Cultivating by picking up attri-Chapter 107 - : Chapter 87: A Mortal’s Body, on Par with the Demon Jiao, the Fairy Slaying the Dragon

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Chapter 107: Chapter 87: A Mortal’s Body, on Par with the Demon Jiao, the Fairy Slaying the Dragon

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“This is… the Heavenly Demon Nether Dragon Scroll?”

Han Ye was taken aback when he saw the Jiaolong’s Yin God soul smashed to pieces by a single slap from the Demon Dragon.

At this point, he finally understood.

It turned out that it wasn’t the Jiaolong who trapped him here, but the Heavenly Demon Nether Dragon Scroll. Using some unknown ability, it had captured the soul of the Demon Jiao directly.

Unexpectedly, the coverage of the Heavenly Demon Nether Dragon Scroll was so wide that it had managed to capture the Jiaolong’s soul.

This so-called “North Sea Dragon King” was extremely cautious when it came to steal the sacrificial offerings, using just a wisp of his soul to devour the innate essence of human children.

But in the end, he was still caught and devoured directly by the Heavenly Demon Nether Dragon Scroll.

Han Ye pondered the words of the Jiaolong just a while ago.

Upon my return, I will tear those bastards to shreds.

Who did “those bastards” refer to?

Does this mean that not only the Jiaolong was making mischief, but there were other accomplices as well?

Han Ye indeed felt a little strange; how could the Jiaolong dominate in Beihai Province for over ten years without anyone paying any attention? Could it be true that the surrounding Sects really didn’t care?

If the Jiaolong didn’t have some sort of backing, it would probably be impossible to achieve such domination, right?

As he pondered, the darkness in front of him gradually dispersed.

Han Ye returned to reality.

He sat up abruptly from the bed, took a glance around, the window was still open, the night wind blowing in. Chu Xianyu stood by the window, her veil fluttering with the wind, staring distantly into the unknown.

The only change in the entire room…

Perhaps it was just the disappearance of the lamb leg next to the roasted lamb leg skeleton on the table.

Han Ye quickly turned his gaze to Chu Xianyu, a hint of amusement in his eyes. Didn’t she say she wasn’t going to eat?

As if nothing had happened, she softly said:

“There’s a demonic aura.”

“Let’s go.”

After Chu Xianyu stated, she turned into a beam of light and shot out the window.

“What’s going on?”

Han Ye frowned, not understanding what was happening outside, but quickly followed.

“What demonic aura did you see?”

Without looking back, Chu Xianyu explained: “While you were meditating, a demonic wind blew up in the established sacrifice site of the Beihai Mansion. Just when I was about to make my move, the wind quickly disappeared as though nothing had ever happened. It was very strange.”

Han Ye furrowed his brows and wondered in secret: “Didn’t I get trapped in the Demon Chart at this time?”

“But just half an incense stick of time before you woke up, the demonic wind rose again, only this time, it went towards the river.”

Hearing this, Han Ye hesitated; he was contemplating whether he should tell her about encountering the Jiaolong in the Demon Chart World.

But on second thought, he decided not to. Going deeper into this would likely expose the secret of the Demon Chart.

The bottom of the North Sea Changjiang.

This place leads to the ocean, where the bottom connects with the underground fire vein, maintaining a consistently high water temperature, providing a natural greenhouse. The surrounding vegetation remained green even in the harsh winter.

But who would guess that a Water Mansion existed underneath this sea, a domicile to a Demon Jiao who proclaimed himself to be the Dragon King, with many water demons gathered by his side.

In the Water Mansion at this moment…

The Jiaolong slowly opened its eyes, spat out some Demonic Essence Blood, and his complexion turned pale. Not only had he lost a wisp of his soul, but his prided Yin God had also been devoured, causing him a serious loss in cultivation. He had lost decades of his cultivation and it would take at least sixty years to recover.

His face was grim and terrifying. He had not easily cultivated the Demonic Pill, and now that he had encountered such a major set back, how was he to secure himself a foothold in North Sea?

“Get me that human Daoist Priest!”

