Epic of Caterpillar-Chapter 1812: Stopping The Calamities

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While the armed forces of the Goldsand City were handling their own smaller groups of Undead while leveling up and growing stronger to handle even more foes, Yggdra protected the city from the incoming attacks of many other winged Undead, and Luminous and Frank protected the other area of the City, Kireina decided to separate her allies into different groups to handle the invasion of Undead.

Brunhild, Ariant, and Eriant were given the task of defeating the [Life Swallowing Giant Snake], a gigantic Snake of over fifty meters of height made completely out of black bones, which rapidly slithered towards the Goldsand City!


As it went through, its ability allowed it to drain the Life Force of any living being around her, making the soldiers nearby weaken severely, only being able to stand back up thanks to Kireina's Healing through her [Yggdrasil's Spirit] skill and Yggdra's healing as well as White's spells.

However, the snake completely ignored the small army of the Goldsand City, moving rapidly towards the city itself, it was given the simple task of destroying it at all costs!

"It is so big! Why is it moving so fast?!" Asked Eriant while flying across the skies with the aid of Wind Spirits, which transformed into countless gusts of winds.

"It is just that quick!" Ariant sighed, glancing at the snake with her eyes filled with fear.

Yet the two couldn't falter now, they were given the important task of defeating such a behemoth, an A+ Rank monster no less! Some weeks ago they weren't even capable of fighting a C Rank Monster.

"You two use your magic to stop it from moving!" Said Brunhild. "I will copy yours to enchant it!" The Giantess quickly took on her true size and form, being so big that her footsteps easily reached the fast gigantic snake.

"Got it!" The twins didn't even doubted their giantess friend, channeling their magic, and calling upon hundreds of Desert Spirits all at once!


Hundreds of lights emerged all across the skies, as each spark of light was a tiny Spirit of the Desert, and even some Fire and Wind Spirits mixed in between them!

"Foo! Fooo!"



They all made adorable sounds, and were quite weak alone, but once they combined their strength, dozens, and then hundreds of them together… it was when their truest might could be shown.

"Spirits, please aid us! [Gaia's Cage]!"


A bright golden light emerged from the two twins as they were unleashed over the spirits. In mere seconds, all spirits disappeared and then reappeared all around the Snake, fusing with the entire surrounding desert area and controlling every grain of sand together, forming a gigantic constricting force that wrapped around the entire undead behemoth all at once!



The furious Snake hissed angrily, realizing it was being captured by the entire desert itself! It began wiggling and struggling to free itself, but that wasn't going to work with the amount of Mana the twins had developed through their journey, and various level ups.


The Snake struggled seconds after being caught, but it could not free itself with brute force, even less when the sands were as if they were alive. Even when it made them crumble apart, they quickly moved again by themselves, wrapping around the monster once more.


The monster quickly opened its jaws, letting out a foul, rotting breath that could sap away the lives of any being it touched!


Brunhild quickly controlled the sands with the twins, and at the same time, conjured an enormous Holy Light Spell of her own creation.

"[Heavenly Cathedral]!"


A cathedral made of holy light appeared out of thin air, quickly encompassing the snake's surroundings and cancelling its foul breath attack. At the same time as it began to purify the undead!

"After the attack on my village… I've been mastering Holy Light Magic the most for this moment. I won't let Undead ever get to defeat us…!" She said furiously, channeling her Divine Power and her powerful Dao of Magic and Runes, which generated countless of magic runes one after the other, conjuring a rain of attacks!

"[Heavenly Frozen Spears]!!!"


It was hundreds of spears made of Holy Ice, which started falling and piercing the massive snake one by one, slowly purifying its interior and at the same time freezing the beast, which made it even worse for the snake, as its HP and MP started going down rapidly.


The Snake agonized, as it quickly began to freeze and be purified! However, its body was way too big. So it couldn't easily die even when Brunhild and the twins went all out in their own abilities. The Snake thanked its own sturdiness and size, and quickly began to conjure countless of magic circles, utilizing its large supply of Necrotic energy and firing Death Beams against them.


Brunhild's [Heavenly Cathedral] was barely holding back the attacks, but it was quickly gaining more and more cracks! The twins were beginning to believe that even by restraining the snake, they wouldn't be able to stop it if it could fire such strong magic.

Until then, they realized that Brunhild's holy light magic… it also brought new spirits attracted to her elemental powers.

"T-Those are…?!" Ariant was the first to find out, she quickly pointed it to her brother.

"Holy Light Spirits!" Eriant realized it upon his sister's words.

The two looked at one another and then nodded, letting the snake go from the sands as they channeled their power elsewhere!

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Brunhild panicked, as the Snake finally freed itself furiously standing up and then opening its enormous jaws, attempting to swallow all three of them at once!

"Don't worry, trust us!" Ariant said.

"Unleash all the Holy Light Magic you've got, Brunhild!" Eriant roared.

The twins channeled all of their spiritual power, divinity, and mana together into Brunhild's Magic Aura.


Brunhild didn't hesitated, as she unleashed a powerful beam of Holy Light!


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