Dragon War God-Chapter 346 - Nepotism

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Chapter 346 - Nepotism

“You should ask him,” said Zhao Qingyun with a mysterious smile.

Since Zhao Qingyun had not answered Xuan Ming’s question, Long Chen replied in exasperation, “Stepfather, and my beautiful Stepmother, I’m afraid our relationship hierarchy will become very complicated because I am now his direct disciple. He is my Master.”

“That’s great news! Your cultivation will improve even more now that you’re my father-in-law’s direct disciple!” Dongfang Xuanxiao was genuinely happy for Long Chen.

Some people had not left yet and were straining their ears to listen in on their conversation.

“Stepfather?” They only heard this word amidst the blurry conversation. Once they were far from the Demon Pavilion, the Third Demon Elder huffed disappointedly. “After such a bold act, I thought he was the real Long Chen! I didn’t know he was Number One Trash’s stepson! So he is here because of nepotism; it’s no wonder the Palace Lord protected him. He even gave him the name ‘Long Chen!’”

“The Palace Lord is becoming more and more unreasonable.” The Second Demon Elder, who was the old woman, also shook her head.

“To tell if it’s a mule or a donkey, you’ve got to take it out for a walk. Time will tell us what the hell is going on with that brat. We don’t need to be impatient. If he really is untalented, then like Dongfang Xuanxiao, he’ll be an embarrassment to the Palace Lord only. Not us. Let’s hope the Palace Lord learns his lesson this time and finds an appropriate disciple to inherit his skills,” said the First Demon Elder in his hoarse voice for the first time.

“His skills? It does not matter how strong his disciples are; how will they compare with each of our strongest disciples? Mine has already broken through to the Seventh River Stage, and you two have disciples at the Eighth River Stage. By the time the Palace Lord finds a suitable disciple, your disciples might already be at the Heavenly Passage Realm. Once that happens, he will not even need to be the Palace Lord anymore,” the Third Demon Elder said resentfully.

“Old Three, shut your mouth. Don’t say things like that here. Zhao Qingyun is the most powerful person in the Heavenly Demon Palace right now. We are no match for him, even if all three of us fight him together. If you want to die, do not drag us down with you.” The First Demon Elder gave him a warning glare, then he walked away.

News that Long Chen had only become Zhao Qingyun’s direct disciple through nepotism spread across the whole Heavenly Demon Palace. From that day onwards, Long Chen’s name was known across the whole clan. Of course, they did not know if he was the real Long Chen.

Dongfang Xuanxiao was only at the First River Stage and, in reality, he was considered very weak in the Heavenly Demon Palace. There was nothing about him that attracted attention, not until he married the Palace Lord’s daughter. That’s when everything changed for him. She was an angel, and how could anyone be willing to see a pretty flower given to a pig?

Therefore, Dongfang Xuanxiao now had a popular nickname within the Heavenly Demon Palace, which was “Number One Trash.” Long Chen obviously knew nothing about this. With his temper, he would punch someone the moment he heard it. free(w)ebnovel(.)com

At this point, Long Chen had already explained how he became Zhao Qingyun’s disciple to Dongfang Xuanxiao. Everyone started chatting happily once more. He also learned that Dongfang Xuanxiao and Xuanming had gotten married. After eighteen years of suffering, Long Chen was genuinely happy to see them have a happy ending.

“Oh, Ming’er, you rushed in so excitedly just now. That’s not according to protocol. I bet you were about to tell me some really good news.” Zhao Qingyun was especially happy today because he had managed to recruit a direct disciple like Long Chen.

“Xuanxiao, you tell him!” Xuanming blushed, a little embarrassed.

“Father-in-law ... Uh ... We have some good news. You’re going to be a grandfather.” Since this was his first child, Dongfang Xuanxiao was also a little reserved. After all, he had not been a father before. He felt like a child in front of his elders.

“Ming’er is pregnant?” Zhao Qingyun gasped, then he let out a hearty laugh. “We’ve had double good news today! Not only did you two get to reunite with Long Chen, but you’ve also got a baby on the way! Double good news! This is worth celebrating!”

Long Chen was overjoyed. The child was late. Eighteen years late. If the Azure Dragon Patriarch had not broken the couple up, their child would have been almost as old as Long Chen.

This was amazing news, and with Long Chen’s arrival to the Heavenly Demon Palace, all four of them were overjoyed. Although they were not related by blood, Long Chen felt very comfortable with them.

They enjoyed a feast filled with warmth, though only the four of them were present.

At the dinner table, Long Chen talked to them about many things, including his experiences during recent times, though he had to be vague about many things that involved his personal secrets. Despite that, Xuanxiao and the rest listened with great horror.

