Crazy Leveling System-Chapter 1021

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Chapter 1021

With every step Yu Qingling took towards Yi Tianyun, Nian Ciyu become more frustrated.

“Please get hold of yourself!” Nian Ciyu prayed for Yi Tianyun. If Yi Tianyun was defeated here, then everything Heavenly Edict Divine Territory was hoping for would end immediately! Yi Tianyun was already qualified to join the Five Great God Domain, it wouldn’t change if he lost, but it would be a different story if he was killed.

“There’s no point in praying, he wouldn’t wake up!” Fire Jade Territory Lord said sarcastically. Nian Ciyu felt desperate as there was nothing she could do. She could wake Yi Tianyun up by shouting with her Star Energy, but the energy shield on the arena left no room for external interference.

Besides, Yi Tianyun would be disqualified on the spot if Nian Ciyu interfered with his match. After all, it wouldn’t fair if external interference was allowed.

Yu Qingling was finally close enough with Yi Tianyun and she was holding a sharp dagger in her hand. “Well, why can’t I see your memory?” Yu Qingling was confused as she was supposed to be able to see the memory of those she enchanted.

“Just forget it! it doesn’t matter now, I can just win!” Yu Qingling said excitedly. As long as she killed Yi Tianyun, everything Yi Tianyun had achieved would be hers. She raised her dagger and immediately thrust it toward Yi Tianyun’s head.

“No, stop!” Nian Ciyu screamed, but her scream couldn’t stop Yu Qingling’s attack. Heavenly Edict Territory Lord closed his eyes as he didn’t want to look his last hope for this War of Ascension disappearing.

But before her dagger pierce Yi Tianyun’s skin, her hand was stopped firmly.

“You are quite courageous! Have you forgotten than I warned you before?” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“You aren’t under my charm?” Yu Qingling said as she was shocked that Yi Tianyun suddenly moved.

“You did some garbage charm technique and you hoped that it would affect me? I am standing here waiting for you to come close and even then, you are still taking too long of a time to get here!” Yi Tianyun said mockingly. “Now you want to peek at my memories too and kill me?” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Yi Tianyun quickly plucked out Yu Qingling’s eyes. Her charming skills were instantly nullified as soon as Yi Tianyun plucked out her eyes. She screamed and flew backwards while blood gushed out of her hollowed eyes.

She couldn’t do anything right now as her power were all concentrated into her eyes.

“You dig out my eyes!” Yu Qingling screamed and tried to run towards Yi Tianyun to grab her eyes back.

“I already said earlier that I would pluck your eyes out if you tried to charm me again! Now that you have tried to charm me again, I simply took your eyes out like I said I would!” Yi Tianyun said coldly, he definitely didn’t care about how beautiful Yu Qingling was as a woman.

“I will kill you!” Yu Qingling screamed and she immediately rushed towards Yi Tianyun frantically. Even without her eyes, she could sense the spiritual energy that came off of Yi Tianyun’s body.

Nevertheless, Yi Tianyun just kicked Yu Qingling down. But that was not the only thing Yi Tianyun had done! He channeled some of his Star Power and abolished Yu Qingling’s cultivation base.

“You destroyed my cultivation base!” Yu Qingling trembled on the ground as she found that she couldn’t muster even an ounce of her power. Her body was now completely taken over by fear.

“Is it a problem?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. This was a battlefield and Yi Tianyun didn’t have any obligation to show any mercy to Yu Qingling.

“Please return my eyes! I made a mistake and I will give up on everything else! I will admit my defeat!” Yu Qingling asked for mercy.

“You don’t have to do that, you are out anyway!” Yi Tianyun said as he waved his hand and a strong energy immediately blew Yu Qingling out of the arena, basically claiming victory for himself.

Logically speaking, with her cultivation, it was possible to cure her eyes and grow them back using some Medicinal Pills, but she wouldn’t get back her Eye of Charm technique and that was why she asked Yi Tianyun to return them to her. nevertheless, Yi Tianyun didn’t care about her.

“Burn!” Yi Tianyun said as he conjured a flame that burned Yu Qingling’s eyes on his hand. Now that they were burned to ashes, there was no way to recover those eyes again.

The shield around the arena quickly disappeared as Yi Tianyun has won the match. Yi Tianyun looked around and noticed that most battles were over and his battle was one of the slowest battle around. Still, Yi Tianyun’s action was very ruthless and it shocked many people that watched his battle.

However, Heavenly Edict Divine Territory was ecstatic right now as they have won the first match! “That brat! He intentionally stands there without doing anything!” Nian Ciyu said excitedly.

Meanwhile, Fire Jade Territory Lord’s was silent on the side. He thought that Yu Qingling would defeat Yi Tianyun, but it was just a na?ve thought! Her charms had no effects on Yi Tianyun at all and on top of that, Yu Qingling’s cultivation has been abolished!

“He plucked out Yu Qingling’s eyes! Yu Family wouldn’t let him get away unscathed after this!” Fire Jade Territory Lord said coldly.

“Yu Family? Well I don’t know about that. Would they want to fight against a genius of 2nd Grade God Domain?” Nian Ciyu sneered.

As soon as the words sank in, Fire Jade Territory Lord’s face turned pale. He knew that Yu Family probably would let things go as they wouldn’t want to provoke a 2nd Grade God Domain. It was simply a gap between faction and there was no way a small faction would be able to go against a big faction.

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