After a while…

An assembly of lobsters and catfish demon beasts slowly escorted a middle-aged man wearing a black Taoist robe.

Upon seeing him, the humanized form of the Jiaolong grabbed his collar and roared: “Had I not been smart and sent my actual body, I would have died in the Beihai Mansion. Do you understand that?”

“How could it be possible?” The middle-aged man dressed in black was truly puzzled.

“You ought to know that all the sects within a hundred-mile radius have been notified, and they will not intervene. Even if they did, they would not be able to harm you, unless…”

“You’ve run into a tough nut to crack.”

The middle-aged man could only come up with this explanation after some thought.

But the Jiaolong simply sneered and retorted: “You all promised me, that if I claimed to be the king here, you would help me cultivate. Initially, I only planned to make an ‘appearance’ and leave, but who knew you guys would dare to cross the Great Zhou Empress, with the backing of Wuliang Tian?”

The middle-aged man in the black robe wiped off the dragon foam from his face, calmly stating:

“What of Wuliang Tian? It’s only a lineage of Immortal Gate Dao that has produced an Immortal Emperor. How could it be compared to our sect?”

“You can ignore the Wuliang Immortal Emperor, but I don’t dare to!”

The middle-aged man gave a slight smile: “Rest assured, as long as you follow the instructions of our master and corrode the North Sea, causing changes in the Great Zhou, we won’t treat you unfairly.”

It seemed the Jiaolong had grown weary of his empty promises and demanded: “What really is your goal?”

“I really don’t want to do this job anymore!”

“Why must you always be against Wuliang Tian?”

The middle-aged man appeared weak and helpless, not resisting but retaining a calm demeanor as he stated:

“Dragon King, are you sure you want to consider this? With our master’s vast divine abilities, no one in the North Sea would dare lay a finger on you.”

He saw through the Jiaolong’s intentions of reaping all the benefits and making a clean escape. In the past, there had been demon kings who tried to renege upon their promises, but most of them ended in a terrible demise.


A loud sound echoed from outside the Water Mansion, causing the entire seabed to quake.

Then came a barrage of thunder and agonized screams of other demon beasts.

“Look! Look!”

The Jiaolong pointed towards the commotion outside the Water Mansion in terror and demanded an explanation.

The middle-aged man in dark robes crunched numbers in his hand and squinted, expressing confusion. “Strange, the Heaven bypassed this and Earth looked away. Could this really be the work of those in Wuliang Tian targeting us?”

“Quickly, think of a solution!”

“Don’t panic, let me see who exactly is behind this.”

The moment the man in dark robes crossed the gate of the Water Mansion, a voice sounded, causing his eardrums to ring.

“Evil spirit, taste my thunder spell!”

As Han Ye executed the Divine Skill of the Three Thousand Thunder Seals, magic power flowed in his palm. Casting Palm Thunder was as easy for him as eating and drinking, nonchalantly discarding them.

Intricate thunder inscriptions were etched in his palm. With a single strike, he redirected its trajectory, releasing dozens of thunderbolts towards the mansion entrance.

Streaks of lightning fell on the water demons like raindrops. Their blood splattered all over, tinging the entire seabed red.

“Damned human race!”

The Jiaolong bellowed angrily as it transformed back into its original form. With a roar, its body swelled by over thirty feet, its dragon mouth snapping at Han Ye.

The strongest attribute of the Demon Race is not its divine power, but its ferocious physical strength.

Against the rampaging Jiaolong, Han Ye kept evading and didn’t fight back immediately. This seabed was the home ground of the Jiaolong. Its Water Escape Technique was like a fish in water, making it difficult for him to exhibit his physical strength.

Though he deployed the Breath-holding Technique, allowing him to move freely underwater, the surrounding buoyancy still affected him.

Han Ye pulled out the Profound Thunder Blade with his left hand and the Spiritual Sword Candle Flame with his right.

The ‘Weapon Master’ attribute allowed him to wield different weapons without facing any hindrance.

Purple and red lights suddenly flared up. On his left, his continuous use of thunder magic persisted, while on the right, the majestic Karma Lotus True Fire attached itself to the blade of the Candle Flame.

