Divine Emperor of Death-Chapter 2935 Adoring The Fire Dragon (R-18)

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Chapter 2935  Adoring The Fire Dragon (R-18)

Inside the Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace's master bedroom, a purple-robed man had a fine crimson-haired beauty under him on the bed. She was utterly naked, except for the last piece of clothing on her voluptuous body. He removed her exquisite red stockings and measured the length of her legs by running his naughty and uncontrollable tongue over its magnificence.


Zestria moaned ever so lightly as she started to feel ticklish and pleasured. Her crimson lips were a sloppy wet mess, a trace of how the man brought her here and thoroughly ravaged her mouth with his own. Her eyes were already brimming with tears of happiness from being chosen out of all her sisters, and that happiness only grew as she felt him more.

She then arched her back slightly, allowing him more access. The man licked up her thighs until he reached the apex between them.


The woman gasped when his tongue found her pink bud and began licking it gently with just enough pressure to make her shudder. Her body trembled under his touch, but he didn't stop. Instead, he kept going until his tongue made contact with her pussy, and he pushed inside.


Zestria screamed out loud at the sudden tongue penetration from below, her mind and soul senses being overwhelmed by pleasure. The man continued pushing his slimy tongue deeper into her, making her moan and cry out for him to go faster. His tongue was soon joined by a finger, stretching her open even further than before.

"Nn… Mm."

She bucked against his hand and tongue, feeling the heat building within her. Soon, she was on the verge of orgasm, begging the man to finish her off in her mind as she kept her mouth shut and shook her head.

"Not yet."

But instead, he pulled away from her and stood up, leaving her panting.

Davis smirked as he saw that Zestria was thoroughly sensitive, wanting him more than ever that she was feeling immense pleasure from the slightest touch, making him feel like he must remove the stiffness from her legs but also-

He pulled back even more, looking at her long legs. He held them as though they were delicate porcelain and placed both hands onto one leg, spreading them apart from the other.

This view alone made his thing erect like a cannon, causing Zestria to use her palms to hide her face from complete embarrassment.

She couldn't help but remember how long it has been since she was at his mercy, on the day he first took her, making her his woman and the other when they arrived upon the First Haven World, where he had taken care of each of them one by one. Those were the last vestiges of intimate moments she could remember with him other than beloved kisses, so her eyes were expectantly looking at him, wondering how he would make her feel now.


Zestria shuddered ever so lightly in pleasure as she felt her toe feel warm. Through the crevice of her palms, she saw him take her toes into his mouth, sucking and kissing them. Then, he did the same with each foot, sending waves of pleasure throughout her entire body. His tongue rolled over her feet, causing her to whimper and writhe under his ministrations.


Zestria bit her lips while her expression looked as though he must not do this. But despite that, her resistance was so weak, her eyes clouding over in pleasure as he sucked and kissed her toes and even rolled his tongue over the crevices, leaving her feeling it heavily. When he finally finished, he slowly lifted his head, staring down at her from above while holding her legs dear.

"You are so beautiful, my Zestria."

"I'm always yours, my love~"

Zestria's lips quivered as a longing expression filled her face, always loving it when he called her his.

Davis smiled.

But he wasn't finished yet, moving down to her calves, kissing and licking every inch of her skin.


His actions made Zestria shudder once more, unable to believe that he was still focused on her legs. Did he like them that much?

Davis alternated between her calves, kissing them to his heart's content. He stopped briefly to lick and suck her inner thigh. When he reached the juncture of her legs, his tongue circled around her slit, teasing her entrance.

"Guh… Nn…"

Zestria bit her lips as she tried to hold herself together, but her hips began bucking against his head as though she was trying to force him inside.

However, like a fisherman who kept dangling the bait, never letting the fish bite as he tempted it more and more, he pulled back again, starting to lick her toes again.


Zestria let out a cry of pleasure and disappointment, wanting him to finish her, but he went back to focusing on her legs again. She liked that he loved her legs, but if he kept on teasing her, she felt like she would go crazy and act like a slut in front of him which she didn't want to do, not after acting like she was waiting for him when all she wanted to do was have him wrap her into a ball and fuck her silly when hearing teasing stories from Mingzhi and Fiora.

Looking at Zestria plead with her eyes, Davis rolled his tongue around her toe while still holding her limp leg.

"Do you know that these legs saved me countless times more than I can remember?"

He uttered while letting her toe go and licking the front of her shapely feet as though he was enamored with it.

know that you have been incorporating Wind Laws into that same movement technique ever since then, which became my base to survival during my heavenly tribulation- mff~

His sudden utterance woke Zestria out of her reverie, causing her to make an inquisitive expression on her face while still being pleasured.

"Back then, when you used Falling Meter of the Fire Dragon on the spirits, I witnessed your movement technique. It possessed a burst of explosive force that I have never seen, not to mention I know that you have been incorporating Wind Laws into that same movement technique ever since then, which became my base to survival during my heavenly tribulation- mff~

Davis kissed her calves, licking and kissing as though he was worshiping her.

His words made Zestria shaken. Her heart pounded like anything while she felt her body turn hotter by the second.

She helped Davis survive his heavenly tribulation…? What… what was this about!?

"What?" Davis narrowed his eyes, "Were you thinking I was not paying attention to you or something?"

"It's difficult to see Tina and Dalila because they are in closed doors seclusion, but you who train in the Lucent Windstorm Valley Formation are not difficult to visit. Not only would I use my soul body, which is mostly studying about the First Haven World, to secretly visit you all occasionally, but I'll also use the projections available to me as the master of this palace to know how you're all doing."

His tongue never left her legs, seemingly tracing over her fine and delicate shape like he was caressing a treasure, except he was like a dog licking a bone.

"Particularly, I was enamored by your fire and wind attribute mixed movement technique recently with my interest in Wind Laws growing, so if anything, I am grateful to these legs for giving me wonderful insights that allowed me to surviv-"


Davis watched Zestria orgasm as she threw her head back, her hips shaking as she squirted again and again at him, drenching his abs.

"Aa-ah… look at that all go to waste… come here!"

Davis grinned as he abruptly pulled her close, latching onto her body as he wrapped his arms around her waist and shoved his face at her overflowing cave.


Zestria reeled in pleasure as she felt him suck the soul out of her. She could sense him drinking straight from her source, causing her eyes to reel back as her body twitched heavily.