Divine Emperor of Death-Chapter 3487 Or Reality?

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Chapter 3487  Or Reality?


Tia was unable to hide her smile. She held his shoulders, appearing to push him away, but not so much as her resistance appeared to be weak. She didn't even know why she was feeling incredibly embarrassed when she wanted this to happen for so long.

When Davis saw it, he smiled knowingly and went in for a kiss again as he chased her lips.


Tia shuddered ever so lightly as he caught her lips and made her turn to look at him. Her eyelids quivered, and she saw him savoring her expression with much amusement, causing her to close her eyes and enjoy this sensation she longed for.

Her lips subconsciously responded to his movements, allowing her to know his taste more.

She wanted more of it, and as though knowing her thoughts, he parted her lips, extended his tongue inside, and caught hers in an amorous trap.


Tia held his shoulders firmly and began reciprocating. She didn't care anymore that this was an illusion and began to seek him out quite passionately, following his movements as he twisted her tongue and kissed him sweetly.

"I will… I will become your woman…"

She sent him a soul transmission with longing and didn't let him go even when he tried to reply to her with his own mouth as she held his head and pressed him against hers.

A minute later, she let him go and opened her eyes. She looked at his sapphire eyes as though searching for his emotions and saw that he was full of affection for her.

"I'm happy…"

She spoke gently, smiling as her lips quivered, tears streaming down her face.

Davis appeared to be glad that she reciprocated.

"Tia, I-"

She suddenly placed a finger on his lips and sat properly on the sofa, looking straight ahead as her expression was half satisfied and half firm.

"But… you don't have to go this far… to make an illusion…"

Davis blinked, "Tia, you misunderstand. I-"

"Really…" Tia smilingly shook her head, "You don't have to go this far to inflict an illusion on me… make me live a life with you for a few years amidst the harem to show me how difficult it is to have some time with you. I know what I am signing up for… and I want it."

She stood up and turned to look at him with a cheeky smile, "And no amount of simulation is going to make me think that I would hate to live such a life. In fact, if I can be together with such wonderful women who will take care of me like they will take care of their own siblings like they were their sworn sisters and have a loving husband whom I know will love me to death for a fact, then nothing else can beat it~"


Tia uttered with blinding confidence as she smiled, causing Davis to blink again, wondering if Natalya's delusional confidence had gotten into Tia. After all, they were together for some time, so he felt it wouldn't be strange if Natalya had gotten to her.

In his mind, Tia may have become shrewd, but Natalya was shrewder.

Nonetheless, he couldn't help but smile.

"I'm impressed that you found out that this was an illusion."

"Hehe~" Tia giggled, not forgetting that she was still in bed, probably sleeping while Davis would've probably sneaked inside like last time, "I would have you not underestimate me, big brother. I'm capable of reading illusions and even breaking them at the same-"

"-at the same…"

Tia repeated but blinked, appearing to find that something was not making sense. She inclined her head and brought out her aura as her Karmic Guardian Physique manifested into the shape of a cocoon guarding her.

She plucked one of the strings, causing her head to swivel crazily, which made Davis stand in shock.

"Tia! Are you alright…?"

Tia stopped once Davis spoke, causing her to shudder. She turned to look at him stiffly, unable to believe this was… reality!

"You have some scary powers that would make one think you're a monster. Sigh, come here…"

Davis caught her wrist and brought her closer as he embraced her dearly.

"This is reality, Tia."

His words made her shudder.

"I have made a step that cemented the fact that we're no longer simply nephew and an aunt."

Davis's voice was solemn. He caressed her head and kissed her forehead, "I will accept your feelings of love towards me as a man and take you as my woman. From now on, you can drop 'big brother' when addressing me and call me by my name."


Tia raised her head, her eyes teary as her lips moved, "This can't be true… this is too good to be true…"

Her voice shook, causing Davis to display a wry smile, "I see I have disillusioned you so much that you can't think this situation can't be happening."

"That's because-!"

Tia reached out her hands, grabbing his face as she looked at him as though she was afraid to lose him, her gaze full of tumultuous emotions that shook Davis.

