Cultivation Online-Chapter 1345 Desolate Continent

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Chapter 1345 Desolate Continent

During his six-hour break, instead of using that time to recover his energy, Yuan revisited the memories he had recovered from Giant Emperor Kulas, endeavoring to make peace with them and find a sense of reconciliation within himself.

The memories began when he arrived at a certain familiar dock—the very place where Yuan had initially encountered the Huang Family during his trial in the Lower Heaven.

However, unlike Yuan's trial, Tian Yang was not aware of the Huang Family, so he didn't bother looking for them.

Instead, he went to a nearby restaurant to fill his stomach.

'Silver Peak Restaurant, huh? It seems like a decent place to have lunch judging by its appearance.'

As Tian Yang approached the entrance of the restaurant, a sizable gathering of people nearby captured his attention.

The group of people were standing before this tall and bulky man, who appeared to be advertising something.

"I am Dong Zhou, head bodyguard for the Huang Family that is currently hiring one more bodyguard for their trip to the Desolate Continent, which will depart later today. The duration of the stay will be 30 days with a salary of ten million gold coins. One million will be paid upon arrival on the Desolate Continent, and the rest will be paid once we return from our trip."

Tian Yang heard Dong Zhou's advertisement loud and clearly, but he ignored it and went inside the restaurant.

"Welcome! Are you alone?" The receptionist greeted him.


"Please wait a moment."

After taking a moment to look through their availability, the receptionist spoke, "Luckily, we still have one small table available. I will bring you to your table, please follow me."

Tian Yang nodded and trailed behind the receptionist as they made their way to his designated table, situated by the wall at the far end of the building.

As he settled into his seat, Tian Yang felt a gaze directed towards him. He cast a glance at the large table adjacent to his, where a family of four was seated.

The one staring at him was a beautiful young lady, who showed a friendly smile upon realizing that she had been noticed.

"Fancy seeing you here, Senior Brother." The young lady seemed to recognize him.

Tian Yang did not recognize this young lady, but based on how she addressed him, he had an inkling of her identity.

"Are you a fellow disciple from the Immortal Monastery?" he asked.

"Yes! I am Inner Disciple Huang Xiao Li! It's an honor to meet you, Senior Brother!"

Tian Yang smiled at her enthusiasm, "You make it sound like I am famous or something."

"But you are famous!" Huang Xiao Li confirmed.

"You're exaggerating it." Tian Yang shook his head.

"Senior Brother, would you like to eat with my family? It's our treat." Huang Xiao Li suddenly suggested.

"I don't want to impose on your family time."

"It's fine." The middle-aged man sitting beside Huang Xiao Li said.


Tian Yang ended up sitting with the Huang Family.

"Senior Brother, what are you doing in such a place? Are you in the midst of a sect mission?" Huang Xiao Li asked.

"No, I am out training in preparation for my Core Disciple Examination."

"Wow! You're already taking the Core Disciple Examination?! It's only been three years since you became an Inner Disciple!" Huang Xiao Li's eyes were filled with admiration.

"No, I won't be taking the examination anytime soon. I am simply preparing for it. I probably won't take the examination for another two to three years."

"Five to six years is still quite fast, considering that most Inner Disciples wait at least a decade before they even attempt to do so."

"Wait a second. If you're here for training, does that mean you're also going to the Desolate Continent?" Huang Xiao Li asked after realizing this.

"Also? You're heading to the Desolate Continent as well?" Tian Yang raised an eyebrow.

Huang Xiao Li was only a 9th-level Spirit Master, so she was probably an Inner Disciple as well.

The Desolate Continent stood as a vast and isolated land, inhabited by powerful magical beasts. It served as a risky training ground for numerous cultivators who sought to increase their cultivation in a short time.

In other words, it was a dangerous place that attracted those unafraid of death or individuals desperate enough to risk their lives for strength. However, Huang Xiao Li did not appear to fit that mold, unlike Tian Yang.

Even Tian Yang, who had recently attained the rank of Spirit Lord, could be deemed underpowered for the Desolate Continent, where magical beasts at the level of Spirit Kings and beyond freely roamed.

However, Tian Yang was used to risking his life to increase his cultivation. That's how he managed to reach Spirit Lord in such a short amount of time when it took him several years just to sense spiritual energy.

Moreover, the Desolate Continent was rich with undiscovered treasures and held an abundance of rare medicines, drawing the attention of treasure hunters seeking fortune and valuable resources.

"I am actually here as a bodyguard for my family. We have some business in the Desolate Continent." Huang Xiao Li said in a somewhat bashful manner, seemingly aware of her lack of cultivation.

Although it might appear that she volunteered as a bodyguard to save her family money, the truth was that her family had more than enough resources to afford professional guards far more powerful than her. Her presence was not a necessity for their protection. Instead, driven by a long-standing desire to visit the infamous Desolate Continent, she chose to accompany her family under the guise of providing protection.

"I've told her not to follow us, but she was too stubborn about it." Her father sighed.

"Haha…" Huang Xiao Li chuckled sheepishly.

"Oh, I know! Senior Brother, why don't you come with us as a bodyguard? We still have a spot open, and you're more than qualified to join! Of course, we'll pay you appropriately!" Huang Xiao Li suddenly suggested, her face beaming with anticipation.