Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques-Chapter 485: Soaring into the Clouds

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Chapter 485: Soaring into the Clouds

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In that moment just now, Zhao Tianxuan almost thought he was mistaken, but having both cultivated the Profound Slaying Sword and being so close, the probability of Zhao Tianxuan making a mistake was almost negligible.

It was precisely because of this that Zhao Tianxuan felt so incredulous.

Eight months might seem like a substantial amount of time for martial cultivators in the Body Tempering realm, considering that the prime years for cultivating martial arts were just a few.

But for someone in the Combined Aperture Tempering realm with a lifespan of three hundred years, less than a year was not considered a long time.

When Chen Fei hesitated to use it earlier, Zhao Tianxuan instinctively thought that Chen Fei’s practice with the Profound Slaying Sword was not going smoothly, which was why he wanted to conceal it.

However, Zhao Tianxuan now realized that Chen Fei wasn’t struggling with his practice at all. On the contrary, he was exceptionally skilled, and he genuinely wanted to hide it but ended up revealing it under pressure.

Zhao Tianxuan was well aware of the immense difficulty of cultivating the Profound Slaying Sword. After all these years of practice, he had only fused thirty-six formations, still a considerable distance from the seventy-two formations.

Yet, Chen Fei had effortlessly displayed it just like that.

“I’m presenting my humble skills!” Chen Fei turned to Zhao Tianxuan and said, cupping his hands.

Zhao Tianxuan’s lips twitched slightly. If Chen Fei considered his use of the Profound Slaying Sword as presenting humble skills, then what was he doing earlier?

“Brother Chen truly possesses exceptional talent, and I have misunderstood you,” Zhao Tianxuan forced a smile on his face, the cheerful laughter from earlier had long disappeared.

“Elder Zhao, you’re too kind,” Chen Fei smiled in response.

“No, your talent surpasses everyone I’ve ever met. Even someone like Zhuo Tianying from the Fengwu Pavilion wouldn’t compare to you!” Zhao Tianxuan said earnestly.

Through the Profound Slaying Sword, Zhao Tianxuan had truly come to recognize Chen Fei’s talent. Any previous discomfort due to the blocking of elemental stones and the slight awkwardness had now been set aside.

Zhao Tianxuan’s attitude towards Chen Fei had become increasingly sincere.

Considering Chen Fei’s speed in learning the Profound Slaying Sword, his future growth might be limited by resources and martial techniques, and he might not progress as quickly as people like Zhuo Tianying.

However, compared to Zhao Tianxuan himself, who had almost stagnated on the martial path, he was already much stronger.

Not far away, Qin Haishan withdrew his gaze, his eyes filled with contemplation.

Although due to the distance, Qin Haishan didn’t have a clear view of the Profound Slaying Sword’s display just now, the faint aura emitted by the sword was enough to reveal many things.

In the realm of the Profound Slaying Sword, Chen Fei had surpassed Zhao Tianxuan, despite years of cultivation.

Qin Haishan hadn’t cultivated the Profound Slaying Sword because within the Broken Soul Sect, there was a heritage that was no less powerful than the Profound Slaying Sword. He was well aware of the difficulty in practicing that particular heritage.

Or one could say that whenever there was a mental technique with such power, none of them were easy to practice.

The more formidable they were, the harder they were to cultivate. This rule applied not only to Body Tempering techniques but also to mental techniques.

“Talent abounds!” Qin Haishan whispered, a hint of a smile on his face.

The better Chen Fei’s talent, the greater the benefits for this alliance. Currently, Chen Fei’s strength might be relatively ordinary, but given time, he would undoubtedly grow.

It wouldn’t take too long, as long as resources weren’t severely lacking. Within thirty years, Chen Fei should be able to make rapid progress, perhaps even surpassing him. By then, the power of this alliance would naturally rise with it.

