Emperor's Reckoning-Chapter 959 - Rumble

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959 Rumble

“Let’s go!” Reinhard shouted before getting back on his feet. His eyes were filled with determination to onslaught the burly man that choked him. He knew that Poger is a formidable foe. He could hardly contain the presence of the man. However, the latter lost one arm already, and he had not only two arms but also two of his friends together.

“Not going to be easy,” said Noah. “Rayus, back up Reinhard, I will back you two up from here.”

“En,” Rayus nodded. He might not be at his full prowess but he was still Rayus, the one that managed to protect the two of his friends under the siege of Burgeon Swan and the betrayal of the teacher. ( Impaired, I might be, but I won’t lose, besides! This is your test, right? To see if I have the right to be fully recovered?! Teacher Lyon! ).

Rayus closed his eyes and fell into deep concentration. He whispered, “Tailwind.”

Noah opened his eyes wide before seeing a sword as tall as his upper torso in Rayus’s hand riddled with the hue of green wind.

“Tailwind...” Reinhard muttered as he looked at Rayus. The latter nodded at him. “Heh,” Reinhard smiled wryly, “To think that he would pull that sword out again.”

Poger relaxed his shoulders with a mocking smirk on his face. “Teacher, if you think that these three can kill me, then you better prepare three funerals.”

“We’re not going to die that easy,” said Reinhard. “Shred them, Kayan!”

A spear taller than his body appeared in his hand. The neck of the spear had one giant red feather that bowed to no wind. His eyes flared up but he took his steps carefully.


Reinhard and Rayus both encircled Poger from opposite directions.

Poger furrowed his brows with eyes looking at Reinhard then leering at Rayus. He was outnumbered but the quality of his enemy was far from the woman that cut his arm off. His chin raised, “You’re underestimating me, teacher.”

“Man, you still keep talking to me?” Lyon shrugged. “I have my own ordeal here.”

“Immortal Magic: Surging Pyhton!” shouted Noah.

A spell from a grimoire floating right under his eyes sparkled before it dispersed. A huge magic brand golden in color formed instantaneously right under Poger’s feet to the size that even reach Reinhard and Rayus’s feet.

“What?! Instant Cast?!” Poger’s eyes lit up before trembling seeing the projection of a huge phyton swimming under him. The phyton looked up with eyes blaring before surging up like a dragon.

Reinhard and Rayus leaped off as the phyton struck upward. They saw Poger holding the phyton’s upper jaw with one hand and pushing the lower jaw with his foot. His teeth were gritted as he was brought through the clouds.

“Don’t underestimate me!” Poger shouted before ripping apart the huge phyton. The beast turned into water droplets in an explosion, leaving Poger drenched. He never thought that a mere student would be able to pull out a nasty trick like that.

Poger was hovering with his breath uneven.

Meanwhile under him. The town was caught gawking at the scene. They were unable to believe a powerful Immortal Spell would be activated so fast. A grimoire that could hold an Immortal Spell was not an ordinary one.

“Woah,” Lyon looked up with one hand acting as a visor. “You hide some pretty powerful spell inside that book.”

“Tch! That didn’t finish him off,” said Noah as he too was breathing heavily.

“Yeah, doubt it would do the job done,” said Lyon before he used his bottom lip upward with a shrug. “But you did a good job though, even I was not expecting that, and that’s worthy praise more than even from that old headmaster since it’s coming from me hahahaha!”

Lyon proudly laughed, hardly considering the situation he and the students were in. His ears twitched before he swiftly turned and dodge an ax hacking down toward him.

The cultivator that thought he got him by surprise had his eyes widened. He frantically continued hacking toward Lyon whilst moving forward, however, Lyon didn’t even bother to take the man seriously as he looked as if he was dancing backward before crossing his arms in the middle of it.

“Teacher...” Reinhard muttered.

“Reinhard!” Rayus shouted.

“Hm!?” Reinhard looked up and saw Poger coming at him with a morning star as big as his head. However, the latter was not as fast as his partner Rezali.

Reinhard could see the attack coming and quickly withdraw from his position. The morning star hit the ground and brought a slight tremor to his footing. ( Crap! ).

