Cultivation Online-Chapter 1262 The Soul of a God Ascension Realm Cultivator

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Chapter 1262 The Soul of a God Ascension Realm Cultivator

1262 The Soul of a God Ascension Realm Cultivator

"You know where to find a God Ascension realm soul? Are you serious?" The Lord couldn't believe it even if it came from Yuan's mouth directly.

Living souls are already near-impossible to find, much less the soul of a cultivator who was near the pinnacle of cultivation before losing their physical form.

"In case you didn't know, only Cultivators that have surpassed the Immortal Ascension realm are able to remain in a soul-like state even after their physical body dies. Not only that, but they cannot remain in that state forever, as their soul will eventually vanish, so it must been someone who died within the last several thousand years. Where in Heaven's name are you going to find a soul like that?" The Lord couldn't help but inquire.

"While a soul may vanish within a few thousand years in the Nine Heavens, there is a unique place where souls wander for an eternity," Yuan said with a slight smile on his face.

"Y-You don't mean…" The Lord swallowed nervously.

"The Shadow Realm," Yuan confirmed the Lord's suspicion.

"Impossible! While it may be true that souls within that place exist for an eternity, these souls have all lost their minds and are no different than evil spirits! They will try to kill you before you can even start a conversation! There's no way you would find a logical soul at the God Ascension realm there!"

Yuan shook his head and said, "It is possible, as I have encountered two individuals there who were able to communicate with me. However, I am uncertain about their cultivation levels."

The Lord pondered with a frown on his face, "Most of the souls within the Shadow Realm are those who fought in the Heavenly War of Immortals and Gods— or more specifically, those who fought against the Celestial Emperor and lost."

Yuan tilted his head and asked, "Now that you mention it, didn't the Evil God slay the Celestial Emperor and win the war?"

"There are actually two parts to the Heavenly War of Immortals and Gods. When the war first started, the Evil God was not part of it, and the Celestial Emperor had successfully vanquished his opposers, sending them to the Shadow Realm for an eternity of suffering. After some time of peace, the Heavenly War of Immortals and Gods started again with the Evil God at the forefront this time."

"Is that so…" Yuan mumbled.

"As for the Shadow Realm," the Lord elaborated, "it was created by the first Celestial Emperor, who employed it as a means to instill fear in others, compelling their servitude, and as a deterrent for those contemplating opposition against him."

"What about the Primordial Realm? Don't they serve the same purpose?" Yuan then asked.

"Indeed, but the Primordial Realm is much more forgiving and is meant for the living, while the Shadow Realm is intended for the deceased. However, following the demise of the first Celestial Emperor, the Shadow Realm has remained unused."

"Then it's decided. I will head to the Shadow Realm to find a soul who will be able to help us." Yuan said a moment later.

Furthermore, he still had a quest to finish in that place.

"Be very careful when you're there, Yuan. The souls there are extremely powerful, especially if they've managed to survive this long." The Lord warned him.

"I know, but the stronger they are, the higher the possibility of them being in the God Ascension realm, right?"

"I guess so…"

"Don't worry, we'll find a way to save Earth," Yuan reassured, his enthusiasm shining through with a comforting smile.

"Thank you." The Lord said.

Yuan shook his head and said, "No, I should be thanking you. If not for your selflessness, Earth wouldn't have existed in the first place."

"I'm simply striving to protect my homeland," the Lord responded. "In any case, once we've restored my cultivation, we can commence our efforts to unravel the mystery behind the alteration in the formation. It might be connected to Cultivation Online, but I don't have any proof to back up this theory."

Yuan nodded, "Then before I leave, should I give you some of my spiritual energy? It may be a drop in the bucket, but if it could help you even a little."

"If you could." The Lord accepted his offer.

"Honestly, it's the reason why I started training the Demon Sealing Faction, even if it won't really do much to fix the situation."

"Oh, I should also thank you for that. Thanks again." Yuan said as he sat before the Lord and began gathering his spiritual energy.

'Hmmm?' Yuan noticed that his spiritual energy had increased significantly compared to half a year ago even though his cultivation level hadn't changed since then.

'Is this because of the Nine Dragon Symbols?' he wondered inwardly.

"I will be transferring my spiritual energy to you now," Yuan said a moment later.

"Whenever you are ready." The Lord nodded.

The next moment, Yuan poured his spiritual energy into the Lord's Dantian.

'What is this overwhelming influx of spiritual energy pouring into me?! A Spirit Grandmaster should not possess such a vast reservoir of spiritual energy!' The Lord exclaimed inwardly as he was shocked by Yuan's unrealistic capacity.

The quantity of spiritual energy that Yuan was channeling into the Lord was sufficient to utterly deplete the reserves of a hundred Spirit Grandmasters in a mere moment.

Furthermore, Yuan was absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy almost as rapidly as he was giving it away, creating a powerful vortex around his body.

"W-What the hell are you doing?!" Liya was shocked by what she was witnessing.

'Amazing… I knew he was immensely talented, but to think it was to this extent… as expected of the Immortal Monarch's descendant…' The Lord sighed inwardly.

Once he had expended every last bit of his spiritual energy, Yuan collapsed onto the ground, drenched in sweat, his breathing labored and ragged.

'Truly unbelievable…' The Lord thought to himself.

"So… Was it enough to increase the limit?" Yuan asked in a weak voice.

The Lord shook his head, wearing a bittersweet smile. "Perhaps by a few days, but that's the extent of it. Nonetheless, I'm genuinely grateful for your assistance."

Unfortunately, despite the generous amount of spiritual energy Yuan had contributed to the Lord, it proved insufficient to prolong the limit by even a single month. Nevertheless, it did provide the Lord with a considerable increase in comfort and alleviated some of his weakness.