Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness-Chapter 874: I’m Not Going To The Heavenly Note Sect

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Chapter 874: I’m Not Going To The Heavenly Note Sect


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In the Heavenly Note Sect, two figures appeared in the wooden house that was Jiang Hao’s place.

It was Jiang Hao and Hong Yuye.

Jiang Hao immediately let go of Hong Yuye’s hand.

He left a ring in the western region.

It was covered with Hong Yuye’s power, so it could be left there for now.

It was far away, so it was convenient to leave it there.

However, he was short of golden rings.

He had a total of eight sub-rings and one main ring. One for the courtyard, one for Xiao Li, another for spirit beast, one for the Corpse Realm, one for Hong Yuye, one for the western region, and one that he kept with himself. That accounted for six of the rings.

He only had two that he could use.

He needed to think about it carefully, especially when using it to kill someone.

It wouldn’t be as easy.

“Go prepare the bath,” said Hong Yuye.

Jiang Hao didn’t dare to hesitate.

After preparing the bath, Hong Yuye entered it.

Jiang Hao sat at the door.

He had made sure everything was neat.

It seemed that Xiao Li had cleaned it in his absence.

In the courtyard, he found that the peach tree had already borne fruit.

Quite a few of the fruits were gone.

He plucked one and tasted it.

It was even sweeter than before.

After so many incarnations, the only change in the fruit was its sweetness. There were almost no other changes.

It still grew like an ordinary fruit tree.

Time passed quickly, and midnight approached.

Jiang Hao sat in the courtyard and waited for the gathering to begin.

The call for gathering meant something important was going to happen or had already happened.

At midnight, Jiang Hao entered the public area.

He had been here many times, but it felt incredible every time.

He needed to find the mastermind behind the stone tablets. That was what Hong Yuye was after.

So far, there were no clues.

Jiang Hao noticed that Zhang wasn’t there this time.

She might be advancing to another realm.

It was evident that breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Platform was no joke.

It was unfortunate for those who had missed their opportunity before.

Not everyone could open the path to immortality.

The situation with Shang An had been extraordinary.

For a while, the number of people at the gathering returned to what it was before Zhang.

“Greetings, Senior.” The four people bowed to Senior Dan Yuan. “Any issues with your cultivation?” Dan Yuan asked.

No one spoke.

Zhang had officially embarked on the path to immortality.

Gui asked, “Did Zhang succeed?”

Xing and Liu were also very curious.

After all, they were all partners in this group. They were quite concerned for each other.

Dan Yuan smiled.

“Zhang has passed the most difficult period. It is unlikely that there will be any accidents.”

Everyone was surprised.

There was suddenly a lot of pressure.

Although no one explicitly mentioned their cultivation realm, they assumed they were at a similar level.

But now, since one of them was advancing to the Immortal Ascension Platform, the others felt the pressure.

Jiang Hao was not under much pressure. He always kept things friendly with everyone.

He didn’t interact with them much and kept himself mysterious.

What he lacked most now was time. After going out once, he found that his current cultivation realm was still not enough in certain situations.

It was better to stay in the Heavenly Note Sect.

“The Sage’s Pages are gone, so the task is at an end,” said Dan Yuan. He looked at Xing. “The thing you asked for is at the Jianxin Cliff. If you need anything else, you only need to ask.”

Xing hesitated for a moment and decided to wait a bit longer.

Dan Yuan had no objections.

Later, he asked about Old Man Corpse Sea.

However, no one in the gathering knew his location.

After the transaction with Senior Dan Yuan ended, Gui spoke up.

“I don’t have anything in particular. Do any of you have something to discuss?”

“I’ve finished my transaction with Liu and currently have nothing on my plate, ” Xing said.

Liu shook his head.

He knew that Gui wanted to talk about other matters, and he felt the same way too.

They needed to understand what had happened in the western region first.

Since there was no more trade to do, they went straight into casual conversation.

Gui said, “Did you all witness that big battle? The one with the Heavenly Dao Foundation Establishment was defeated and…

She looked at Jing.

Liu did the same.

Xing was curious. “What exactly happened? I’m in the East, and I don’t really understand what happened.”

“Later, the Earth Extreme Silent Pearl and the Heavenly Fate Misfortune Pearl appeared. It entered the vortex of the West. It occupied the entire western sky. The True Dragons turned into twin suns and covered the entire sky, ” said Gui.

Xing was surprised.

The western region was truly in danger this time.

Then he looked at Jing. He had both the pearls.

Jing finally said, “I am acting on someone else’s behalf.”

Everyone was surprised.

The information was overwhelming.

Gui thought for a moment. “Do you know Gu Jin?” Jiang Hao didn’t respond.

“I heard the corpse ended up dead,” said Gui.

“He still has an avatar.” Jiang Hao’s voice was low.

Letting these people know about the avatar would give Lou Mantian something to deal with.

It would create problems later.

Surpassing that enemy wasn’t possible in the near future.

Gui and others took note of it.

It would be useful to see that information.

They didn’t know who it was, and it was not easy to ask Jing.

If Zhang were here, she would definitely ask about it.

At this point, Dan Yuan said, “Jing, do you know who the avatar is?

“Lou Mantian,” Jiang Hao said.

He had been waiting for someone to ask the question.

Gui disappointed him this time by not asking the most important question. When Senior Dan Yuan asked if he had any questions, Jiang Hao shook his head.

Xing thought for a moment. “Who finally obtained the Sage’s Pages?” “It’s with me,” said Jing.

Gui and others were surprised. Why did everything seem to be with Jing?

But when they thought about it, it made sense that Jing was involved. He had two deadly pearls on him, after all.

“Jing, can you tell us what was in the pages?” Xing asked. “You can also state what kind of reward you need in advance.”

The gathering was naturally a place for trade. Anything could be traded.

However, Jiang Hao shook his head. “If you want to see it, you can have it.” Xing thought for a moment and looked at Gui.

The latter looked puzzled. She didn’t want to go to the Heavenly Note Sect..

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