Dimensional Descent-Chapter 1717 Or Me?

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Chapter 1717 Or Me?

With a thought, Leonel split into several clones. From start to finish, his Dream World was entirely locked onto the vessel, splitting it into components and rebuilding it in his mind. If one looked into his mind right this moment, it would be possible to see tens of thousands of gears, pipes, wires, engine pieces, gas exhausts… the number of things was endless and even when it seemed like they couldn't be cut down any further, he would still split them into more.

In just a few minutes, Leonel understood the flying vessel better than even the engineers who worked on it everyday. If he had to, let alone fly it, he could build it from scratch with nothing but raw materials.

Of course, Leonel had the Segmented Cube if he really wanted to escape as stealthily as possible, but where was the fun in that?

Off to the side, Aina could only shake her head and smile. With the Segmented Cube's abilities, they would probably already be a solar system away by now, but this man insisted on never suffering a loss.

As far as Leonel saw it, pointing out some traitors in Shield Cross Stars midst might embarrass them, but it was ultimately a net positive for them. As things went, he had just done them a favor, and it wasn't the first favor he had done for the human race either.

Considering such a thing, he might as well take some payment for his efforts. They didn't think that they could just use him for free, right?

If DiVincenzo knew what Leonel was thinking, he just might die of blood loss just from coughing up so much in rage.

This wasn't just any normal planetary warship. Leonel hadn't just targeted any one of them, he had targeted the flagship. In the entirety of Shield Cross Stars, there was only one model superior to this one and it was reserved for Tier 1 Star Rank Officers. Considering the status of such officers, those warships rarely saw the light of day.

Even if Leonel had targeted one of the five lesser ships that had come it would have been an unacceptable loss. After all, this was the entirety of DiVincenzo's fleet!

To estimate the cost of one of these planetary warships, talking of Urbe Ores wasn't even appropriate. Instead, one had to speak in terms of revenue of not planets… or quadrants… or galaxies… but Sectors!

In order to build one such warship, it took gathering the entire profits of one Sector for a century, or the profits of 100 Sectors for one year each. These wouldn't be normal Sectors either, but rather Seventh Dimensional Sectors!

In the entirety of the Human Domain, there were only a few hundred such Sectors to begin with. This meant that even if the resources of the whole Human Domain were pooled together without the slightest reservation, only about four or five of these ships could be made per year! And that was only if no one cared about spending funds on anything else!

To say that stealing this ship was a bit of an overkill was understatement, and Leonel most definitely couldn't claim to be ignorant about it either considering his status as a Craftsman. He simply didn't care. They would just have to obediently swallow this loss.

Leonel grinned. "Nice."

His greatest worry had just vanished into thin air.

This ship didn't need to be powered, it was self-sustaining. How lovely, it was like they had put it on a platter just for him.

At that moment, all of Leonel's clones were in place and the ship rumbled just a single time, shocking the whole of the Void Palace.

DiVincenzo, who had been in mad pursuit of the Cloud Race trio, felt his heart skip a beat. It wasn't that he hadn't wanted to use the ships to rush after them, but the problem was that manning such a large warship required hundreds of crewmen and engineers, but he had deployed them all to chase after Leonel! It would take too much time for them to get back and start everything up.

Never had he thought that someone would actually take this opportunity to steal their Tier 2 Star Warship.

If anyone had told him that this would happen before, he would have laughed in their face. How could two people steal a planetary warship? He would have thought that one would have to be woefully ignorant to even think such a thing was possible.

But it was actually happening right before his eyes.

"I'll be taking this as repayment, no need to thank me!"

Leonel's voice echoed through the void, but he had already stopped paying attention to the situation around him, turning toward Aina with a smile.

Aina raised an eyebrow, pretending not to understand the look in Leonel's eye. But before she could react, she was squealing as he swept her into his arms, her battle ax forgotten at the bow of the ship.

Leonel carried Aina into the ship, his lips sealing over her own as he walked about with his eyes closed. He cradled her thighs to either side of his hips with his forearms, his two palms firmly planted on her ass.

The two of them seemed to completely forget the rumbling of the ship, lost in their own world.

They left a trail of clothing in their wake, a piece of fabric falling away with every step that Leonel took.

Leonel kicked open a door, slamming it shut behind him with a heel. His movements didn't have even the slightest hitch in them as he pressed Aina down onto a bed, her heavy breathing matching to the rhythm of their hearts.

Aina looked into Leonel's eyes, their golden hues slightly misty, slightly red, and mostly loving.

"What are you focused on more right now? Flying the ship? Or me?"


The almost succubus-like coercion and temptation in Aina's voice made Leonel as hard as a rock, but he also found the question somewhat amusing. Did the answer matter much? Well, maybe it didn't matter much to him, but she liked to know the answer.

Aina felt herself moisten as Leonel pressed against her. She could feel her delicate pink folds spreading apart and her entrance slowly opening.

She looked into Leonel's eyes, unable to look away, and he was unable to do the same.

"When we crash, just know I'm going to blame it on you," Leonel laughed.

Aina laughed as well, her eyes filled with a hint of happy tears.

She felt nothing but bliss as they fused into one, her moan stifled by the kiss of the man she loved.

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