Dao of the Bizarre Immortal-Chapter 269 - Inn

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Chapter 269 - Inn

“Oooowu~” Bun shook its tail. It could indeed smell the two scents, but as a dog it didn't know what Li Huowang was saying.

Just then, Monk’s illusion spoke to him, “Daoist, if she has the scent of blood and rust on her, is she a good person or a bad person?”

Li Huowang just shook his head and looked up at the sky. Just then, a single raindrop fell into his eye.

“Let’s go, it’s going to rain soon. Let’s find an inn to stay at first,” instructed Li Huowang.

The rain was initially light, but gradually grew stronger. By the time Li Huowang and the others finally managed to enter an inn, it was pouring in full force.

Shaking the rain off his body, Li Huowang shouted toward the inside of the inn. “Waiter! Owner!”

He shouted for quite a bit before the waiter finally appeared with a white cloth over his shoulder.

When the waiter saw so many outsiders, he was shocked and panicked momentarily as he instinctively tried to retreat.

However, Puppy jumped out and grabbed the waiter’s wrist to stop him from retreating. “Where are you going? Can’t you see that we are here as paying customers? Quickly ask the cook to prepare a meal for us. My wife and Senior Li are both hungry!”

“Alright, please wait,” replied the waiter, very close to losing it.

When the waiter ran back into the kitchen, Li Huowang frowned. He was worried about what was happening here.

“Xiaoman, go and follow him. Make sure that they don’t try to poison us,” instructed Li Huowang.

Chun Xiaoman nodded and went into the kitchen with her sword. Bai Lingmiao followed her soon after.

“Young Daoist, why don’t we leave here once the rain stops?” suggested Lu Zhuangyuan. He didn’t know that Li Huowang had actually come here with a purpose, but as an experienced traveler, he could feel that something was wrong.

“Don’t worry. They are afraid of us instead of the other way around. The town is big and everyone is tired. It’s best if we rest here first,” replied Li Huowang.

Hearing this, Lu Zhuangyuan dared not to argue with Li Huowang anymore.

The Young Daoist is very strong; it would be for the best if I don’t make him angry. Even if this place is weird, I’m sure he will be able to deal with it.

Soon, the fragrant dishes were brought out one by one. Every time the waiter brought out a plate of the meal, Li Huowang took a small piece of it and threw it under the table, allowing Bun to happily eat it.

It was only after seeing that Bun was doing fine that the others started eating.

Munching on the crispy lotus root, Li Huowang silently ate his meal; even so, he could feel the two gazes coming from within the kitchen.

The waiter and the cook were staring at them with fear.

Li Huowang recalled the woman they had passed by just now and remembered how she was staring at them with fear too. freew(e)bnovel

Li Huowang knew that he didn’t look as horrible as he did last time—everything had grown back. And after adjusting his organs little by little, his face should also be quite normal now.

Then what are they afraid of? This is a large town, so there’s no reason to be afraid of just a few outsiders. Did they encounter something?

Li Huowang continued to think of a reason while having his meal.

The rain did not stop even late into the night. It continued to pound the streets with water.

“Waaaa~” Lu Juren’s son, being afraid of the rain, continued to cry. Lu Juren tried comforting his son, but nothing was working.

“Aiyo~ That’s not the way to do it, here let me,” said Luo Juanhua as she took her son, opened her clothes, and started breastfeeding the baby.

“What are you doing?! Xiucai is still here!” Lu Juren quickly stood between his wife and his younger brother, using his body as a shield.

“What are you afraid of? Look at him. Do you think he’s even interested in me?” asked Luo Juanhua.

Hearing this, Lu Juren turned around and looked at his brother. He saw that Lu Xiucai had removed his shoes and was sitting on the bed. His eyes were closed and he continued to chant something. He didn’t even notice that his brother and sister-in-law were discussing him.

Lu Juren was actually against his younger brother learning supernatural powers from the Young Daoist. He knew his younger brother would not make it. Plus, he became like this from just a single touch of the Young Daoist’s sword. Lu Juren was worried that his younger brother would be lost forever.

But alas, Lu Juren was not the patriarch; Lu Zhuangyuan was still alive and he had all the power at the moment.

“Wait, where is father?” asked Lu Juren.

Hearing his question, Luo Juanhua rolled her eyes. “How would I know where your father went?”

Then, Luo Juanhua lowered her head toward her son. “My son, you cannot be as dense as your father. You will grow to be an official!”

At that moment, the door slammed open and Lu Zhuangyuan walked in with a serious face.

“Father, where have you been?” Lu Juren approached him.

“Get lost. Why do you care what I am doing? Go to the kitchen and find me the cook,” growled Lu Zhuangyuan.

Knowing that he did not have any authority here, Lu Juren walked out of the room.

Meanwhile, Lu Zhuangyuan saw Luo Juanhua breastfeeding his grandson. He grinned for a moment, before becoming angry. “Scoundrel! Quickly bring a cloth and cover her!”

Soon the cook was brought over. The cook had a mole on his chin and his face was as poor-looking as the waiter. His entire face was oily.

“Dear customer, did you call for me? Do you want to eat anything for supper?” asked the cook as he rubbed his hands nervously.

“Hohoho~” Lu Zhuangyuan chuckled and passed some fragmented silver to the cook. “Young man, as you can see my daughter-in-law just gave birth, but she can’t produce any breast milk. Could you please help me cook some braised pork knuckles and carp soup? It’s for her to produce breast milk.”

Hearing this, Luo Juanhua rolled her eyes and pouted. She did not need it. She had so much breastmilk that her son couldn’t even finish it. She could even feed Xiucai if she wanted.

But she chose to not say anything. After all, only an idiot would say no to a free meal of pork knuckles and carp soup.

“Oh~ Alright, I will go and prepare it. I remember that we still have half a pork knuckle in the kitchen,” said the cook as he turned around.

However, he was once again stopped by Lu Zhuangyuan. “Ai, don’t go so fast. I’m not done yet.”

As he spoke, Lu Zhuangyuan retrieved a silver ingot the size of his thumb and stealthily placed it in the cook’s hands. “Let me ask you something. Did something happen to the people around here?” 𝙛𝓻𝙚𝙚𝔀𝙚𝓫𝓷𝙤𝒗𝙚𝙡.𝒄𝙤𝒎

Hearing this question, the cook, who had already been very cautious, suddenly panicked and threw the silver ingot away as if it were a venomous snake.

“Don’t ask me! I don’t know anything! I don’t know anything!!” The cook ran out of the room in a panic.

Seeing this, Lu Zhuangyuan sighed and collected the silver ingot from the floor. He then turned to his seemingly empty left side and said, “Young Daoist, looks like the cook doesn't want the silver.”

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