Thirty years might seem like a long time, but considering the difficulty of cultivating in the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, it wasn’t much. Many Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators remained stuck in the early stages of the realm for their entire lives, or even just at the first stage, unable to make any progress.

Qin Haishan believed that Chen Fei’s significant growth within thirty years was a very high appraisal.

By that time, Chen Fei would only be in his sixties, an age considered very young, not only within the Combined Aperture Tempering realm but even in the Aperture Tempering realm.

At that age of just over sixty, Chen Fei’s future martial path held endless possibilities.

Of course, this world was filled with danger, and true prodigies were those who could grow amidst these challenges. Chen Fei, as he was now, merely made Qin Haishan see unlimited potential.

However, over the course of several decades, no one could predict what events might unfold.

But as long as Chen Fei genuinely surpassed him, this third grade lower-level secret realm, once they secured it this time, would not only belong to their alliance for the first century but would continue to be in their possession for the next century as well.

In another part of the sky, Yu Shoucheng and Tong Zhongqiu were together, and they naturally witnessed Chen Fei’s display of the Profound Slaying Sword just now.

“With such talent, back in Immortal Cloud City, none of you noticed anything unusual?” Yu Shoucheng couldn’t help but turn to Tong Zhongqiu.

Chen Fei’s breakthrough to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm at the age of over thirty had already demonstrated his talent. However, watching Chen Fei take only eight months to cultivate the Profound Slaying Sword, which they had considered extremely difficult, to this level was a different level of astonishment.

This firsthand witness was much more shocking than hearing about it.

And it was evident that after reaching the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, Chen Fei’s comprehension speed of Combined Aperture Tempering realm techniques had not decreased much. He remained among the best in the same realm.

Upon hearing Yu Shoucheng’s words, Tong Zhongqiu wore a wry smile on his face. If they had discovered this back in Immortal Cloud City, Chen Fei would have already become a member of the Immortal Cloud Sword Sect, and there would have been no mention of the Primordial Sword Sect.

However, Chen Fei had hidden his talents exceptionally well, and the Immortal Cloud Sword Sect had received no wind of it, completely missing out on recruiting him.

Tong Zhongqiu had initially felt a bit frustrated that Chen Fei hadn’t joined the Immortal Cloud Sword Sect, but over time, that feeling had slowly faded.

But now, seeing Chen Fei’s extraordinary talent and comprehension with his own eyes, Tong Zhongqiu felt a renewed sense of frustration, and it was even more uncomfortable.

It was like having a wound that had already scabbed over, only to have it forcibly reopened, a feeling that only those who had experienced it could truly understand.

“Let’s go, the stronger Chen Fei’s talent is, the more it proves that our previous choice was correct,” Tong Zhongqiu said with a slight shake of his head, flying away into the distance.

This statement was both for Yu Shoucheng and for himself.

Given the current circumstances, what use was there in regret? They could only continue to look forward.

Chen Fei and Zhao Tianxuan exchanged compliments in mid-air, and then Zhao Tianxuan turned and left.

Chen Fei watched Zhao Tianxuan’s departure with a slight smile on his face.

The display of the Profound Slaying Sword with seventy-two formations had already showcased some of Chen Fei’s talent. As for the Profound Slaying Sword with one hundred and eight formations, using it would be quite astounding.

Achieving the pinnacle of Profound Slaying Sword cultivation in just eight months was something that almost anyone would find difficult to accept, as it was somewhat beyond the realm of normalcy. Even if you were to bring Zhuo Tianying from the Fengwu Pavilion, he might not be able to accomplish it.

After all, when it came to martial techniques, the further you progressed, the more challenging it became. Although it seemed like there was only a slight difference between seventy-two formations and one hundred and eight formations, in actual practice, even for someone like Zhuo Tianying, it would require a long period of time.

Zhuo Tianying’s talent was exceptional, and for other Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators, the time required would be even longer.

In life and in one’s actions, sometimes it was essential to strike a balance.