With man against dragon, they pursued each other in the water. Even a casual sword wave or slash from Han Ye would stir the entire seabed, causing numerous cracks to form on the seabed floor.

This beast was a Jiaolong with three hundred years of cultivation, equivalent to the Golden Core Realm cultivators of the human race.

Han Ye needed to use all his power to counter it, otherwise, he would be at a disadvantage.

Feeling that he held the upper hand, the Jiaolong began to counterattack.

Han Ye continued to feign weakness and dashed towards the sea surface!

The night sky was covered with a sky curtain, a bright moon hung in the air and soft moonlight made the atmosphere incredibly serene.


A giant blue Jiaolong soared into the sky, causing endless waves. At the front of the dragon’s mouth was a suave young man controlling his sword, remaining calm and collected.

Such a scene bore an indescribable beauty.

The young man defensively swung his thunder knife, and his blood surged, igniting a red Fire Gang on his left arm.

The thunder knife plunged directly into the reverse scale of the Jiaolong. As it tried to penetrate further, a strong force resonated back, attempting to send Han Ye flying.

The Dragon’s body continuously shook. The Profound Thunder Blade, after all, was just a medium-grade magical artifact and was somewhat forceful when dealing with the three-hundred-year-old Jiaolong.


Han Ye threw the Profound Thunder Blade into the Storage Ring and fiercely dug his fingers into the gaps of the Jiaolong’s scales, ready to grapple with the dragon’s strength using his own body!

Anyone who witnessed this would be utterly stunned.

Both sides equally matched, Han Ye’s body was covered in a golden glow. His Unrivaled Tyrant Body dominated as the revolving waves ceaselessly pounded him. With just his tiny human body, he dragged the ferocious dragon body!

“Miss Chu, it’s been drawn out!”

Han Ye pulled up the tail of the Jiaolong, flung it in a direction, and relayed his request with a telepathic message.

At this moment, above the sea, a fairy-like lady in a white robe stood aloof in the air. It was Chu Xianyu who had been waiting patiently for a while.

“Poisoning the people, the demon Jiaolong should be punished!”

Chu Xianyu’s voice was as cold as ice, as if she was passing judgement on the Jiaolong.


Suddenly, thunderclouds rolled in the sky.

Below the sea of clouds stood a mesmerizing fairy in white, and around her waist hung the Emerald Ancient Sword. Her hand gently embraced the hilt, ready to draw the sword.


The placid but frigid voice full of murderous intent echoed between heaven and earth. It traveled to Han Ye’s ears, and he knew that she was about to unleash that serious sword attack again.

As per usual, he waited for her attribute to drop.

“Acquired Attribute: Sword Art Mastery +5”

“Acquired Attribute: Descendant of Sword Fairy +3”

Right after he acquired these attributes, the sound of an awe-inspiring sword echoed through the heavens followed by a fleeting blue light that passed over the shimmery moonlit sea surface.

Only when Chu Xianyu wielded her sword did she showcase her true self. In the world at that moment, there was only her. It was a profound state of Unity of Man and Sword.

This was the pinnacle of swordsmanship that Han Ye had been tirelessly chasing.

On spotting Chu Xianyu, the Jiaolong immediately became cautious. But, when it saw a ray of light flashing above the sea surface, its eyes were filled with horror.

As the Jiaolong’s body was pierced by the imposing sword qi, it immediately froze and went silent, as if its spirit had been extinguished.

The dragon’s head fell lifelessly, and Han Ye leaped up. With his bare hands, he dragged the colossal body of the demon Jiaolong out of the water and onto the shore, leaving behind deep trenches in the process.

This scene was reminiscent of a tiny ant shaking a giant tree, but succeeding!

Chu Xianyu sheathed her sword, and Han Ye heaved a sigh of relief.

Clapping suddenly sounded from behind him, followed by a hearty laugh:

“Hahaha! Very good, very good! So, it was not an Immortal Gate but me being overly concerned.”

“A mere Sect disciple dares to provoke the Daoist Empire?”