Emperor's Domination (Web Novel)-Chapter 5139: Don’t Bother Me

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Chapter 5139: Don’t Bother Me

The portion size was perfect for early morning. Eating the fish slices and slurping the rich broth made people think that it was going to be a great day.

The youth was fast with his service and immediately took the bowl and chopsticks away after Li Qiye was finished. He then brought tea over to Li Qiye while the old man went to the corner to take a nap.

This tea seemed unrefined and lacking versus the tea Li Qiye had yesterday. It was bitter with a lingering aftertaste.

The lovers were finished as well and got up to leave. As they were passing by his table, they bowed deeply to him and bid goodbye to Jun Landu.

They returned to the winding road; their fingers still intertwined. The woman leaned into her lover’s shoulder the entire way.

Li Qiye smiled as he watched the two disappear from sight and finished his tea. The youth ran over to pour him another cup.

“It’s best to fill tea up to seventy percent.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Why is that?” The youth didn’t understand but still obeyed.

“Seventy will endure while any more and loss is ensured. Seventy is an eternity.” Li Qiye elaborated.

“Seventy is an eternity?” The youth stood there in a daze.

The old man in the corner opened his eyes and asked: “How many percent are you, Sir?”

“Me?” Li Qiye took another sip of tea before answering: “I am perpetually full.”

The old man didn’t respond but the youth asked: “How can anything be full forever?”

“You’re the cup in my hand while I am a boundless ocean.” Li Qiye answered.

“I understand.” The old man bowed and the youth did the same.

“That was delicious.” Jun Landu finished eating after chewing everything carefully. It was unclear whether he had a weak appetite or just enjoyed savoring his food.

“He’s fifty percent full.” Li Qiye smiled and told the other two.

They didn’t say anything since they knew who Jun Landu was. This was not his first time coming here to eat.

“Your noodles are different today, Uncle Xiao Zhi.” Landu said.

“We have a distinguished guest today, so I added fish to the noodles.” The old man responded.

“I’ve been planning on catching these carps and grilling them for a picnic but you beat me to it.” Landu said.

“Mmm.” The old man treated his words like gold.

Li Qiye finished another cup and the youth filled it up to seventy percent this time. Jun Landu went back to reading.

“Carving a beautiful jade is not an easy task.” Li Qiye told the old man.

“How do you think it should be carved?” The old man became interested in the conversation.

“Tell me your current methodology.” Li Qiye said.

The old man glanced at the youth before answering: “It is fine being natural, no need for carving.”

“If you have no desire, neither will he.” Li Qiye smiled.

The old man pondered for a bit before nodding. The youth bowed and appreciated Li Qiye taking his time speaking to them before going back to chopping firewood.

This time around, the teacup wouldn’t empty despite Li Qiye sipping several times.

At this moment, a cacophony of sounds erupted from outside the door - loud voices, hoofbeats, and carriage wheels. But all the commotion came to a halt as soon as it reached the shop and a lone figure stepped inside - an old man wearing a treasure robe pulsing brightly.

He was a dragon lord who didn’t bother hiding his aura and a potent sword user. The shop became engulfed in his chilling presence instantly.

“How vulgar.” Li Qiye frowned and stopped drinking.

The dragon lord naturally heard Li Qiye and glared at him: “What did you say?”

He had no need to show respect to anyone in this wilderness.

“You are ruining my mood.” Li Qiye put the cup back on the table.

The old shop owner glanced at the new customer once and didn’t give a damn.

“I am here on business, don’t be an idiot now.” He uttered coldly.

A youth standing behind him came forward and whispered: “Senior Uncle, he’s the one who killed First Brother.”

His eyes turned cold right away and he gathered his sword energy - enough to destroy the entire shop.

“You killed my disciple?” He chillingly asked.

“I’ve killed too many, don’t know who you are.” Li Qiye said.

“The youth you killed beneath Peace Mountain was my disciple.” The dragon lord was ready to fight.

“I do recall.” Li Qiye said.

“A life for a life, I will not show mercy.” His murderous intent surged with the vastness of an ocean.

He was none other than Sword Monarch, a relatively famous ancestor from Heavenly Sword. His disciple was Heavenly Sword Scion.

“Know your limit.” Li Qiye smiled.

“We’ll see about that!” The monarch couldn’t restrain himself after seeing the enemy.

It wasn’t easy recruiting a promising disciple. Thus, his fury knew no bounds.

“Kneel and slap your own mouth before it’s too late.” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at him.

“We’ll see if you can stop my sword!” The monarch was rarely the target of such disdain. After all, he came from a large sect under Heaven Alliance.

“Clank!” His thrust was swift and fatal, showing everyone that he had earned his reputation.

Unfortunately, he met Li Qiye today. The thrust was inches from Li Qiye’s throat yet he couldn’t push any deeper.

Li Qiye’s fingers had such a strong grip that he couldn’t move his blade regardless of his effort.

“!!!” He became frightened and wanted to retreat.

Alas, Li Qiye flicked the blade and sent it back at him.

“Show mercy!” Someone else leaped into the shop but it was too late.

“Pluff!” Sword Monarch’s sacred fruit couldn’t protect him as his body was split vertically into two halves. This was not the end that he had envisioned.

Meanwhile, an even stronger cultivator had arrived - Soaring Sword Monarch who had defeated True Bear Conqueror. 𝙛𝓻𝓮𝓮𝔀𝓮𝙗𝒏𝙤𝒗𝓮𝒍.𝓬𝙤𝒎

He tried to save Sword Monarch but it was too late since even the sacred fruit was destroyed.freewebnov(e)l

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