By finding the right balance, you could leave room for yourself and make it easier for others to accept.

Chen Fei’s figure moved slightly, disappearing from his current location, and within moments, he returned to the courtyard of the Primordial Sword Sect, immersing himself once again in his meditation.

With the Profound Slaying Sword perfected, all his free time was now devoted to the cultivation of the Primordial Profound Art. The previously slow progress of this technique was now boosted to its maximum efficiency.

During his occasional leisure time, Chen Fei ventured into the Strange Heart Realm to hunt down second-tier Evils, refine their essences, and strengthen his mental power.

At this point, the effects of second-tier Evils’ essences had diminished significantly for Chen Fei. However, as long as they still had some effect, Chen Fei had no intention of giving up on them.

Inside the Strange Heart Realm, there wasn’t much besides creatures of this caliber, and there was no need to worry about exterminating second-tier Evils entirely.

Utilizing the value of creatures at each level of Evil was crucial to maximizing his own progress. Otherwise, if Chen Fei were to slay third grade Evils and refine them right now, the essences of second-tier Evils would immediately lose their effects on him.

A month passed quietly, and the third grade secret realm’s Flag Capture Competition arrived as scheduled.

The entire Sea Peak City was bustling with activity. Not only the people of Sea Peak City, but many others from distant places also flocked here upon hearing about the upcoming competition for the third grade secret realm.

At this moment, above the sea in the Sea Peak City, the Haiyue Cave floated in mid-air, blocking the sunlight and casting a large shadow on the sea surface.

Various gambling establishments related to this Flag Capture Competition had opened up in the many cities of Sea Peak City, and the number of people placing bets was countless.

Beneath the Haiyue Cave, a group of people gazed up at this spiritual treasure, waiting for the Flag Capture Competition to begin.

Many people from the ten forces participating in the competition had gathered, including the Primordial Sword Sect.

As time approached the hour of the Dragon, the Haiyue Cave trembled slightly. Its gates opened, and ten beams of light shot into the sky. The next moment, ten Combined Aperture Tempering realm experts disappeared into the air.

A water curtain rose above the Haiyue Cave, and the glowing dots representing each person’s aura appeared within it. Simultaneously, the water curtain roughly depicted the terrain and topography of the Flag Capture Competition’s current location.

Two flags were also slowly displayed within the water curtain.

Apart from not being able to see the actual situation at the competition site, simple victories and defeats could already be easily discerned from the water curtain.

Besides those who were there just to watch, the most anxious people at this moment were the representatives of the ten forces because this competition would determine the development of their sects or families for the next century.

Having or not having access to a third grade secret realm made a huge difference in terms of resources.

Inside the Haiyue Cave.

Chen Fei and the other four appeared in a cave. In the center of the cave, a black battle flag floated silently in mid-air. At the same time, a powerful aura radiated from it.

Within ten miles, they could easily sense the flag’s location.

“The aura is too conspicuous. It’s better to conceal it,” Yu Shoucheng stepped forward and tried to put it into his Qiankun Bag but found that it wouldn’t fit. He couldn’t help but frown.

“We can use a formation to conceal it, but once the formation is set, it can’t be moved, and it’s still easy to be discovered,” Zhao Tianxuan said in a deep voice.

“I anticipated this situation and brought a formation disc with me, but even this formation disc can’t move quickly,” Qin Haishan said, taking a formation disc out of his Qiankun Bag.

Compared to fixed formations, formation discs were slightly better but still had limitations.

“The other side is in the same situation as us…” Tong Zhongqiu was about to continue speaking when he saw Chen Fei stepping toward the flag.

The other three couldn’t help but look at Chen Fei as well. Chen Fei extended his right hand and made a sword gesture, then casually flicked it toward the flag-

The next moment, the flag remained in place, but the overwhelming aura that had almost pierced the sky disappeared instantly.

The eyes of Qin Haishan and the others widened in surprise..