Dimensional Descent-Chapter 2371 Clairvoyance

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Chapter 2371 Clairvoyance

The hours seemed to tick by once again without notice, and by the time Aina was fully subdued and gasping for breath, maybe much of a day had gone by.

It was only then that the two finally seemed to get to what Aina was trying to tell him about, and it was more shocking than what Leonel was expecting by far. It almost felt ridiculous that they hadn't gotten to it immediately, but this little vixen had insisted on teasing him.

'This feeling...' Leonel registered what Aina was saying, and then he sensed the changes in his own body. He had gone from a bodily strength of someone in Tier 1 of the Sixth Dimension, to at least Tier 3. Of course, these were metrics he gained by comparing himself to himself.

He didn't believe that he could do so in just a handful of hours; it should have been much slower. The only real explanation was that his intimate time with Aina had sped some things up.

Hearing Aina's explanations as well, these things felt like they all slipped into place. Aina felt far more powerful, to an almost scary degree. According to her words, she felt that she could even fight an Ancestor of the Dimensional Verse now on her own, and that was despite the fact she was still in Tier 1 of the Seventh Dimension and hadn't really learned anything new.

All she had done was die once and then come back. Their best guess was that reconstructing her body had allowed her a great boon. For one, after asking the generation, Aina's soul was now 100% separated from her body. So if that was matched with a complete reconstruction of her body as well, the benefits were obvious.

In fact, Leonel felt that Aina might still be being too conservative with the leap in her strength. Aina's Ability Index allowed her to have a perfect grasp of what was going on in her body, but it was hard to tell exactly how far that extended.

After some thought, Leonel brought out the Silver Tablet, wanting to check something. "Touch this," Leonel said.

Aina blinked, but did as she was told anyway. 'Hm, so it doesn't work like that?' Leonel's eyes narrowed. He was partly trying to get a better look at Aina's Ability Index, and partly trying to understand how to gather more knowledge to raise his contribution points.

The former was a more important point than he knew, though. Aina's Blood Sovereignty, Lineage Factor, and Ability Index were all so perfectly matched to one another that it was hard to draw a dividing line between them. This was excellent for fusing your paths into a single road, but what it wasn't good for was targeting your weaknesses and improving yourself.

Plus, he was curious. "Try pouring some Force into it instead," Leonel changed his words.

Aina blinked. "Wait, it might just be Soul Force," she said after a while and then acted again.

This time, Leonel felt a change. His brows shot up and he slipped into the Silver Tablet.


[Aina Brazinger]

[Ability Index: Body Clairvoyance]

[Lineage Factor: Berserk God: Mutated; Soul Clairvoyance]

Leonel's brows rose. Aina had two Lineage Factors, not just one? Was it always like that? Or did something change? And that second Lineage Factor, it shouldn't be one that she was born with, so did that mean that Aina was a Spark? Or maybe something else?

It was hard to tell when he didn't even know what the original state of Aina's abilities were. However, there was something else that was shocking about this change.

[Leonel Morales - Wise Star Order]

[Clearance Level: Apprentice]


[Life: -]

[Gold: 2]

[Silver: 2]

[Bronze: 1]

[Black: -]

[Common: 1 307 820]

Leonel stood in silence. There had been not only an addition to his Gold Contributions, but two. And as thought that wasn't enough, there was an additional point added to his Silver Contributions as well. Aina had three Force Arts formed from her contributions, and there were exactly three additional points added to his totals.

That meant that even the weakest of Aina's talents was at the level of Goggles. Was it truly always like this? Leonel's instincts were telling him that something had changed...

'Hm?' Leonel looked to the side, and another side of the library, or more accurately, his library, had gained something.

When Leonel looked closer, it was actually a copy of the Blood Sovereign Tablet. It had been unceremoniously copied. When he reached out for it and grasped it, it felt just as tangible as Aina's own. In fact, he even felt like he could take it out if he wanted.

Was this a copy, or? Leonel sent his mind back outside, and he found that Aina's tablet was still there. The Blood Sovereign Tablet had actually been duplicated with such ease.

The more he learned about the Silver Tablet, the more he felt like he understood it. It was a well of knowledge, first and foremost. But it was also akin to the last line of defense. So long as the Silver Tablet existed, or maybe even a Bronze Tablet like the one in Aina's father's possession, the knowledge of the Envoys of Creation would continue to persist.

Just coming into contact with a Blood Sovereign like he had allowed him to reform an entire tablet from thin air, allowing the knowledge to continue to be spread.


It was no wonder the Vast Bubble had access to such tablets. If they had a Wise Star Order like King, and so powerful at that, his own library must have been far beyond Leonel's.

But then... why did an Emperor's Might tablet not appear when he entered? Leonel then remembered. It said that Aina's Berserk God Lineage Factor was mutated, but it didn't say the same for his own. In fact, it called it Emperor's Might and not King's Might.

This should be because by the time he interacted with the Silver Tablet again, his Lineage Factor had fallen into dormancy. Leonel shook his head and focused on Aina. "Do you want to see? I'm not sure it would be a help to you or hindrance, though."

Aina blinked for a moment as though thinking about something, but she eventually nodded with quite some certainty.


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