Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy-Chapter 1205: The Soul Space

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Before Alex could ask what the man meant, the man quickly placed his palm on Alex's chest and closed his eyes.

Alex felt the spiritual sense enter his body once again and vanish.

"What are yo—"

"Shh!" the man interrupted him. "I'm checking something."

Alex didn't speak henceforth and neither did the rest of the people around him. They all watched silently, wondering to themselves what sort of thing they were about to hear given how shocked the senior sounded.

About 2 minutes later, the senior finally opened his eyes with a look that one could say meant that he was shocked, but in truth, the look was closer to him being horrified.

"Th-this… how is this possible?" he spoke to himself.

"Is something strange with his soul space, senior?" Scarlet asked. "Did the Space stone he consumed affect it somehow?"

"It did," the man said. "I'm not even sure if that word can encapsulate what has just happened."

"Senior, please explain to me just exactly what is happening with my soul space. Is it weird? Is it full of yang or something because of my body?" he asked.

"No, no, nothing that weird is happening at all," the man said. "All that has happened is that the space that should normally be inside of a Space stone has been added onto your soul space."

"All the space?" Alex asked with widened eyes. He looked at the ring in his finger and remembered how large that space was. It was the size of at least a few skyscrapers, if not more.

If he were to judge based on that, then the size of his soul space must at least be the size of thousands upon thousands of skyscrapers. Alex felt sweat dripping down the side of his face when he imagined that.

'If placed side by side, that would be the size of a goddamn city,' he thought to himself. Was there really a space inside his body that big that he had no idea about?

"I've never seen a space so large in my life," the man spoke again.

"How big is it senior?" the snake asked. "Compared to a recently ascended Immortal, how spacious is it?"

"Hehe," the man chuckled lightly. "That is no different than comparing candlelight to the sunlight. How big can an Immortal Ascendance 1st realm cultivator's soul space even be? It's about 10 to 20 cubic meters at best. Even one at peak of the Immortal realm, just a step away from the Divine realm would rarely have a soul space larger than 10 thousand cubic meters."

"However, this young man… his Soul Space is so large that… I don't even know how large it is," the man said.

"Huh?" Alex quickly looked at the man. "Is it not a few kilometers wide?"

"A few kilometers? It's more than a few kilometers," the man said.

Alex was confused. "I judged the size based on the stone in the ring. Was I mistaken to do so?" he asked.

"The ring?" the man looked at the ring on Alex's finger. "That is a bad way to judge the actual space in a space stone. The constraints space has to go through in the presence of Qi and this world ends up making a space stone exhibit way less space than it actually holds."

"Even then, we only end up using a fraction of it when forming a storage artifact. The worse we use it, the darker its color becomes. That red stone on your finger is a product of failure, at least in the sense that something better is theoretically possible," the man said.

"Then… did I end up using the entire space in the space stone I consumed?" Alex asked.

"Maybe not all, but quite a large chunk for sure," the man said. "As it stands, I cannot tell how large your soul space is."

"Huh?" Alex couldn't help but be confused a bit. "But your sense, it's so strong and is most definitely far-reaching right?"

"It is, and even then I cannot tell how large your soul space is," the man said.

"Not even a guess?" Alex asked.

"Not a guess, but I can give you a definite answer as to the lowest it can be," the man said. Everyone got closer to listen to him speak.

"At the very least, your soul space is larger… than the Central Continent," the man said. "And that is a very conservative estimation."

The 2 beasts and 1 girl around them gasped when they heard the senior's estimation. As for Alex, his mind broke the moment he tried to comprehend the size inside of him.

"Did… did you say larger than the Central Continent?" Alex asked. "I didn't mishear you, right?"

"No, you did not," the man said. "It is larger than the Central Continent without a doubt. In fact, it might even be larger than every other individual continent in this realm."

Alex finally gulped as his face went blank with understanding. He had thought the size would be the size of a city and was shocked. Hearing that it was actually the size of the continent made his heart skip beats every time he thought about it.

And the size of continents was also an underestimation, as per the senior himself. Then how large was it actually? What was even the use of having such a large space inside him?

"I have another piece of news about your soul space," the senior said. "You might find it to be good news too."

"Please, tell me senior," Alex quickly asked.

"When I was checking your space just now, I found multiple things floating around in there," he said. "It's possible that during your desperate moment, you took everything you could into your Soul space. Which is why it is nowhere to be found at all."

"Huh?" Alex looked back up. "Sorry, are you saying the items I thought I lost are inside of me right now?"

The man nodded. "That is exactly what I mean," he said.

"Wait, so I didn't lose any items?" Alex asked. "I saved them all?"

"It seems so," the man said. "Although, I cannot tell if you saved all or not. I still can't find the World Tree's Seed inside of you, but given how large your soul space is, it is likely outside the reach of my Spiritual sense."

"I see," Alex said. "How do we know if it is in there then? Is there a way?"

"Only you will have a complete knowledge of what is in your soul space, regardless of your size," the senior said. "Although, it will take a while. With your current spiritual sense, you won't even be able to sense your soul space, let alone take what is inside of you out. Although you might be able to store stuff if you use your Space dao."

"I see," Alex said. "What about my Blood God's Manual? I can take it in and out."

"That's because you are bonded to the item in a way you can't bond to many items. You've pretty much blood-refined the artifact, which is why you can do it so easily," he said.

"Oh, so if it is that level of bond, then I can put something in and out?" Alex asked curiously. "Then, can I use this sword of mine too?"

Alex brought out Midnight and showed it to the man. The man looked at the sword silently for a bit before showing a surprised look.

"You actually put your soul into that sword, huh? How did you learn to do that?" the man asked curiously.

"Uhh… I got it from a cultivator I fought," Alex said while trying to arouse as little suspicion as possible. "Can you guarantee that I can put it in and out of my soul space?"

"Yes," the man said. "Although, I would love to see if you can put it in or not in the first place."

"Uhh… maybe I shouldn't experiment so quickly before I learn a bit more about soul space," Alex said.

"That would be wise," the man said.

Alex nodded. "You said I have to have a strong spiritual sense, right?" he asked. "How strong would it have to be?"

The man thought for a moment. "It's hard to tell really," he said. "Normally, you would definitely need to have reached the immortal realm, but given that you do have the Dao of space and are more attuned to sensing space, it might not take that long for you."

"In fact, as soon as your soul strengthens a bit, you might be able to use it easily," the man said.

"As soon as my Soul strengthens?" Alex mused a bit. "So, the Saint Soul realm?"

"Yes," the man said. "Maybe even faster if your spiritual sense manages to gain a significant jump in power before that too."

"I see," Alex said. "Thank you for telling me that, senior."

The man smiled. "So, do you want me to take out what is in your Soul space right now? It will hurt you a bit, but I can do it," he said.

"Oh! You can, senior?" Alex asked excitedly. "I would love it if you could do that. What do I have in there right now?"

"I saw a few swords as you mentioned, a few cauldrons, some ingredients, talismans, a whip, a mask, a few formation pla—"

"Wait, my mask is there?" Alex asked hurriedly.

"Hmm? Yeah, it's there. Why?" the man asked.

"It's a mask that can help me improve my Spiritual sense, senior," Alex said. "Haha, I can't believe I have it."

"Oh, good for you," the man said. "So, should I begin?"