Disciple Cashback System: I Got Exposed By My Disciple-Chapter 742 - Yuelun Leaves Seclusion

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742 Yuelun Leaves Seclusion

Although she could decide if she wanted to accept a disciple on behalf of her teacher, Zhuge Yueyue did entertain such thoughts.

If she were to make a mistake, would that not be equivalent to causing trouble for her teacher?

Therefore, she decided to only take a look at what was going on.

“Let’s go first.”

Zhuge Yueyue led Feng Xiyun and Xiang Yun towards the main hall.

When they arrived at the main hall, they saw a familiar figure.

“Chief Yuelun.”

Zhuge Yueyue immediately greeted Yuelun respectfully when she saw her.


Chief Yuelun… had already reached the supreme realm?

Furthermore, she seemed to have reached the middle stage of the supreme realm.

It seemed that Chief Yuelun’s secluded cultivation after the gathering had borne fruit.

When Yuelun saw Zhuge Yueyue and the others walking over, a brilliant smile on her face.

Then, she looked at Xiang Yun and squatted down slightly to rub her little head.

“Little girl, you’re here too. I haven’t seen you for a long time. You’ve grown a little taller and more beautiful.”


Feeling a little smug at this moment, Xiang Yun said, “First Sister has told me that as long as I eat more, I will grow up faster. That’s why I eat until my stomach is full every day.”

“It won’t take long for me to grow up to be as tall as my sisters, or even taller!”

Yuelun covered her mouth and chuckled. Then, she looked at Zhuge Yueyue and asked, “Is your teacher still in seclusion?”

“Yes, he has been in secluded cultivation since we returned from the gathering.”


Yuelun nodded. It had been a long time since she and Ye Xuan last met, so she missed him.

She had also absorbed a lot of the energy Ye Xuan had exuded earlier, which helped her consolidate her cultivation foundation and reach the middle stage of the supreme realm.

Originally, she had planned to thank Ye Xuan, but who would have thought that he was still cultivating?

“Are you planning to accept a few disciples for your teacher?” Yuelun asked with a smile.

“Not for the time being. Before Teacher entered secluded cultivation, he told me to observe carefully, and rather than potential, I should look at character.”

“If I really encounter someone suitable, I will accept a disciple on Teacher’s behalf.”

Zhuge Yueyue told her everything in detail. In any case, those who were familiar with Ye Xuan knew how unique his requirements and methods were for recruiting disciples.

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This time, it was Zhuge Yueyue’s turn to make the decision, and she would abide by her teacher’s criteria.

Cloud Sky peak had always been unique.

It was definitely much easier to make a talented person grow into a peerless expert. However, making an ordinary person into a peerless expert…

This was true strength.

“Haha, this method is quite suitable for your teacher.”

After saying these words, Yuelun admired Ye Xuan even more.

Other people wanted to take in more genius disciples, but Ye Xuan was different. He only chose those that he liked.

For example, when Ye Xuan had just taken Zhuge Yueyue in, she was not favored by all the chiefs, but Ye Xuan had still chosen her.

After taking Zhuge Yueyue as his disciple, Ye Xuan personally taught her, and she had ended up becoming one of the sect’s leading geniuses.

At that time, Yuelun also felt that Zhuge Yueyue was gifted. Her talent was only hidden, which was why she was not discovered. However, after she learned more about it, she realized that Ye Xuan had used a large number of divine pills and medicine to rebuild her physique, which led to her current achievements.

It was with Ye Xuan’s help that she became a rising star. Perhaps this was Ye Xuan’s true strength. Even an ordinary disciple could become a peerless genius under his tutelage.

“Alright, we shouldn’t tarry around here. Let’s go inside first.”

Yuelun smiled and pulled Zhuge Yueyue into the main hall. Feng Xiyun and Xiang Yun followed behind silently.

Originally, Xiang Yun wanted to check out the study hall and see how Elder Huang was doing.

However, when she had only taken two steps, the disciples of the main peak all stared at her guardedly. It was as if they were on guard against a criminal.


Xiang Yun rolled her eyes and quietly stayed beside her senior sisters.

Did they really think that she was going to tear down the study hall again?