Cultivation Online-Chapter 1389 Great Mammoth Body Refinement

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1389 Great Mammoth Body Refinement

"Hey! Which son of a bitch shouted just now?! Are you looking for a fight?!!"

"Fuck! I swear I was on the verge of understanding the technique's name!"

Kulas' loud voice quickly caused a commotion with many people expressing their desire to fight him because of it. However, when they realized that their opponent was the young master of the Immortal Might Clan, their attitude took a 180 turn. They closed their mouths and returned to studying the stone statue, acting as though nothing had happened.

"My apologies, everyone. It will not happen again." Kulas did not forget to apologize to these people.

Once the place calmed down again and everyone returned to studying the stone statue, Kulas looked at Tian Yang and asked him through divine sense, 'Did you say the technique's name was Great Mammoth Body Refinement? Please tell me you're not messing with me!'

'How would I know the technique's name if I'm toying with you? It's definitely Great Mammoth Body Refinement.' Tian Yang confirmed.

'But how?'

'How? I don't know how to explain it, but I studied the stone statue until I learned the technique's name. Of course, I stopped immediately afterward since I didn't want to take it away from you.'

Kulas swallowed nervously before asking him, 'A-And how long did it take you to learn the name?'

'I learned it on the 17th day,' he calmly responded.

'It only took you a little over two weeks to comprehend the name?' Kulas was speechless, as he was unable to do such a thing even after spending three entire months trying.

'Anyways, judging by your reaction, this is the technique you have been looking for, correct?' Tian Yang asked. freeweb(n)

He nodded, 'Yes, this is the technique. Unfortunately, I am not fated to learn it.'

Tian Yang looked at the stone statue with a pondering face. After a moment of silence, he said, 'What if I try to learn the technique and pass it down to you afterward? Of course, I cannot guarantee that I have what it takes to'

"Will you really do that for me?!" Kulas was so excited by Tian Yang's words that he accidentally spoke out loud again, followed by hundreds of angry gazes.

"S-Sorry. I will leave this place now." Kulas left the area before anyone could utter a word, feeling quite embarrassed by his uncontrollable outbursts.

Once he was far away, Kulas continued speaking with Tian Yang through divine sense, 'If you can really help me acquire the technique, I will give you my life!'

Tian Yang smiled and calmly responded, 'There's no need for such a thing, and you have already helped me enough. I'm not sure how long it will take for me to learn this technique, but I will start right now.'


'Take as much time as you need!'

Sometime later, Ren Xia asked Kulas, 'Have you given up already?'

'Yes,' he admitted.

'Then what about Tian Yang? He suddenly started to study the stone statue for real.'

Kulas explained the situation to her, 'I do not have what it takes to learn this technique, but he might have a chance. If he successfully learns the technique, he will teach it to me, so we'll be staying here a little longer. You can leave whenever you want, though.'

Ren Xia's eyes widened after learning of the situation, and she turned to look at Tian Yang with a pondering expression on her face.

Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it had been two months since Tian Yang started studying the stone statue seriously. f(r)eenovelkiss

lightsvel On the 69th day, the stone statue, which had remained unchanged for an unknown duration, suddenly began exhibiting cracks throughout its massive body.

Then, before everyone's shocked gaze, the stone statue crumbled into a mountain of rubble.

Kulas stood up with a look of disbelief on his face as he mumbled in a dazed voice, "He really did it"

Once people started snapping out of their daze, they immediately began looking for the person who comprehended the technique.

"Who is it?! Who learned the technique?!"

"Can you share the name of the technique?!"

"I would like to purchase the technique! I have an offer that you will not be able to refuse!"

However, since Tian Yang did not enter enlightenment or display anything that would prove he learned the technique, nobody there except Kulas and Ren Xia knew that fact.

'T-Tian Yang! Please tell me you were the one who learned the technique!' Kulas spoke in a desperate tone.

Tian Yang didn't respond to him with words but with a silent and calm smile. Seeing this, Kulas immediately felt elevated, as though he was in heaven.

After sneaking out of the crowd, Tian Yang and his group quickly disappeared without being noticed.

Sometime later, Tian Yang and his group settled in a secluded area where they were the only living beings in a thousand-

mile radius.

"I have the technique, but I don't know how to teach it to you. Do you have any technique that will allow me to transfer my knowledge to you?" Tian Yang asked Kulas.

"Actually, I do. It's called Technique Transmission, and I have the manual right here." Kulas retrieved a scroll and handed it to him without hesitation.

"Okay, let me learn this technique first then."

Tian Yang proceeded to spend the next several hours learning the technique. Once he was prepared, he used Technique Transmission on Kulas, transferring the technique of Great Mammoth Body Refinement to Kulas.

Upon confirming that he had indeed received the correct technique, Kulas kowtowed before Tian Yang and exclaimed with sincerity, "Starting from this moment, we will be sworn brothers! Will you accept me as your sworn brother?"

Tian Yang chuckled and said, "Why bother asking when you have already decided that we'll be sworn brothers just like when you decided that we'll be friends? Stand up, Brother Kulas."

"Thank you, Brother Tian!"

"Unbelievable" Ren Xia was speechless.

If forming a friendship with Kulas seemed improbable, being acknowledged as sworn brothers with him was nothing short of a miracle. Yet, Tian Yang, someone who was not from any influential background, was able to achieve such a feat.

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