Poger was agile enough to move one step forward and swung the morning star against Reinhard’s cheek. He grins menacingly anticipating the splatter of Reinhard’s brain. However, a sword intervened in the swing.

“Rayus!” Reinhard exclaimed as Rayus swiftly moved in just in time to slash down against Poger’s forearm. However, Rayus’s eyes opened wide in disbelief as Tailwind was not able to cut into a deeper layer than Poger’s skin.

“Weak!” shouted Poger.

Reinhard was in time to squat down and missed the critical hit but Rayus was propelled away from the force of the swing.

“Now,” Reinhard quickly entered his stance seeing the opening. “Kayan Art: Flurry of Clouds.”

The spear thrust as if clouds were pierced as his arms moved at incredible speed. Poger took all the hits with a loud splash heard all around each hit, but not a single muscle was shredded.

“You’re kidding,” muttered Reinhard as he saw that Poger was still smirking.

“Flashy, flashy, but not a single damage, pathetic,” said Poger. “You need to use power! Like this!” he slammed the morning star downward but Reinhard dodged it. The impact made the whole town tremor.

( What incredible power! ) thought Reinhard in midair before taking a quick glance toward Lyon for guidance. His eyes widened, the man that was about to kill his teacher had already become a corpse under his foot.

Meanwhile, in a distant sky, two women were standing opposite each other. One with the scythe the other with a bland curved sword.

Rezali furrowed her brows. The woman in front of her was an opponent that she couldn’t underestimate. She could figure from the impact of their blades that she might be the one that buried the entire camp that was led by Gamael.

“I don’t get it, why are you serving someone weaker than you?” asked Rezalia.

“Weaker than me? You think my darling is weaker than me?” Selena frowned. “You are gravely mistaken.”

“...What?” Rezali frowned. “You’re an Origin God Cultivator, and he is a True God Cultivator, you’re one realm higher than him!”

“Were you to meet my darling at his full power, you won’t say such nonsense,” said Selena.

“What...?” Rezalia furrowed her brows. “What do you mean, full power? Are you implying that he is impaired?”

Selena sheathed her sword and called out to Scarlett. The dark menacing sword was out in the open once more.

( What the hell is that weapon?! S-Such terrible aura! ) thought Rezali as she began to respirate.

“He is the name who is forgotten, whose name is erased,” said Selena.

Rezali immediately heightened her senses toward Selena’s movement. The woman was faster than her and unbelievably powerful as well. If she lost sight of her, it could be her end and she knew this very well.

“Let me show you what the wife of a man whose name must be mentioned in the affair of the Three Realms!”

“Ngh?!” Rezali eyes widened as a shroud of killing intent erupted from her opponent.


Lyon shrugged, “Well now, one down, anyone else willing to step forward?”

The cultivators of the town stepped back. They were occupied by the tremor that they couldn’t notice the way Lyon killed the frantic cultivator.

“What about me?” Poger said with a grin before he leaped toward Lyon, with his morning star in hand.

“No, you don’t!” Reinhard shouted before releasing another art, “Kayan Art: Brush Tornado!”

He propelled himself with a leap as he spun like a tornado with the spear as the tip. The attack plunged toward Poger who was still in midair but the latter was found smirking at the incoming offense.

Poger narrowly dodged the art and the splash damage from it hardly grazed his skin. “This is ridiculous, you guys can’t even—”

A slash suddenly arrives and cuts open the stump of his arm. Blood started to surge out like a fountain once more.

“Gah! You son of a bitch!” Poger shouted as he saw Rayus taking the small window of opening to land a critical hit toward his severed limb. Poger rotated himself before landing a powerhouse kick toward Rayus’s face.

Rayus was launched downward before destroying several buildings in the process.

Poger descended down before landing his feet on the ground. His breathing was heavy with eyes wanted to kill.

“You seem like you’re struggling, are you okay?” asked Lyon in a jest.

Poger’s blood surged toward his throat after he heard that. His eyes were bulging and bloodshot with teeth gritting as he looked at the smug face that Lyon gave.