gate became shut again. Hidden from the soldiers outside, several thousand soldiers suddenly appeared within the city. They were all lined up neatly, and Pei Qianhao's vanguard squad was within them!

Yun Ruofeng sucked in a breath of cold air. To think that they employed such a stratagem!

His gaze towards Su Xi-er frosted over in an instant. 

Lan-er, you used yourself as bait! So ruthless!

Once Lanshan realised the situation, her eyes grew frosty, and every one of her attacks was now aimed at Su Xi-er's stomach. 

Swoosh! Right before Lanshan was about to stab Su Xi-er, an arrow flew through the air and lodged itself right in her heart! 

It was the Heart-Penetrating Arrow!

1. A luxurious big palanquin with eight people lifting it. This is often used to show how the marriage is official and the female is valued.

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