Divine Emperor of Death-Chapter 3573 Sleepy Mira

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Chapter 3573  Sleepy Mira

After bidding farewell to the three loving mothers, Davis cleaned up the rooms and then finally started cultivating techniques in his mental realm. All his three cultivations were maxed out at Level Nine Immortal King Stage when it came to energy, so he directed all his attention to practicing techniques while time for comprehension was less.

Besides, practicing techniques could invoke insights, so he prioritized that and practiced for ten days straight.

His huge chambers also had a battle room where he spent time with Mira for practical purposes. It was affixed with a spatial formation that extended space on top of overlapping with the temporal formation that covered his entire chamber.

Mira had lowered her cultivation to the Early Immortal Emperor Beast Stage so she could train with Davis optimally. If she used all her power, she would be breaking the formations left and right, not to mention his bones.

Fortunately, Mira was able to control herself well.

Outside, two and a half days had passed, and Davis temporarily exited seclusion.

The mansion was practically abandoned or, rather- empty, with no one in sight.

Everyone was working hard on their cultivation, and he guessed their avatars were busy, leaving Davis alone in the hall.

He awaited Nyoran's presence, but she didn't come, making him think she was still secluded in cultivation as last time, it seemed she had visited Mingzhi and told him that she was going to enter a long seclusion.

If anything bad had happened, he knew Mingzhi would've noticed, so he guessed Nyoran was undergoing or getting ready to face her Immortal Emperor Beast Tribulation.

He wondered if he should go there himself when he summoned his soul body but suddenly blinked, remembering about avatars.

He slapped his forehead, thinking about the ten days he wasted. Not only did his brain become mush from pounding three milfs, but he also trained his techniques with full focus that he forgot all about it.

It didn't even float to the surface of his mind until a while ago, but he simply shrugged.

'Oh well, losing thirty percent of my soul essence is a big deal. I could handle the intense pain rather easily, but I would be all exhausted and healing without being unable to concentrate on practicing techniques, so it's all right, I guess…'

He went back to his chamber and, on the way, met Esvele, who nodded at him.

Their interaction was brief as Esvele seemed to be delivering resources from the Treasury, so he nodded before they passed by each other. He then entered his chamber and saw Mira sleeping on his bed.

Mira was on her knees, and her head was on the pillow, appearing to be drooling. However, she was butt naked with her skirt up, sleeping like a log, but of course, he hadn't touched her.

All she had to do was eat and sleep in order to grow.

It was just- he learned that when Mira slept, her breathing was like a snore— as loud as the universe's rumble, and she kept moving around, sleeping in strange positions. She was truly a dragon. One time, when he was tired after practice and rested. She also slept beside him but suddenly kicked him flying and continued to sleep as though nothing had happened.

'Sheesh… she doesn't even bother to create panties…'

Davis shook his head. Magical beasts tended to wear their energy around them, shaped and structured like robes or other variety of clothes, and Mira tended to be sloppy as she was in a protected environment or wanted to be free.

She had no sense of danger, and he guessed she wasn't worried since her goal was to seduce him anyway.

Perhaps she was telling him she was ready anytime.

'I'll put you up for auction in the Harem Council so they can finally adopt you as their own…'

Davis appeared at Mira's side and looked at her fondly.

He had spent a lot of days with her and day by day, he was growing more affectionate towards her. He intended to have the Harem Council vote on Yotan after its official creation, and then Mira, taking things slowly but the Divine Union between Myria and him ruined everything.

However, he didn't feel regretful because he made that choice.

In fact, he was glad he did it and was still here with his wives. This would make it so that not sleeping with Myria would be the wrong answer, as he would've made Myria incredibly sad and probably caused some trust issues. If not, she would've been never vulnerable as she was with him the other day.

Nonetheless, he reached out his hand and pulled on her skirt to hide her nether region.


However, Mira suddenly made a move and flipped like an acrobatic athlete, locking his head over her nether region and humming comfortably, still sleeping like a log.


Davis hurriedly patted Mira's thighs.

She was going to kill him with her pure strength, allowing him to imagine crushed between her thighs. Fortunately, she loosened her grip after a few seconds, allowing him to come out unscathed.

Davis moved his neck, cracking it into place.

Fortunately, Mira didn't use much power, or else his head would've flown off. He would've survived and reattached his head, but he didn't know where he would go to keep his face after that.

He couldn't help but suddenly remember where his face was, his lips touching her lower lips from the strangle, causing him to blink before he shook his head.