He could only imagine what she received from her future self, causing him to lean and take her lips once again.

Tia accepted and reciprocated with passion as though she badly needed it. Her tears stained his face, but they didn't care, soothing and seeking each other through the affection and worry they shared.

Davis let go as he saw that she calmed down. He lifted her and sat on the sofa before he placed her on his lap and held her closer, embracing her as he patted her small back that carried many burden alongside him.

"Tia, are you sure you want me?"


A melodious voice filled with clarity and longing resounded in his ears, causing him to smile lightly.

"But I have a few conditions."

Davis uttered, causing her brows to rise before she pulled back and looked at his face, her expression scrunching into one of worry.

"W-What is it?" She asked hesitantly, aware that they had numerous hurdles to cross even if they accepted each other.

Davis gave a solemn nod, "Get permission from your parents and my mother. Otherwise, I cannot accept you."

"That may prove to be a bit… difficult…"

Tia wryly smiled, causing Davis to stare at her before a smile escaped.

"Just kidding. Their permissions are only secondary, but know that if you don't obtain permission, then I'm no longer just a womanizer but also someone who greatly let down their trust when they handed you to me to protect. I do not wish to become such a person, but I'm already fond of you enough to be not willing to give you to anyone else. Not only do I need you, I want you and adore you."

Davis leaned and pecked her cheek lightly a few times, "Do you understand?"

"Hehe~ Yes…"

Tia moved her face slightly and smiled fondly, appearing to want to be coddled by him.

She turned around and caught his lips, sharing soft and sweet kisses that filled her heart with incredible warmth that she felt like she could never be this happy. However, a sudden thought overwhelmed her mind, causing her to pull back.

"What about your wives? Do you think they would accept me? Accept our relationship…?"

Davis wryly chuckled, "I don't know about Isabella and the others, but I already know that Evelynn would accept you because when Evelynn said to me that I shouldn't risk my life for some other woman, she indicated for me to take them."

"…" Tia's lips pursed as she also felt the same.

She had asked Evelynn, and the other party never outright said for her to stay away. She felt like she could make big sister her ally and have a strong backing in order to get the others to accept her, but on the other hand, she wanted to do it by herself.

But hearing his words, she blinked.

"Is that when you faced heavenly tribulation in my stead…?"

"That's right." Davis raised his brows, "Did you fall in love with me back then?"

"Perhaps…" Tia lightly smiled, "But I've made my decision to be with you after you left for the Astral Forgeheart Minor Realm."


Tia quickly placed a finger on his lips, interrupting him.

"And before you say I was influenced, I would rather you say that my emotions only strengthened and allowed me to be determined than wishy-washy about it for so long."

She smiled affectionately, closely wrapping her arms around his neck as she gazed at him longingly.

Davis couldn't believe she hid- no, suppressed such intense emotions of love from him. This woman whom he thought of as a little sister, willing to protect her with no asks in return, was showering him with the same kind of love he felt from his wives.

He couldn't help but smile, shake his head, and close his eyes as he released a sigh.

"The reason I was able to make a firm decision about you was because I planned to close off my heart after you since I no longer wish to disrespect Evelynn and the others, even you. With you, Myria, and Yotan, I won't entertain anymore-"


Davis flinched as he opened his eyes, looking at Tia's eyes becoming teary again.

"Why are you crying…?" Davis narrowed his eyes in confusion.

Tia sniffled, "That's… so sad…"

"Yes, sad for Evelynn and-"

"I- I won't deny that, but why…? Why don't you just accept them before they do something stupid…? Before it's too late for both parties…?"

Tia beat his shoulders softly with her fists, appearing to demand some answers, which left Davis a bit dumbfounded.

Was this woman vouching for Jade and Ivy now that she had gotten her wish of wanting to be with him?

Davis felt that was not right as he felt she would've done this regardless of whether he accepted her or not, as he could sense a unique bond Tia shared with Jade Aurora and Ivy Aries with Heart Intent. Tia's heart was full of worry for them, and she might even consider them sworn sisters with how intense the emotions she felt for them were!