Dimensional Descent-Chapter 2787 Balance

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Chapter 2787 Balance

There, high in the skies, the only points of light were flickering stars. It was a gorgeous sight that only became more so after the silvery points of light became an array of violet instead.

They connected, one after another, the contrast of the black skies against the violet making the lights almost seem piercing, as though every time one star connected to the next, and then the next, it was another dagger right through the heart. And yet, rather than pain, it was akin to a resonant bell through the body, like your very soul was acknowledging the beauty of what was being seen.

And then the shape solidified.

A sculpture of transparent, violet starlight trembled in the skies, taking the shape of a scorpion.

A pillar of light descended from the skies, falling atop of Amynta's head and pushing Leonel even further away.

Leonel watched this scene silently, a frown creeping up on his face. He had never seen a Constellation used like this, at least not to this extent. It should be a technique, one that wasn't in the Godlen library but rather kept by Amynta personally. And it seemed like compared to her mastery of [Universe], [Domain] or [Finality], her understanding of this method was on a completely different level.

When the pillar of light vanished, Amynta's hair and eyes seemed to become several shades lighter, giving off their own light. Her long ponytail seemed to be dancing in the wind at first glance, but upon second inspection it was rather that it was wildly swaying, an abrupt, violent, yet controlled movement.

With a BANG! she shot forward, her scythe sweeping out from one direction and her tail piercing from another.

The attack left Leonel without any choice but to retreat. However, the moment he took a step back, there was a second attack, then a third. Pincer and scythe moved as one until suddenly Amynta's eyes became nothing more than orbs of violet. There were no pupils, no sclera, no distinct irises, just a smooth orb that pierced into the soul.

Leonel quickly realized that this wasn't a trick of the mind. It was an ocular technique of some sort, and it seemed to attack his Dream Force, pressuring it and beginning to eat at the edges. It dulled his senses and some of his mental sharpness, and as time passed, it only became faster and faster.

It was clearly poison, but it was poison on a level beyond anything that Leonel had even considered in the past. It wasn't just capable of attacking the tangible, but its seeped through the Dimensions, even beginning to impact Leonel's real soul, amorphously and seemingly without meeting the slightest bit of resistance.

Leonel's brows shot up and he felt that this situation was quickly getting out of his control. However, panic wasn't his first reaction. In fact, if it wasn't for the change to his Dream Force path, he wouldn't have had a change in expression at all.

He didn't have to dismiss his opponent, he could respect them.

But that didn't mean he had to fear them.

Leonel's spear spun in his hands the rotation countering both scythe and pincer at once, he took a step forward and his aura erupted, with a roar, the earth of the Godlen city trembled. Towering pillars of earth formed then were crushed by a mysterious force as though a God had reached down and formed it like clay.


Leonel's exchange with Amynta never came to a stop. Scythe, spear and pincer danced in the skies, each collision sending out a wave of destruction in all directions.

From Leonel's half everything that came across his Destruction Sovereignty crumbled to ash, corroding from the outside in.

From Amynta's half, everything that came across her poisonous Force crumbled to dust, corroding from the inside out.

Amynta saw the enormous meteors forming in the skies, but she could do nothing to stop their formation. Her hands were completely tied down by Leonel.

However, she wasn't worried.

If Leonel planned to use the citizens to threaten her, she was entirely unmoved. At the same time, those meteors were far too large to attack her while they were in the midst of this battle. Leonel would end up harming himself as well.

That was until the meteors shrunk by half.

And then by another half.

And then by half again.

The space around the once enormous meteors shook and quaked as the force to compress them became larger and larger.

Amynta's gaze trembled, or as much as they could in its current condition. She didn't understand how anyone could have this much control over Earth Force, and she feared what the result of such an action would be even more. f(r)eenovelkiss.com

Auspicious Air suddenly bloomed from Leonel. Deep within his Ethereal Glabella, a poisonous Force tried to assault the core of his mind, but a fluttering wind caused his Mana Core to glow.

The bronze leaves on the glorious tree shone brighter and brighter until the meteors compressed once more. From over 50 meters in diameter, the meteors had become not even half a meter. They looked as black as the night sky above them and yet still stood out in the darkness, shaking the space around them.

Leonel took a single step back, dodging out of the way of the coming pincer of Amynta's hair and parrying her scythe with a swift motion.

And then the two once-meteors rocketed forward. The followed the trajectory of Leonel's spear, somehow both blunt and sharp at once.

By this point, Leonel's spear was littered with nicks and cuts. If not for continuously reforming it, it would have long since collapsed, but when the meteors descended, everything changed.

One of the meteors began to glow a fierce white light and the other glowed a dull black. They balanced into a form of yin and yang, the Auspicious Air around Leonel doubling and then doubling once more.

When the ball of black finally descended, everything that was in its path was severed and Amynta was blown back so fast and hard that her body caught fire.

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