Dating My Scumbag Ex’s Uncle-Chapter 934-END

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Chapter 934: Finale

Translator: Lonelytree

“Don’t worry. We will catch them all in one fell swoop,” Jing Tian said softly.

Tong Zhuo’s forces had already infiltrated every corner of this city. Dragon Gate, Raging Flame Alliance, and Sky City were all mobilized, searching m city’s carpet city one by one, finding out every single one of their members from the shadows.

Before he was caught, Tong Zhuo planned to make a final attempt, placing the voodoo worms that he had nurtured into the city’s water supply system.

He had gone mad.

The Mute Girl’s second brother told them the truth about the Tong family being exterminated back then.

Old Master Tong told the secret of the Phoenix Blood to Wen Dian’s grandfather because they were good friends. Who would have thought that old master Wen would have insidious thoughts? Knowing that the next generation of the Tong clan would definitely have Phoenix blood, thus, he tried his best to get his son to marry the Tong clan’s only girl, Tong Huan, but the pampered and independent nan Zheng quickly had a daughter. Before the Tong clan knew that his daughter had the phoenix blood, the Wen family had already guessed it.

The furious Old Master Wen had woven a huge net that covered the entire Tong family. According to the characteristics of each member of the Tong family, he would take them down one by one. Tong Hui was the best to sow discord and use him as a knife. Tong Zhan was too strong, and he could only get rid of him. As for Tong Le, he was still young and was in the rebellious stage. He had severed his ties with the family and had managed to escape this calamity.

For the sake of their daughter’s well-being, Tong Huan and her husband distributed their assets all over the world and managed to escape the Wen family’s encirclement by accident. The person who had set up the fortresses for Tong Huan and his wife was the father and brother of the mute girl. Later on, they fell into the hands of Wen Dian and his son. They had suffered a great deal of torture and were unwilling to say a single word.

The Wen family had Tong Hui and his son as the vanguard. They had only managed to capture a few islands by relying on their understanding of their younger sister. In order to control them easily, even the father and son pair had a wedge driven between them.

Even so, the will of heaven was still hard to defy. I grew up in the midst of suffering and gathered many forces that were becoming increasingly difficult for them to contend with. Finally, I reached the point where Wen Dian had no choice but to step forward.

When we sat down and sorted everything out, I couldn’t help but sigh. So it really was the heavens watching over us. f𝘳ℯℯ𝙬𝒆𝚋𝐧oν𝑒Ɩ.c𝑜𝙢

Qu Hao and Ye Qian joined forces and used three months to destroy Wen Dian’s business empire. Of course, Zhao Mei and Yang Yang’s families also contributed a lot. Wen Dian could be considered to have been knocked down by everyone.

Little uncle and cousin Mo were ready to attack Peony Garden. The Mute Girl’s second brother would lead them in through a secret passage. That place was built with the help of the father and son.

Who would be spared by the heavens? The Wen family tried all their tricks, but in the end, the mute girl’s family, whom they regarded as ants, helped to take the family down from within.

I didn’t go to the final battle. Mai Qi and I were about to give birth. Jing Tian and Qu Hao stayed behind to take care of us. Little Uncle had the mission of the family, and Mai Qi understood and supported him.

Qu Hao asked all of his forces to withdraw and no longer participate in the Tong family’s affairs. The Tong family’s affairs were fair and just. He wanted to protect his sister on behalf of his brother-in-law. He wanted to be the first to hold a nephew.

Mai Qi gave birth naturally. Because of my special situation, Mr. Li brought Tong Yan and the obstetrician to perform a cesarean section together.

Mai Qi gave birth to a boy, and my uncle’s dream of having a daughter fell through, so she could only continue to work hard.

My children arrived in this world safely.

Mr. Li told me with mixed feelings that my son had Phoenix Blood and my daughter…

Mr. Li said, “No one will be able to bully her in the future, but her brother has to take care of her at all times because only her brother can cure her poison in this world!”

After giving birth, I was no different from an ordinary person. I gave everything to my children.

I had the same fate as my mother. In order to protect my children, I could become enemies with the whole world and be fearless.