Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy-Chapter 1296 Creation

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Alex walked around the area for a little while before Godslayer finally tracked down the source of the death aura.

"There, in that crevice. There's something there." With Godslayer's message, Alex quickly looked in that direction. Sure enough, he could also sense something in there.

A flash of black would appear in his vision from time to time before hiding itself. Alex finally released his Demon Eyes and looked at the crevice with normal vision.

Since whatever inside was most likely conscious, he had to be careful in his approach.

He took slow steps when moving toward it, concealing himself as much as possible so that he wouldn't stand out in the sea of sword aura.

He walked into the crevice itself and finally, he could clearly sense the death aura.

'So strong,' he thought. The temperature in this place was several degrees lower than what was outside due to the abundance of death aura, which was nothing but Yin Qi in the first place.

"Hmm?" Alex noticed something in the crevice, not on the ground or the corner, but attached to the wall about 2 meters above him. It was a small object that seemed to be made of stone, metal, and wood all at the same time.

The texture was smooth and rough at the same time, making it look very weird to Alex. 'What's going on?' he couldn't help but ask himself.

The object wasn't changing at all but to all of his senses, it did.

As he looked closer, he saw its shape more clearly. It looked like a statue of a man sitting crosslegged with his palms together in a praying pose, carved to perfection.

It was small, but at the same time, it was full of Death aura.

Godslayer looked at the thing closely, feeling the death aura himself. He could tell something was up with the idol that was stuck to the wall. But what?

Was it the death aura in the idol? He didn't think so. Was it then the idol itself that was giving him some weird feeling?

'What am I missing?' Godslayer thought. Then, he noticed something that even someone from the immortal lands wouldn't recognize so easily.

The idol he was looking at somehow both existed and didn't at the same time.

"Holy…. Shit!" Godslayer couldn't help but say when he finally realized what the Idol was. "Is that… a Divine Creation?"

"A what?" Alex asked. He couldn't tell what Godslayer meant, but it did sound amazing. Having Divine in its name, it was most likely not something so simple.

"But how can such a thing have aura attached to it? It's not supposed to accept any aura at all," Godslayer spoke to himself. As he did, he realized something. "Wait, didn't you say someone was killed here previously?"

"Huh? Yeah, some immortal killed another immortal, or so the legend goes," Alex explained.

"Hmm… maybe it was not the immortals that fought that day," Godslayer said. "But rather… Divinities."

"What?" Alex suddenly freaked out. "A divinity? That thing up there belongs to someone in the Divine realm?"

Alex moved back a bit. The Divine realm was something he couldn't even hope to reach as he was right now. He hadn't even reached the Immortal realm, while the Divine realm was even higher than that.

The only person from the Divine realm he had ever seen was senior Yang back in the Central continent, and there was no doubt as to just how strong he was.

eαglesn?νel "How is this possible," Godslayer continued speaking to himself. "A Divine Creation should not hold any aura in it. It's not supposed to work like that. In the first place, how can it be still here if its creator died."

The facts contradicted each other, or so Godslayer thought. When he slowed down and thought about what were facts and what were rumors, the answer became clear.

It was a fact that what he was looking at was a Divine Creation. It was a fact that the Idol held death aura in it. It was a fact that when the Idol's creator died, it disappeared as well.

What was not a fact but only a rumor was that the Immortal that was said to have created this ravine had killed his opponent.

But what if… what if he had not? What if his opponent was still alive?

Of course, it would be impossible for someone to remain as they were without their Divine creation. When separated from their Divine Creation, someone would lose all concept of themselves, and be nothing more than a zombie acting only on instinct. Such a person would certainly die every single time.

To make sure that sort of thing never happened, Divinites had to never let out their Divine Creation outside their body, or at least keep it close by.

Or… in the case when they lose their body…

"They have to hide inside their Divine Creation," Godslayer slowly spoke to himself.

"Young man," he called out to Alex when he was certain as to what was going on. "Be careful. That idol up there, it holds within it the spirit of a Divinity."

Alex's face paled when he heard that. Without hesitation, he stepped out of the crack in fear and tried to run away just to be safe.

"Stop," Godslayer said. "You don't have to leave."

"Are you sure?" Alex asked, stopping some distance away. "If what you're saying is true, then I have to leave."

"I'm certain what I'm saying is true," Godslayer said. "But, things might not be as serious as it sounds."

"What do you mean?" Alex asked while calming down a little.

"If what I said was to be taken at face value, and the spirit held any sort of intention to harm us, it would have killed us already," Godslayer said. "That, or the spirit would've tried to take your body or any other humans that have come here."

"You're not wrong," Alex said. "It's only sending some Death aura into everyone that comes across."

"It's probably doing so instinctively. It's either a defense mechanism to kill anyone who comes by or it's trying to send its spirit into them, but all that's coming out is Death aura." Google search 𝐟𝚛e𝗲𝚠𝗲𝑏𝓃𝑜ν𝐞𝘭. c𝒐𝓂

"There's probably one of two things happening right now," Godslayer said. "The first possibility is that the divine spirit is hiding within its creation, bidding for the time it can come back alive."

"However, I don't believe that's the case. A divine spirit, even if it were hiding would have died to Heavenly Judgment a long time ago in this realm."

"What I think is really happening is that the divine spirit is all but dead. It has lost its concept of self and is only hanging along to life because it's inside of its creation."

"That also explains why there is so much death aura in that idol. Something is quite literally dying inside," Godslayer explained.

Alex thought for a moment about what Godslayer had said and asked, "How certain are you about this?"

"Trust me. I know a thing or two about death," Godslayer replied. "That spirit inside that Idol is dying. If we can kill it completely and isolate that Death aura so that it doesn't run wild, then it can become the perfect food for me that should last me a long time."