Dimensional Descent-Chapter 2385 Perfect Match

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Chapter 2385 Perfect Match

After reviewing Raylion's path, his fighting style was fairly clear to Leonel. He was almost a mage of sorts. He liked to control a battle from a distance, and though he had recently begun using his body more actively due to the refinement of the Demon Pills that Aina had created, that was still not his preference.

What was more interesting than this, though, was the construction of the telekinesis Ability Index. Then, he remembered how Yuri had masked her true Ability Index by using Telekinesis as a cover.

The Telekinesis Ability Index was a method of imposing your will onto reality. It was far more like a Weapon Force than it was a manifestation of Force. Meaning, a person with Telekinesis didn't manifest "telekinetic Force" and then move things. No, instead they directly thought about the movement of an object and moved it.

This was why it was so similar to a Weapon Force, because it was precisely this that gave Weapon Forces their strength. One part was the fundamental laws, but the other portion was human ingenuity, or in other words, human will.

This was another reason that Leonel had given Drake a Telekinetic Ability Index to fuse with his Pure Marksmanship.

The question was how he could help Raylion strengthen himself, and once again, he found an answer in an unexpected place.

Allan, the smartest of his brothers, had an Electromagnetic Ability Index. He was able to magnetize objects and targets, using it for anything from accelerating his speed, increasing his attack power, or amplifying his defenses.

Due to his intelligence, Allan had thought of all ways to use this seemingly "simple" Ability Index.

The two seemed entirely unrelated-Allan and Raylion's Ability Indexes, that is-but Leonel didn't feel it to be so. Giving non-magnetic objects magnetism was a method of imposing your will onto reality. After all, Allan wasn't relying on a Force either, but rather his Ability Index entirely. The difference was scale. Allan focused on the quantum level, while Raylion functioned on a more macro scale.

Of course, he couldn't just swap their abilities like he had done with others and call it a day. They were compatible in terms of function, but not in terms of concept. They wouldn't become crippled if they fused, but they would still be stronger overall.

Instead, he began to look through the Ability Indexes that he had to see if he could find similar effects. Unsurprisingly, he did find some, each of them relying on imposing your will onto reality. There was a Gravity Ability Index, a Heat Ability Index, and surprisingly, Leonel's own Ability Index and that of King Alexandre's fell into this category, though they were not the exact same.

The Gravity Ability Index was self-explanatory, but what was interesting was the Heat Ability Index. The latter could control the excited state of chemical bonds, either chilling them by removing heat, or superheating them by increasing their state of excitement.

These two mirrored Raylion and Allan quite well and gravity was an especially good match for electromagnetic forces, though the latter was by far more powerful.

Leonel gave Allan both the Gravity Ability Index and the Heat Ability Index, and only portions of the Telekinesis Ability Index. As for Raylion, he did the opposite, giving him bits and pieces of all three.

Allan's eyes lit up almost immediately due to the changes, while Raylion was a bit slower to get there. He didn't have the understanding of physics that Allan did, and he was probably the least talented of those present as well.

But Leonel believed in his grit, and as such, sent them off to meditate on the changes.

That only left the more difficult of them. Of course, Leonel also had yet to help those of the Morales that were left, but he was still thinking about how to handle this matter.

Sael was one of the new members of his party that he had known for quite a long time, even longer than Raylion. She was also Raylion's wife and happened to have a particularly tricky Ability Index because it was entirely unique, at least in the Dimensional Verse.

[Sael Erouge] [Ability Index: Crowned Greenery]

Crowned Greenery allowed her to use plant life abilities and her battle form was akin to a queen flower of sorts. He found that her Ability Index had aspects similar to Aphestus. Aphestus was able to eat beasts and assimilate their strengths into himself, while Sael did the same with plant life.

He helped her incorporate some of that assimilation aspect into her Ability Index, but the most important thing was the Lineage Factor he matched it with: a portion of his own. Or, more accurately, the Florer family's Lineage Factor.

As for Aphestus, Leonel reversed it and gave him some of Sael's assimilation aspects. At the same time, he took portions of the Radix and Midas family Lineage Factors which allowed one to give life to metals and the other to swallow flames for strength, and gave them to Aphestus as well. Of course, he didn't give Aphestus metal or fire affinities, he rather took bits and pieces that would be useful to him in digesting beasts for their abilities.

Finally, he was left with Raj and Elthor. The two were quite similar.

Raj had an extremely high earth affinity and his ability index allowed him to control earth on a quantum level, changing its structure and strengthening or weakening it depending on his preferences.

Elthor's Ability Index gave him a high earth affinity as well, but mostly focused on just one Force: Chaotic Particle Force.

The two were easily a match made in heaven. Chaotic Particle Force was called as such not only for its chaotic properties, but also the fact that unlike most earth Forces, it was powerful even as a single particle. But due to this, it was extremely difficult to control and when Elthor fought, he often had to gather up all of his Chaotic Particle Force into easy to manipulate shape, relinquishing one of the most powerful characteristics of his Force.

Raj, on the other hand, was stuck with using simpler earth Forces, but he could control them to a molecular level. How much more perfect could they be for one another?

Leonel stored that one away for later. He was pretty sure that Raj was the one that took the picture of Joel sleeping in his arms. Revenge was abound.