Dimensional Descent-Chapter 1909 Bets

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Chapter 1909 Bets

Teeth and blood flew.

Leonel grit his teeth. This son of a bitch really had a hard head.

"Hard headed son of a bitch," James said through gritted teeth.

Leonel craned his neck back in response, smashing forward again.

Not to be one to lose out, James craned his own and followed suit.

The sound of their foreheads clashing was akin to two slabs of metal, their brains rattling around as though jello on a plate. Even so, the two didn't seem to notice as they reeled back and smashed forward again.

Leonel's knee suddenly drove up with a hop, catching James off guard and nailing him right in the chin.

James' grip on Leonel's hands loosened as he stumbled back. Leonel tried to follow up with a winding kick, but James trapped it to his hip with an arm lock, roaring once as he lifted Leonel to the air and swung him toward the ground.

Leonel reacted quickly, twisting the position of his knee in James' hold and rounding the latter's back. With a swift movement, he threw his other leg over James' head and over his shoulder before locking in a solid headlock.

James tilted over, the momentum he had gathered while trying to throw Leonel causing him to fall to the ground. His father almost immediately went red, then purple, as Leonel's hold around his neck tightened again and again.

With a slight wind up, James drove a solid elbow into Leonel's liver as though he had eyes in the back of his head.

Leonel gasped for air, his whole body threatening to shut down completely. It was just a short lapse, but James used the opportunity to reach his hands back and grab toward Leonel's shoulders. When James realized that Leonel wasn't wearing a shirt, he changed tactics and grabbed the latter's head, roaring out as he flipped Leonel over his head and smashed him toward the ground.

The wind rushed out of Leonel's lungs, but he didn't have time to react as James' foot descended.

Leonel flipped to his side once, dodging out of the way and palming the ground. He spun on his palm, sweeping his legs out and kicking James' own out from under him.

James lost his footing, tumbling to the ground. Before he could regain his bearings, Leonel had already scrambled over, sliding into a perfect armbar that left James' joints on the verge of bending in the wrong direction.

Leonel drove his hips upward, pinning down James' face and chest with his legs.

The pain shot through James' body in waves and his arm was truly about to snap in two. But right then, he used his free hand to slap at the ground with such force that an enormous crater appeared beneath them as the two flew into the air.

A sickening pop echoed as James dislocated his own shoulder, but he used the added flexibility to shift positions. As the two fell from the air and his elbow was on the verge of popping as well, he made sure that they fell with Leonel's head first.

They rushed toward the ground like a pair of streaking meteors attached at the hip.


Leonel's head collided with the ground, burrowing into it. He was immediately left in a daze. However, at the final moment, he had still managed to break James' arm at the elbow before the impact forced him to loosen his arm.

"Fuck!" They both cried out at the same time.

James stumbled back from the impact, cradling his dislocated shoulder and broken arm. As for Leonel, he barely managed to pull his head out of the ground, but his legs wobbled and his vision blurred.

Their gazes met for just a brief moment before they charged forward again, James with one arm and Leonel like he was some sort of drunk driver on legs.


They tackled one another but ended up spinning off the side and tumbling to the ground again.

They quickly stood and rushed toward one another again, throwing out fists and kicks. Quite frankly, if it wasn't for the fact neither had used Force or any abilities, there would be no doubt that they were trying to kill one another.

At the edge of the ever-erowing crater. Aina watched sneechlesslv.

"... Men..." she shook her head. At this point, she preferred if they had decided to be passive aggressive and petty instead, she had a few tips for that path.

Joel and the others appeared as well, but they seemed to take things very differently.

"Who you got?" Raj asked.

"Cap's already on those bambi legs, classic CTE," Milan nodded like an expert. "He won't last another dozen exchanges, James by TKO."

Franco shook his head. "No way, James' only working with one arm, he's cooked, fried, sauteed, if you will. Cap's got him by the balls."

"What, are you willing to bet?" Milan grinned.

ƥαṇdαηθνε| "I got a dozen kilograms, Seventh Dimensional."

"What is this? Do I look like a beggar to you? Pony up," Milan said with disdain.

"Women are expensive!" Franco protested. "Don't drag me down just because you're single."

"Hoho, I didn't know that being whipped was something to brag about now," Milan laughed harder.

Franco wanted to protest, but thinking about Joyce and her fists, he didn't even have the face to even try to refute.

"Franco's just poor," Raj laughed, "I've got a thousand kilograms right here on Cap, do you dare meat head?!"

Milan, who had been feeling smug, suddenly choked on his breath. His head whipped around and he glared at Raj. Not all of them could form diamonds out of thin air.

Raj laughed so hard his belly rolled in waves.


A sudden collision caused all of their heads to snap over.

"Sssss," Milan grimaced.

"Yeah, that doesn't look too good."

Down below, both Leonel and James had kicked each other in the balls at the same time. It didn't look like it had been on purpose, but who knew with those two madmen?

The both collapsed at the same time, writhing on the ground with tears coming out of their eyes.