Davis heaved a sigh, keeping some distance from Mira, the heavy sleeper and silent headlock assassin before he began to meditate and bring himself to an optimal focus. After all, he was going to sever his soul right now.

He had researched a lot of avatar techniques but none came close to the Solitary Soul Avatar Technique in terms or requirements, re-usability, energy conservation and freedom.

He only needed thirty percent of his soul essence in terms of requirements. As for re-usability, he could absorb the avatar back, reclaiming his soul essence as long as it doesn't die, or he would receive a backlash.

As for energy conservation and freedom, that was better than most avatar techniques he had seen, restricted by most of the ingredients that they were made up of.

Fallen Heaven's collection may be crap considering this was a mortal technique, and most techniques missed certain sections, but its quality was high. Fortunately, the Solitary Soul Avatar Technique still worked for immortals, so he wouldn't be troubled by that.

Nonetheless, the question was if this technique would work on his unique soul physique. Otherwise, he'd be wasting thirty-percent of his soul essence which will take some significant amount of time to restore unless he used Fallen Heaven.

If the technique failed, there would be a backlash as well, so he couldn't afford to fail or waste time recovering.

Davis moped over for some time, unable to focus before he finally entered an optimal zone, deciding to use the Solitary Soul Avatar Technique.

After he began to create the vessel with his soul force, he split her soul. Terrifying pain assailed him. He had cut down his reincarnation-attribute soul essence with an incredibly sharp spear made from his own soul force and grabbed the severed part, throwing it into that vessel.

Even though the pain was extreme, his face didn't twitch as he was already used to this maneuver since he had done it multiple times.

This was what disabled most from using the Solitary Soul Avatar Technique, as it literally sacrifices thirty percent. Even heavenly geniuses would go limp or descend into a coma for who knows how long if they did that without being able to recover their soul essence.

That's why it could not be used by most people except individuals like him, who could heal himself and heal others.


The soul avatar soon manifested inside the vessel in his soul sea, making Davis hold his breath.

Whether the avatar would manifest or collapse all depended on this moment! This was the moment of truth!

The vessel glowed brightly when a head emerged from it, causing Davis to tremble.

That two hands then came out along with the upper body, lightly stopping before the lower body also emerged.


A Davis quickly appeared before him, standing up as he turned to look at Davis with a smirk. At that moment, the connection was fully established.


Davis laughed as he spread his hands.

Finally! He was now able to multitask after a long time.

The work burden had been halved, and he could catch up to any field he wanted in half the time!

Stand up from the bed, he checked the avatar for any discrepancies.

Even if it worked, he had to make sure this avatar didn't fly off on its own. He had to make sure it wasn't capable of individual sentience separated from him, or it would just be another version of himself like he faced in the Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace's ninth trial.

Considering Myria's soul could create another version of herself on the account she died in order to be reborn into this world, he stringently checked his avatar. After all, his unique soul physique was just the opposite of hers.

"Enough, my liege. Come get healed~"

A melodious voice resounded from behind, causing Davis to stop after a few seconds and turn to look at her.


He looked at Everlight. He called her before he started severing his soul since he would need to heal it faster. Using Fallen Heaven was not safe, but getting Everlight's help was.

She was an Immortal Emperor Beast who could heal him quickly. Her cultivation was also at Level Three Immortal Emperor Beast Stage, just one step away from the Mid Stage. Still, her healing prowess was high, allowing him to heal quickly.

Everlight was worried, but seeing him remain sane and look as though nothing had happened after losing thirty percent of his soul essence, she was extremely impressed. Even she could tell this wasn't a normal feat, as she had been responsible for allowing the newcomers to create their Solitary Soul Avatars.

She knew how they screamed and flailed around, which made her feel pain even though she could heal them, but fortunately, her love appeared like he could endure even more pain if he could still smile.

Davis sat before her, and Everlight raised her hands before she held his head. She placed her two thumb fingers on his forehead and began to recover around ninety-eight percent of his soul essence, which was enough.

Davis also used his life energy to heal himself.

As expected, the rate of healing had significantly increased, and he felt like he only needed two days in the time chamber to heal.

However, the Solitary Soul Avatar dressed up and left, heading towards Nyoran's power, the Ghostly Crow Clan.

Mira was awake right now as she stared at Everlight healing Davis. However, she quickly became bored and followed after Davis's Solitary Soul Avatar.