“Chen’er, you’ve suffered so much.” Xuanming was about to be a mother, and since Long Chen called her “Stepmother,” she saw him as her child. She felt horrible hearing about her child’s suffering.

After some time, Zhao Qingyun stood up and said, “You all carry on. Long Chen, I’ll go get you some Fire Essence.”

Fire Essences were a necessity to Xiaolang, so Long Chen had to get some as soon as possible. He nodded. Once Zhao Qingyun had left, Xuanxiao said solemnly, “Chen’er, there’s something you must remember. Do not tell anyone about Ming’er being locked up in the Star Devil Prison. I only told him that we were trapped in a secret realm for twenty years.”

“I understand. You’re worried that Master will be angry and destroy the Lingwu family, right?”

Dongfang Xuanxiao had roots in the Lingwu family after all, and he already knew that Long Chen had killed the Azure Dragon Patriarch. Since this was a personal vendetta against the Patriarch only, and the Patriarch was dead, there was no need to kill off the whole Lingwu family.

“That’s right. That is my clan after all. Ming’er understands me,” Dongfang Xuanxiao said tiredly.

“There’s still so much time ahead of us. I can’t believe I will get to spend my life with you and our child ... Brother Xuanxiao, I’m very happy ...” Xuanming said as she gazed deeply at Dongfang Xuanxiao.

Their bond is as deep as mine and Xiao Xi’s bond! But I will never let Xiao Xi suffer as much as her!

Long Chen privately swore to himself.

As they chatted, Zhao Qingyun soon returned with almost twenty Fire Essences in his hands. Due to the blinding light from them, he only showed them for a brief moment, then placed them in a Universe Pouch to hand to Long Chen.

“These were collected by the disciples during the last training session at the Pyro Passageways. Since we aren’t doing anything with them, I took them all for you.”

Long Chen was filled with gratitude for receiving such great gifts without giving anything in return. Since he had always repaid all kindness shown to him, he knew that he would return this favor a hundredfold.

“Master, do the Pyro Passageways contain many Fire Essences and high-tier beasts?” Long Chen asked.

“That’s right. The Pyro Passageways are actually formed from a large river of flowing lava. A lot of Fire Essence can be found there, as well as many fire elemental beasts. Why do you ask?” asked Zhao Qingyun.

“I need a large amount of fire elemental treasures. It doesn’t matter if it’s Fire Essence or a fire beast’s demonic core, they all work. When can I go to the Pyro Passageways?” Long Chen asked expectantly.

“The Pyro Passageways are opened periodically. It will be opened in less than two months’ time, but before that happens, are you confident that you will be able to become one of the top ten disciples? The top ten are usually at the Seventh River Stage.”

“Yes,” Long Chen said decisively.

“Then there won’t be a problem,” said Zhao Qingyun a little wishfully. He smiled proudly, because he could tell that Long Chen was a confident person, and his confidence seemed to be based on actual ability.

After chatting for a while longer, Xuanming needed to rest, so Dongfang Xuanxiao sent her back to her quarters. Since they were all in the Heavenly Demon Palace, there would be many more opportunities for them to meet, so Dongfang Xuanxiao was not anxious about staying for a longer chat.

Then Zhao Qingyun made arrangements for Long Chen’s quarters, which would be within the Azure Cloud Residence, the quarters solely belonging to the Heavenly Demon Lord’s direct disciples. It was a huge place, so every disciple had their own yard. All the necessary amenities were duly prepared.

Before that, Zhao Qingyun even introduced Long Chen to his eight seniors. However, these people were only averagely talented and had average personalities, so Long Chen could not even remember one of them. Despite their disappointing cultivation results, Zhao Qingyun did not shun them, but treated them as true disciples.

Masters could only act as guides along the path of cultivation. How far one would get depended mostly on oneself. Zhao Qingyun had already done well in guiding them, and they could have anything they needed. Unfortunately, they were just not capable, and there was nothing Zhao Qingyun could do about that. At this point, he could only hope that Long Chen would help him regain some dignity.

To be honest, it was embarrassing to tell anyone that the Heavenly Demon Lord did not have a single outstanding disciple. Once Long Chen had retired to his quarters and Zhao Qingyun had left, the other direct disciples gathered and discussed in hushed voices.

“Do you guys believe that he’s the Long Chen who killed the six commanders of the royal guard, and the whole dwarf tribe?”

“When I looked at Ninth Junior Brother’s face, there was a hint of viciousness in his eyes. If we disregard his current cultivation level, I can believe it.”

“Don’t overthink it. Didn’t you hear? He’s Dongfang Xuanxiao’s stepson. Master only took him in as a disciple because of his daughter. Don’t get your hopes up about having someone to stand up for our Palace Lord. Go back and cultivate.”

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